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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Rick Parfitt ...

... of the STATUS QUO fame passed away already on the 24th of December last year
after complications following a shoulder surgery, thus could not accomplish his quest
of finding the fourth chord. The Status Quo epitomized the long hair, jeans and Rock
n´ Roll spirit in the ´70s and in fact the first record i ever purchased, was the band´s
"Rockin´all over the world" album featuring their unique style of boogie rock.

I once figured, my right hand needed more punch, so i decided to study a bit of Rick´s
powerful rhythm guitar approach, who seems to be deceptable simple, but is hard to
reproduce through the ferocious attack Rick applied on the extra-heavy strings. Just
take a look at the pickguard of his Fender Telecaster, he dubbed the Rock ´n´ Roll
Land Cruiser, and you get the impression.

I made a short video as an "appetizer",though if you want to become a serious student
i recommend the excellent DVD, Rick produced. Be it playing the guitar or drinking,
mellowness never crossed his mind.

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