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Thursday, April 27, 2017

+++ 27.4. Anti-Terror Drill In Kiel +++

Today, a huge anti-terror drill took place in the northern German town of Kiel. Now
experience tells us, that frequently after such drills alleged Muslim terror attacks will
happen as we have seen in London, Paris or most recently in Stockholm. Those, who
live there or want to visit Kiel should keep there eyes open, avoid masses of people
and folks wearing uniforms. The approaching regional elections are another hint, that
something could be planned by mind twisted scumbags ruling our world.

Writing of terror attacks, another one was executed on April, 11 targeting the team
bus from football club Borussia Dortmund. Three roadside bombs were planted, but
not allotted high enough with explosives to cause major damage or kill someone.
Since the installment of the bombs looks like a professional job one wonders, why
they were underdosed with substances, i mean every kid rapidly figures out, how
many firecracker are needed to blast a mail box. Clearly no one should be injured
gravely and the whole incident has written psychological operation all over it.

To stir up confusion several groups allegedly claimed responsibility, when they even-
tually presented to us an Russian-German loner as the supposed culprit, who also fits
nicely the current enemy image. His plan was to make a tidy profit with a modest
investment through shady stock deals by blowing up the team with BVB club stocks
falling subsequently. And to be most inconspicous he behaved like a gorilla in a
porcelain shop demanding a room on the top floor in the team hotel, from where he
wanted to ignite the bombs. My verdict : No one with a leftover of five functioning
brain cells believes the charade.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Agenda 2030

The other day, a TV-set was running in my presence, when all of a sudden a face
showed up, that only a mother could love, belonging to German chancellora A.
Merkel. With the remote control out of reach i had to listen to her, when she ex-
plained emotionless her mission - the implementation of the Agenda 2030.

The agenda is a project by the United Nations (UN), the organisation using the
Flat Earth map in their logo. The agenda consists of seventeen points sounding
reasonable at first glance with the word "sustained" frequently used, but after
closer inspection the message is clear. It is the blueprint for the planned intro-
duction of worldwide communism under a one world government. published a brilliant article by Michael Snyder, who decoded
the whole scam, it is an eye opening read making it very clear, that Merkel does
not give a bloody whit about Germany and "those, who live longer here", but
is a puppet of the NWO-elite.

I took a look at who is financing the UN and found out the USA provides a big
portion of the funds and as we know, those who pay for the music determine
what will be played at least, if they were not under Jewish control. So in my
humble opinion, when American and Jewish governments, secret services and
bankers would be serious, they could make the world a better place quasi over
night, but of course they are not. The former strive for the Pax Americana de-
manding economic, military and cultural hegemony, while the Jews want to
realize the Yinon-Plan making peace in the Middle-East impossible.

The Agenda 2030 is nothing but smoke screen and mirrors and a tool with the
sole purpose to install the NWO.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

United Airlines Aircraft Violence

During an incident on an United Airlines aircraft a man was violently dragged out of
the plane. The Airline explained, that they overbooked the seats expecting not every-
body to show up. Though when exactly that happened United staff tried with vouchers
to convince passengers to take another flight and when that attempt failed too, they
applied violent measures.

To me in a nutshell it describes perfectly to what the "Western Community Of Values"
has come down to. At first they overbook seats to maximise profits. When this does
not function, they try to sort out trouble with bloody vouchers for the cattle on the
cheap seats and when that still doesn't work out, force and violence are applied to
remind people to whose rules they have to play. Some say, it is all staged and com-
plete garbage, but even if so, it doesn't change a bit of the above written.

Others might argue "Come on, this is the USA, a country infested with greed and
violence, won't happen anywhere else." Wrong. For example Germany is one of
very few countries with the obligation to send kids to school. The children shall
learn, what they are allowed to know, not what they should know. When parents
decide they want to school their kid at home and not hand it over to grimy left-
green teachers, a police squad of until forty man could show up at their threshold
to take away that kid from her parents. Same with the manadatory fees for the
public television, when special forces raided homes from people, who refused to
pay for state propaganda. So you see, brute force and ignorance are not a sole
US-American specialty, their vasalls are capable too ...

Friday, April 7, 2017

8.4.Grand National 2017 In Aintree

This is a race i had i used to have decent success with, but drew blanks in recent
years. To get back on the winning track i have put every one of the fourty runners
through rigorous scrutiny and various filters. My three against the field are as follows

SAPHIR DU RHEU ( FR, foto) is my idea of the winner @ 17 ***UR

Next best is DEFINITLY RED @ 11 ***PU

and finally PLEASANT COMPANY ( IRE ) @ 15 ***UP

The race is not the slog it used to be with the somewhat eased obstacles, but still
very demanding. Let's hope all jockeys and horses make it home safe and sound.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Germanwings Flight 9525 Crash Revised

I planned a write-up about the staged event in London they tried to sell us as a Muslim
terror attack, when in reality it was just another lousy hoax with all the well known
ingredients as a prior conducted drill, silly behaving crisis actors or miracously
switched off surveillance cameras and shoes flying around. And when did it happen?
March,22 or 322 ? No shit, on that very same day last year a hoax was conducted in
Brussels and also 322 is the holy number of the Skull & Bones secret society So again
white men wearing neckties orchestrated the charade using a Muslim patsy. Nothing
new under the sun there and i am sick and tired of it.

I find it more interesting, what happens in Germany, where the father of Andreas
Lubitz, who is accused of mass murder in the Germanwings incident hired an
aviation expert to compile an expertise of what really happened and sure enough
he found plenty of inconsistencies. I watched the whole video with the stunning
press conference, though that video seems to have disappeared since.

The French prosecution just figured out in 48 hours, that A. Lubitz flew the aircraft
purposely against the mountain and is a mass murderer. German prosecutor Kumpa
as well as the mainstream media happily jumped on board without having a single
piece of evidence and for me without the shadow of a doubt they try to cover up a
bloody pigsty with perhaps Lufthansa boss Spohr behaving the worst of all by back-
stabbing his former employee. But you already know, only unscrupulous pigs make
it to the top in the Federal Republic in Germany.

When you look at the crashing site you see a load of scattered shredded metal, but
for example no engines, but therefore a tire, who to some doesn't belong to an
Airbus. Nobody in his right mind will assume, that the plane hit the mountain here,
but rather was brought down by a French Mirage fighter jet, who was seen before
in the area. Also nobody mentioned an emergency signal released before the alleged
crash. Obviously we are dealing here with a wasps nest, we need to stab in to find
the truth. Anyway, i wish G. Lubitz the very best to get through it with the needed
strength and health. There are not very many Germans trying to fight the injustices
in there country.