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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Off To Russia

Next week i will fly to Sankt Petersburg to join the 2017 Druschba/ Friendship tour,
which already started last Sunday in Berlin. While trips to other parts of the world
meanwhile became somewhat of a routine, Russia and Belarus are complete new
territory and i must admit ,i am exited and look forward to a great experience shared
with other likeminded folks, although i usually travel staunchly by myself.

After  prestudies i am prepared to encounter cities with great architecture,fantastic
landscapes and people steeped in their tradition and respecting their many centuries
old culture, something going more and more amiss in the "Western Community of
Values", where Sigmund Freud's old quote " The loss of shame is the first step to cre-
tinism" can be observed in an increasingly dramatic manner in a socitey completely
losing its compass with inept leaders, who instead of creating friendships with the
Russians can't stop drooling about sanctions, thus echoing Big Brother - ridiculous !

Writing of leaders, this is Alexander Saldostanow, boss of the biker gang Night Wolves
and according to the dirt slinging German tabloid BILD the most dangerous rocker in
the world - i hope i get to see him along the way.

Here is a great video from last years 2016 Druschba tour

I still want to thank travel agent PANEURASIA for their support and finnish off with
a great piece of music, before quoting Mark Twain.

- " Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our
     people need it sorely on these accounts." -

Thursday, July 20, 2017

G 20 - Final Thoughts

taken from blog
Some more videos erased any doubts about an interaction between the police and
the so called Black Block under political supervision, perhaps even a civil war drill.
One commentator wrote, that he observed, how someone was impeded to take his
car out of the danger zone, while an eyewitness reported having seen policemen as
bystanders when shops were looted. For whatever sick reasoning, images of violence
and destruction were desired.

Police spokesperson Timo Zill explained, that forces couldn't enter the area, because
of some blokes throwing stones and stuff from the rooftop. How they got up there ?
Through a construction scaffold and the answer,why nobody dared to secure it is a no
brainer. In this context i also want to mention German television channel NDR broad-
casting in the "Hamburg Journal", that 13 subjects were on the roof, 9 Germans and 4
Russians, who hours later all of a sudden converted to French and Italians. In another
edition (12:20) they introduced a police man,telling from the off he was on duty for 60
straight hours with two hours of rest, yeah right ! This is the daily subtle propaganda
and outright lying from these bastards we have to deal with. On this picture we see
some police men sleeping on the floor allegedly exhausted. I really would like to be-
lieve it is genuine, but experience in this country tells me it is not and staged.

I reckon,had the police stayed away much lesser damage had been done. The Blacks
had nobody to throw stones at, were bored and perhaps out of frustration destroyed
a couple of shops, thus doing what they were payed for and that's it. Albeit among
these Blacks were youngsters, who when arrived at the scene pulled black clothes
out of the knapsack and transformed from suburbia schoolkids, unfamiliar with the
word "no" and shielded by helicopter parents into stone hurling rebels, who proved
to be invincible for a trained police unit - i guess,that is good news for thousands of
migrants waiting for their mission.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

G-20 Aftermath

Meanwhile the smoke cleared over Hamburg and locals look gobsmacked  at the
damage done. Everyone saw it coming except Hamburg's mayor Olaf Scholz
(SPD), who either had a bout of autism or more probable doesn't care about the
people by bringing this event to town. On another occasion he demonstrated, what
an unmoral guy he is by inviting John Podesta as an honour guest on a recent
media day. Podesta tucks knee deep in the scandals surrounding Pizzagate and
Hillary Clinton, what is of no hindrance for Scholz to call him a friend., though
it doesn't end there. During the G-20 meeting he gave NewYork's mayor di Blasio
the opportunity to conduct a speech bashing Pres. Trump, while Trump was still in
town. No matter how one thinks about Trump, for a host i consider this behaviour
most disrespectful. Scholz is just another embarassment in German politics and
should step down only to be replaced by another dumbfuck.

Now, the quarter the hardest hit is called "the Schanze". It used to be left, but over
the years the influx of yuppies and hipster along with their Sushi restaurants changed
that a bit. The question is, why the allegedly left thugs dressed in black focused their
violence spree right there. Just down the road are the glitzy top end shops and a little
further west the mansions of the filthy rich, instead they set Aunt Bettie's beetle on
fire - makes no sense or does it ? Did we see a follow-up for what has happened in
Genua during the G-8 used as a blueprint ? For hours the so called left-extremists were
looting and rioting with nobody there to stop them. Down at the harbour road, cops
and rioters were playing cat and mouse, when i thought "WTF, use rubber bullets and
a couple of sharp dogs to end the spook swiftly", but nothing happened and the pussy-
footin' went on.

The conclusion is, the black dressed thugs, many of them spoiled apolical suburbia
kids and products of a left green miseducation, were infiltrated with secret service
men who closely worked together with the police.Nobody talks about the meager res-
sults of the summit nor about the tens of thousands peaceful demonstrators. Chancell-
ora Merkel can play up again as mother of the nation by making a generous gesture
telling those who obtained some damage to reimburse them with tax money. She will
probably turn the screw of surveillance on her frightened sheeple tighter, while on the
same time her political opponents will have lost plenty of ground, thus her plan
worked out just fine. Geez, in what a fucked up country am i living in ...

Genua G-8

Friends in black and blue

Heiko Schrang

List of left groups sponsored by the government here


Thursday, July 6, 2017

G 20 - The Insanity Comes To Town

" Why oh' why does this event has to take place here downtown Hamburg ?" some
locals ask shaking their heads in disbelief. The straightforward answer is, because
the Merkel-regime is on a warfare against their own people. Further evidence for this
statement are the planned revokation of the drivers license for "hate speech", ending
the banking secrecy and the installment of spyware on computers owned by folks,
who unjustified got under suspicion of any wrongdoing.

So when chancellora Merkel (CDU) asked fellow Bilderberger and mayor of Hamburg
Olaf Scholz to organize the meeting, Scholz gladly accepted since it will flatter his ego
after the lost Olympic Games.Both of course know citizens will have to deal with enor-
mous sacrifices and economic damages for two days of meaningless chats - after all we
know, who pulls the strings behind the scenes.

There is a 38 square km safety zone, in which people are advised not to approach win-
dows with a broom. A sniper from across the street could misjudge him for a rifle and
fire a bullet straight between the eyes. Some more numbers surrounding the madness:
The G 20 members are accompanied by 6000 diplomats and 5000 journalists. They
will be guarded by around 20000 policemen and booed by as many as 100000 visitors.
Plenty of these will be violence prone and vow to turn the inner city into a battlefield
though they should be warned, that through the Lisbon Treaty policemen are entitled
to kill to tranquilize any uprising and so a bloodbath is not out of the equation.

Now while they are here i want them to agree on the following ... End or the U.S
American hegemony, end of interest slavery, fair trades with so called Third World
countries and no more Co² climate nonsense and geo-engineering.Put up or shut up !