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Thursday, July 13, 2017

G-20 Aftermath

Meanwhile the smoke cleared over Hamburg and locals look gobsmacked  at the
damage done. Everyone saw it coming except Hamburg's mayor Olaf Scholz
(SPD), who either had a bout of autism or more probable doesn't care about the
people by bringing this event to town. On another occasion he demonstrated, what
an unmoral guy he is by inviting John Podesta as an honour guest on a recent
media day. Podesta tucks knee deep in the scandals surrounding Pizzagate and
Hillary Clinton, what is of no hindrance for Scholz to call him a friend., though
it doesn't end there. During the G-20 meeting he gave NewYork's mayor di Blasio
the opportunity to conduct a speech bashing Pres. Trump, while Trump was still in
town. No matter how one thinks about Trump, for a host i consider this behaviour
most disrespectful. Scholz is just another embarassment in German politics and
should step down only to be replaced by another dumbfuck.

Now, the quarter the hardest hit is called "the Schanze". It used to be left, but over
the years the influx of yuppies and hipster along with their Sushi restaurants changed
that a bit. The question is, why the allegedly left thugs dressed in black focused their
violence spree right there. Just down the road are the glitzy top end shops and a little
further west the mansions of the filthy rich, instead they set Aunt Bettie's beetle on
fire - makes no sense or does it ? Did we see a follow-up for what has happened in
Genua during the G-8 used as a blueprint ? For hours the so called left-extremists were
looting and rioting with nobody there to stop them. Down at the harbour road, cops
and rioters were playing cat and mouse, when i thought "WTF, use rubber bullets and
a couple of sharp dogs to end the spook swiftly", but nothing happened and the pussy-
footin' went on.

The conclusion is, the black dressed thugs, many of them spoiled apolical suburbia
kids and products of a left green miseducation, were infiltrated with secret service
men who closely worked together with the police.Nobody talks about the meager res-
sults of the summit nor about the tens of thousands peaceful demonstrators. Chancell-
ora Merkel can play up again as mother of the nation by making a generous gesture
telling those who obtained some damage to reimburse them with tax money. She will
probably turn the screw of surveillance on her frightened sheeple tighter, while on the
same time her political opponents will have lost plenty of ground, thus her plan
worked out just fine. Geez, in what a fucked up country am i living in ...

Genua G-8

Friends in black and blue

Heiko Schrang

List of left groups sponsored by the government here


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