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Saturday, February 22, 2020

Corona Virus - Another Psy-op ?

According to YT-legend Russianvids yes. Also very interesting the findings from
Oli Janich, who investigated, that the usual suspects trying to cash in big time by
pulling a vaccine out of their sleeves in no time.


Oli Janich 

Norman Investigativ


Monday, February 17, 2020

Camilo Cienfuegos

Cienfuegos seemed to be the unsung hero of the Cuban revolution. He died after
a planecrash and when i scrutinized Castros and Guevaras role in that revolution
there seems to be little doubt he was murdered.

Cienfuegos was regarded as the savviest and bravest commander, but also as
strictly against communism and being a gentleman. All that made him hugely
popular, but also vulnerable since Cuba had to become a socialist country to
ignite the Cold War with the placement of Russian rocket dummies. While
Cienfuegos wanted to integrate Batistas soldiers back into society the trio
infernale Fidel and Raul Castro alongside Che Guevara were eager to murder
them and that is what they did with Guevara at the forefront. This already says
something about their character and they certainly had no problem to serve as
agents for a power elite and also ordered the killing of Cienfuegos.

With Cienfuegos as head of state Cuba could have become a true paradise, in-
stead it became a socialist hellhole under Castros rule, who sold out his people
and let them suffer for foreign interests.

Here a video about Camilo ...   

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Who Is Daniele Ganser ?

Ganser is a Swiss historian, peace researcher and author, who wrote a couple of highly
acclaimed books. There is plenty of hype surrounding him with his omnipresence in
the alternative media. Now he received the Bautzener Peace Award and and when he
conducted a speech there i decided to take a closer at his spoken words.

First of all i am generally sceptical of folks calling themselves historians and when
someone like Ganser holds a doctor title on top, he received from the system with
suma con laude,eyebrows are raised even further.He started out with platitudes about
the Vietnam war and continued in rather boring fashion until he touched JFK. He
in earnest affirmed former CIA-boss Dulles ordered his assassination, because JFK
booted him out earlier over the Pig´s Bay debacle in Cuba. Shocking since by now it
should be common knowledge JFK was murdered, because he wanted to replace the
Federal Reserve dollar and also had no inclination to go to war against Vietnam, who
flushed later on billions of dollars in the pockets of the "money elite". In another
recital Ganser managed it to speak 50 minutes about WTC 7 without mentioning
Larry Silverstein, who gave the order to blow up WTC 7 with his infamous words 
"Pull it".So now it is obvious Ganser tries to downplay or completely tries to hide 
the role of Zionists. His body language when mentioning Dulles in context with JFK
speaks volumes.

More of the same when he spoke about the Cuban revolution, something i wrote
already earlier on. Ganser again let us know the CIA prepared a shell with explosives
to kill Castro - oh dear, oh dear. Meanwhile i traveled four times to Cuba and believe
i have an overall good overview also about the historic situation. For me there is no
doubt Fidel Castro was an agent of the "money elite", who desperately tried o get the
Cold War in gear with the USA and the UdSSR, who of course were in cahoots with
each other. After the assault of the Moncada barracks Castro was not only not exe-
cuted but liberated after only two years. From there his way to power was a cakewalk 
with numerous peculiar coincidences. When he reigned, the Sovjets wasted little time
to place their rocket dummies on Cuba and the whole theater could begin.

The bottom line is i don´t like Daniele Ganser, who comes a tad too sleazy across.
While many people hang on his lips, he in my opinion must be perceived as a gate-
keeper, who tries to channel the public opinion in a certain direction and gets well
paid for it.