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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Pizzagate - A View In The Human Abyss

Those who follow the mainstream media won't have a clue, what the above term
means, since they haven't read a single word about the incident currently rocking
the USA. The mainstream media rather keeps bashing the Russians, who are just
held responsible for the outage of the German telecommunication network. Also
it doesn't matter, who sits in one of their talk shows and what they palaver about,
someone always get the curve to blame Russia as a culprit for something, thus
exempting their darlings like Hillary Clinton from revelations marking her and sev-
eral others as satanic perverts. Thankfully Wikileaks got the ball rolling ...

Pizzagate stands for an elites pedophile ring, where chidren are abused with in-
credible cruelty. Originating in an pizza parlor in Washington,DC, not only Clinton
is allegedly involved, but also her chief campaign advisor John Podesta, his brother
and even Pres. Obama. To cover up the deeds, code words occuring as ingredients
for making a pizza were used, when ordering their preferred kids. Meanwhile
several videos have been made, among them this one from " A Call For An Up-
rising " - sickening stuff. And then there still is spirit cooking ...

It seems pedophilia is pretty common in high echelons, where people are linked with
each other in an network, thus enjoying protection from prosecution and the main -
stream media. Otherwise it would be unthinkable, that someone like German interior
minister Thomas de Maiziere is still in office, although he played a shady role in the
Saxony Swamp in the 1990's, when he was accused of shielding pedophile judges
and other creepy subjects in high places as an secretary of the Interior.

Dirt always swims on top or so they say.

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