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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Health Advice

For an aging dude i am in pretty rude health thanks in part to the following ...

- On a daily base i drink a spoonful of high quality linseed oil. It is a rich source of
  Omega3 fatty acids and neutralizes the effects of chemtrails.

- Many diseases start in the mouth and thus mouth hygiene is essential. I don't only
  use a toothbrush and paste without flouride of course, but also Miswak ( foto ).
  This is a twig and to use him, it is necessary to peel off a piece of the bark and
  chew  until bristles have been developed, which clean the teeth and massage the

- From an ice hockey player i received the advice, that rolling the foot over a golf
  ball relaxes a hardened calf and it helps indeed.

- To improve the eyes vision it is advised to wear pinhole glasses a couple of minutes
   a day. They train the eyes nicely and also highly recommended is the Bates - Method
   to cure myopia for instance. With regular application it could be possible to restore
   20/20 vision and  put glasses aside.

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