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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Merkel And A Half Skinned Banana

Chancelette Angela Merkel visits my hometown Hamburg next Wednesday, while
campaigning for the Federal Elections September, 24. So far during her campaign
she wasn't engulfed with love and affection, but got booed and even became a target
for tomatoes hurled at her. It seems, more and more folks stop snoozing and recog -
nize with whom we are dealing here.

Ain't it peculiar, that when i join the event with a FRiG flag sporting a half skinned
banana, what i will do, i could get in trouble with the police for reviling a national
symbol, while at the same time the police protects Merkel, who has caused enormous
damage to the nation as a servant for the high finance and the globalists ? To call the
BRiG a banana republic , where those get the rights, who carry arms and own loads
of money is more than justified, but i will more elaborate on that next week.

When i look at German politics, i am swinging between disgust and ridiculousness,
though i reckon there will be a good party next week. I will bring along my guitar
and play that ole appropriate Harry Belafonte  song ...

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