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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Berlin Attack - Curtain Up For The Hypocrites

Last Monday a truck plowed through a Christmas market in Berlin killing twelve and
injuring at least 40 people in its wake. As things stand, the culprit is an migrant from
Tunisia, who conveniently left some documents behind before he fled the crime
scene by foot, which is pretty unusual since such a terrorist normally gets killed or
blows himself up to receive full merits in the Islamic World. It is still too early for
drawing conclusions, though i am inclined to see the attack as a false flag operation
committed by a secret service perhaps to fuel the " Ordo ab Chao " - strategy.

Either way, to me it is absolutely sickening to watch Chancellora Merkel, Gauck and
the other clowns shedding their false tears over the victims. To understand, what is
going on here, i want to link another time this video showing Merkel handing over the
German flag with a disgusted face expression, while her CDU lickspittles applauded .
This incident was even shown on Chinese television with a presenter asking how
someone like her obviously despising the country and the people she is supposed to
serve,can become chancellor. For starters, it is my firm belief she says and does not-
hing on her own, but is completely under control by mighty forces, who would rather
today than tomorrow annihilate Germany. Since they cannot kill or oust the people by
themselves they use hundreds of thousands of migrants to do the job. This is called
"The Migration Weapon ". In other words it is the political will, that Germans are
harmed by migrants, who are ready for battle after full gratis medical treatment , lush
board and lodging and also explains, why judges and the police are pussyfootin ' with
them after a committed crime.

Let's imagine you call the cops, because some dark skinned subject tries to intrude
your home. They will probably answer, that right now there is nothing they can do
for you.Then you call again ten minutes later telling them, that it's all good having
given the guy a lot of stick, then tied him up and placed him in the basement. I do
predict within minutes you have a whole bunch of cops on your threshold. Perhaps
they even arrive with this armoured vehicle, they allegedly purchased in their combat
against terrorism, but which will rather be used in case of an public uprising against
the local citizens. So it's them against us, the clash seems to be unavoidable ...

+++ UPDATE +++ Curtain call  for all actors involved please. I hope the guy, who
smashed the windshield with a sledgehammer and shoved the christmas tree inside
the drivers cabin didn't hurt himself ..., Goodness, gracious me !

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