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Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Steemit / DTube Revolution

YouTube goes currently berserk deleting channels left, right and center with some
of my favourite truthers like Russianvids or Barry Soetoro among them. Of course
FRiG justice minister and Amazon one star writer Heiko Maas follows suit by
censonring through his accomplices social network posts, which deviate from
the political correct left fascist mindset.

Fortunately some clever cookies out there came up with solutions leaving them
outdoors with the blockchain technology. DTube for instance is decentralized and
keeps out a third party controlling the content. Access can be obtained through
Steemit, which also offers the possibility to monetize own videos through a
cryptografic currency. I discovered Steemit only recently and haven't taken a more
profound look into it yet, but it seems to be a serious alternative for those, whose
channels were shut down, censored or demonetized.

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