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Thursday, June 22, 2017


Troll is a name for a rather unpleasant species commonly found in commentary
sections. Here they try to discredit opinions and spread confusion, while there
main task is probably to put people back to sleep, who woke up towards certain
facts, occurrences or developments.

Here is an example. On the webpage "" or "good" some-
one asked: " Is it true, that since 2015 it is not necessary any longer to carry a
drivers licence in the Federal Republic in Germany ? " Readers mmueller631 and
MattiWolf wrote absolute watertight cases confirming the question reasoning, that
is has to do with missing areas of application in an ordinance. This is something
the government likes to keep under the rug and and trolls now are used to depict
above mentioned forists as extreme right-wing weirdos, not having an idea, what
they are talking about. Some answers were meanwhile deleted as this one from
mimikama. He wrote a lot of babble without any substance to confuse folks with
no avail.

As i wrote so many times before, the FRiG is at best a state simulation and NGO
and has absolutely no legal rights to impose taxes or in this matter a drivers license.
However in a Banana Republic without independant justice system those make
the laws, who carry the arms. If a governments henchman proverbially behaves like
a thug and holds a gun to your head demanding taxmoney, it is pointless to pull out
a sheet of paper , which explains his illegal behaviour.

Another blatant example is the page "hoaxilla", where a married couple with a
fondness for dark shades declares 9/11 or Chemtrails once and for all as fake news
and conspiracy theories. Their page looks professionally administered and time
consuming, so where did they get their income from ? Are people making donations
for the revelation, that chemtrails permanently sprayed over my head are an illusion ?
Obviously these two deceivers have no interest to live in an clean environment with
a more honest human cooperation. My local newspaper "Hamburger Abendblatt "
addressed a whole page to them and that was the final time i touched that publication.

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