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Thursday, May 29, 2014

EU-Parliament Election Wrap-Up

The outcome of the elections was quite satisfying since many EU sceptic parties finished in double figure percentage numbers. Not so the German AfD, who only received 7 % of the votes, however allegations already emerged, that this low number has to do with election fixing, what wouldn't surprise me a bit. More importantly the plans of the financial elite to install a New World Order came to a halt and for instance the Bilderberger have to go back to the drawing board prior to their Copenhagen meeting. To make matters worse for them, Wladimir Putin tries to establish a counterbalance alliance along with the BRICS nations. He is understandably fed up with the West and if he puts into effect his plans to bill oil and gas in rubel in accordance with China and Iran, this could mean the end of the petrodollar. Irak and Libya once had similar plans and unlike Russia, could be punished for it, because the US dollar would lose massive value and the USA couldn't afford any overseas war activities any longer. Let's hope their arrogant, violence based leadership comes to an end soon.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

25.05. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly And The Stupid / EU Parliament Elections

My uncle is a lifelong conservative, voting for the CDU. He is a supporter of the EU, a superstate, where the rich help the poor until all are equally poor. I guess , that position turned him into a lefty. I myself sympathised most of my life with leftist ideas, but i am a staunch opponent of the EU and for that attitude i have been placed in the right corner. At least my decision to vote for the AfD is based on knowledge and gathered information and i am a firm believer, that many if not all nations of the EU would be better off staying sovereign as the Swiss do. The term ugly belongs to some members of the National Party (NPD). They have an important function, because when an hideous, bald headed fellow yells, that he is proud to be a German and is against migration, the good guys obviously have to take the opposite view, although they actually think the same, but don't want to have a common cause with the ostracised and thus are in line with the EU. The final group is the the " Antifa ", the antifascists. They consider themself morally superior, but i would rather descibe them as hands down violence-prone, work-shy idiots dressed in black. They don't understand, that it is a contradiction in itself to be antifascist and being in favor for the EU, because once the EU dictatorship has been established, these folks are the first to get a lot of stick. I am shure EU politicians have plenty of cruelties up their sleeves and they will reveal them after the elections preferably during the football World Championships in June, when nobody pays attention. Many people here, who have taken a double dosage of " Merkelin " are in for a rude awakening.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

About Drag Queens And Tolerance

Last weekend the Eurovision Song Contest took place and victory was captured by a bearded Austrian drag queen, named Conchita Wurst, who sang a bog awful, schmaltzy James Bondesque opus de horreur. Beforehand some nations demanded her expulsion from the competition and that she has won can in hindsight be viewed as a political statement. Even songbird and fellow Austrian Udo Jürgens was overwhelmed by saying, this is a victory of the oh so tolerant Europe. Now there is a thin line between tolerance and indifference, so ignoring certain streams can spell trouble because unlikeable sorts can take advantage of the situation. Nothing wrong with drag queens though ( the foto shows our very own Olivia Jones ) and through the EU and mainstream media imposed political correctness, we have to like them anyways. Another less extroverted one is the First Lady of the USA ! Say what ? Sodomy in the White House ? That's right, according to the makers of this video, Michelle Obama's real name is Michael La Vaughn Robinson, a former American Football player. With todays available movie editing technology such allegations of course have to be taken cautiously, but if so, what a couple - the drag queen and her not so totally straight husband.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

" Think, It Ain't Illegal Yet " ...

... is an old song by George Clinton's ( left ) group Funkadelic and the title is more up to date than ever. In 2015 Sweden wants to implement a " Opinion Police " harassing those, who do not go along with the EU guidelines. Perhaps it is just a test balloon to see, how people would react and when an uproar does not appear, the whole EU population will have to deal with it. I have read an article in the Hamburger Abendblatt, that every EU foreigner working in Germany is entitled to apply child benefits for kids living in his native country, costing German taxpayers 600 million Euros annually and pretty soon every EU foreigner looking for work in Germany has the right to apply for unemployment benefits. Many communities are already shivering, because of the amount of money they would have to pay out. Now i wonder, what will occur, if a German does the same in Spain for instance. The Spainish would probably laugh at him or let the dogs out. Anyway, when someone here voices his opinion, that he his not very happy with the way his taxes are used for, chastisement awaits - facism, folks ! Elsewhere the EU still tries along with the USA and the NATO  to gain control over the Ukraine. Their 5 billion $ investment ( for details please contact George Soros ) wasn' t fruitful and fired backwards, so IWF boss Christine Lagarde showed up, wagging with billions of Euros, the government in Kiew could receive on conditions of course and shortly afterwards the Ukrainian army attacked the Pro-Russian forces ... These forces however know they not only combat against camouflaged blokes from the Ukrainian army, but also against Western  aristocrats, they might despise with a vengeance and thus will not give in for a single inch. As usual, when the US government and the CIA are in the mix the situation becomes messy and a secession between East- and West Ukraine seems to be inevitable.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Weekend Sports

3.5.14 German Bundesleague, Matchday 33. After fifty years of top flight football, the second league is now looming large for the Hamburger SV and deservedly so, because of too many players with a shocking salary-performance ratio. They play at home  against Bayern Munich, who secured the German championships at the end of March and completely lost the plot afterwards as was shown in the CL humiliation against Real Madrid. I still hold one of their players in high regard and that is CLAUDIO PIZARRO. He doensn't play very often these days, but when Pep Guardiola gives him another opportunity against a leaky Hamburg defense i am pretty sure he will deliver. Claudio to score twice @ 6.2 with Tipico ***VOID. Now over to the sport of kings. The first classic races of the flat season take place this weekend at Newmarket. Kingman is the hot fav of the 2000 Guineas Stakes, but i take him on with WAR COMMAND (USA, pictured) , trained by Ballydoyle master Aidan O'Brian. This powerful colt has won the Dewhurst Stakes in great style last year and that form bodes well for Saturdays contest. War Command to win @ odds of 9 with Betfair***UP. On Sunday then the fillies equivalent, the 1000 Guineas Stakes, will be run. The Andre Fabre trained MISS FRANCE (IRE) was the ante-post fav for a long time, but when she ran a stinker last time out with valid excuses, her price drifted out to 10 and i don't need a second invitation to get on.***WON