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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Latest news from German politicians

- President Wulff ( CDU, lawyer ) is involved in an credit scandal, disclosing proximity to a dubious businessman. Not the first time he has to fight such allegations.
- Berlins justice senator Michael Braun ( CDU, lawyer )  stepped down after 11 days in office, because of shady real estate sales.
- Deputy Frank Mindermann ( CDU, banker ) stepped down after approaching 14 and 15 year old girls.
And then there is Christian Lindner ( FDP ), the "Jude Law" look-a-like and latest quitter. Chris was the general secretary of a party, that belongs to the government-coalition with roundabout 2 % of voters approval, but has nonetheless  five !! ministers in its ranks. He was regarded a great political talent, although his professional career is a history of failure. As with many other German politicians you rise your eyebrows and ask yourself, what qualifies and entitles them to rule us.
They keep telling us, what a great thing democracy is, but besides being a debt making machine, it seems to be a basin for politicians with rotten moral standards.

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