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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Who Is Tommy Robinson ?

Or Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, which is his real name. I got aware of him for the first
time during the Westminster hoax, where he immediately afterwards hit the road
to accuse Muslims as culprits. After 9/11, Charlie Hebdo or Breitscheidplatz it is
obvious that these attacks have little to do with the Islam, but plenty with the
secret services, so when someone does not consider the possibility of a hoax or
false flag he has next to none credibility in my estimation.

Meanwhile it leaked through his affinity for Zionism confirming my view of him
being an NWO agent. Here in the FRiG we have similar types with Elsässer, Stürz-
enberger or Schunke to drop a few names. Their task seems to be to blame Muslims
while keeping the masterminds out of the limelight, thus fueling the feud between
Muslims and Christians, the clash of cultures.

Robinson is a rather dubious figure with a criminal record and when he recently
reported and filmed at a trial agaist a so called Grooming Gang, he was taken into
custody and sentenced to thirteen months in jail. Grooming Gang is an euphemism
for bands of mostly Pakistani rapists, who committed their dirty deeds throughout
England for many years, although authorities and police were well informed , but
stayed put to avoid to be called racists. Huh, excuse me ! This to me appears to be
utter rubbish. No one with even the tiniest morsel of conscience would stand aside
but intervene to spare the children their terrible fate.

This goes beyond a bunch of rapists satisfying their sexual drive, this goes way
deeper and in my humble opinion is a covert agenda orchestrated by shadow
governments perhaps to traumatize girls, so that they will not be capable to enter
a relationship and reproduce or again to fuel the clash of cultures with Tommy
Robinson as their agent provocateur.

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