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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

25.05. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly And The Stupid / EU Parliament Elections

My uncle is a lifelong conservative, voting for the CDU. He is a supporter of the EU, a superstate, where the rich help the poor until all are equally poor. I guess , that position turned him into a lefty. I myself sympathised most of my life with leftist ideas, but i am a staunch opponent of the EU and for that attitude i have been placed in the right corner. At least my decision to vote for the AfD is based on knowledge and gathered information and i am a firm believer, that many if not all nations of the EU would be better off staying sovereign as the Swiss do. The term ugly belongs to some members of the National Party (NPD). They have an important function, because when an hideous, bald headed fellow yells, that he is proud to be a German and is against migration, the good guys obviously have to take the opposite view, although they actually think the same, but don't want to have a common cause with the ostracised and thus are in line with the EU. The final group is the the " Antifa ", the antifascists. They consider themself morally superior, but i would rather descibe them as hands down violence-prone, work-shy idiots dressed in black. They don't understand, that it is a contradiction in itself to be antifascist and being in favor for the EU, because once the EU dictatorship has been established, these folks are the first to get a lot of stick. I am shure EU politicians have plenty of cruelties up their sleeves and they will reveal them after the elections preferably during the football World Championships in June, when nobody pays attention. Many people here, who have taken a double dosage of " Merkelin " are in for a rude awakening.

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