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Friday, August 26, 2011

Much needed change of cultures

Leaving the suffocating prosperity of Germany with its by-products - anxious minds, silly trend sports, financial mayhem caused  by banksters on taxpayers expense, wage dumping, SUV's cleaned every saturday at 2 o'clock, latte-macchiato-mothers, self-proclaimed experts, class divided health insurance, cardiovascular diseases, arms deals with villains, prizes and awards for who knows what - to mention a few, for Peru. A country, that is probably  stone last in many categories and never won a sports medal. Guess, that makes  it so appealing to me. And thanks to Ladbrokes for sponsoring the airfare.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

That bloke here is Christian von Boetticher (CDU)...

after a confessed relationship with an 16 - year old schoolgirl , forcing him to step down. Chris is another lawyer-turned-politician and a member of the student association "Landsmannschaft Slesvico - Holsatia v. m. L! Cheruscia zu Kiel " ( ürgs ) and after having checked his biografy i would assume he never spent a day in his life doing proper work. That seems to be a major qualification nowadays for higher assignments and i am afraid German politics is littered with shady characters like him. Sad and sickening.