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Friday, February 17, 2017

Nazis vs Inzis

Through a link mentioned in a comment on a political webpage i have encountered the
blog from Susanne Kablitz, who unfortunately committed suicide shortly after her last
remarkable post, which should be mandatory reading for every German. From that
post i want to quote the following exerpt ...

" National Socialists are out. International Socialists are en vogue. This can be seen
  with the resigned U.S.-Pres. Obama. International socialists are allowed to kill 
  people are allowed to conduct wars, are allowed to break laws. Nationals not. "

Generally National Socialists, aka Nazis, are perceived as right extremists, when in
reality they  per definition  belong to the left political spectrum. The term "Nazi" is
obviouly tarnished and is pretty much the nastiest four-letter word someone can be
called, though without the past no nationally minded Socialist would have a problem
with that notion. On the other hand you have International Socialists as Obama or
NWO-floozie Merkel, who don´t give a bloody whit about their people, but are
striving for worldwide communism with the installment of a one world government.
Especially Obama is responsible for countless innocent dead people, but nonetheless
many folks in the West regret his resignation and fiercly oppose new Pres. Donald
Trump, the national white old man. Chemtrails, GMO food or just signs of a dumbed
down society, i don´t know.

Susanne Kablitz seemed to be a noteworthy woman, who wrote a couple of books i
will take a closer look into. For her the Federal Republic in Germany is hopelessly
lost and if i see the farce during the election of the new Federal President Steinmeier
i can see her point. The question is, does the German population grant A. Merkel
her triumph having destroyed the nation or will they intervene in time. I don´t want
to bother a self fullfilling prophecy, but knowing the German mentality it doesn´t
look good indeed.

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