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Thursday, May 24, 2018

General Data Protection Regulation

Brussels rolled out another stinker dubbed the GDPR. It concerns companies and
blogger, who record personal data from their customers or visitors and since i do
belong to the latter i should pay some attention. This webpage is a sisterpage to
my other webpage, which is hosted in Germany, but
whose subject is based in Peru, so the situation is a little bit confusing. Most
importantly however is, that i do not sell anything via this page nor has it an open
commentary section making it impossible to collect any personal data.

Those, who visit this page will receive cookies from the Google company (Google-
Analytics), but absolutely nothing from myself to snoop on. Besides i guess they do
not take this blog too seriously with 119 visitors yesterday , though should it happen
that i post an image from a racehorse without having asked the jockey for permission
of the publication i hope the friendly folks in Brussels give me a lenient warning
first instead of a hefty fine. Thank you ...


A main purpose of that new regulation might be to scare away blogger spreading
undesired content and some operators already pulled the plug being anxious of
penalties for not complying correctly to their rules. So while the NSA feels free
to grab any data they want i have to make shure the privat data of my visitors is
not abused. It is exact the bollocks you expect from an organisation like the EU.
However i made amendments on this side hoping to fulfill the necessary require-
ments, because with this blog i am not done with.