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Thursday, September 10, 2015

9/11 Anniversary

Tomorrow takes place the 14th anniversary of the twin tower attacks and plenty of false tears will be shed, since even those , who lived underneath a stone in recent years should know by now that these attacks were not executed by Arabs with box cutters, but are an inside job. So it is not really a surprise, that the implemented inquiry commission headed by Henry Kissinger and Michael Chertoff didn't come up with profound revelations and left that job to some excellent film makers, whose accumulated facts about the above made statement can't be denied. My preferred three are these :  LOOSE CHANGE *** 9/11 MISSING LINKS *** CONCUSIVE EVIDENTS THE 9/11 PLANES WERE NOT REAL, suggesting the planes were an optical illusion. The bad news is, that the culprits will probably not only elude their rightful punishment, but perhaps will commit further atrocities following their seven year Shemitah cycle.

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