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Friday, January 15, 2016

Presstitute Of The Year 2015

The blog " " conducts a survey every year asking its readers to vote for the worst media propagandist. And the winner for the last year is - please step forward - Claus D. Kleber.
Now there are silly prizes and awards handed over on a weekly base, because some goofballs want to bring some glamour in the house, however this one is more significant, although there is no money or nice sculpture involved, but rather mockery and disdain from people, who are fed up with the bollocks served by the mainstream media.
Claus D. Kleber is the news anchorman from the " heute-journal ", broadcasted by the German public broadcasting station ZDF and a member of the lobbyist group " Atlantik Bridge " . He rakes in 50000 Euros a month paid from stolen money and instead of delivering unbiased information he does his level best to put his U.S American friends into a good light and bashes those, who thwart their strategies.
He too is responsible, that the Federal Republic in Germany more and more turns towards a dictatorship, where journalists writing inconvenient articles all of a sudden lose their jobs endangering their professional existence with investigative jounalist Gerhard Wisnewski the latest victim.
Fortunately some publishers stem the tide and one of them is Jochen Kopp. His published books and the content of his webpage don´t mince words and tell the truth of the matter and are recommended.

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