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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The MGTOW - Movement ...

... stands for men going their own ways, meaning they don´t want to put up with wo-
men bitchin´around  about toilet seats not hinged down or beers being drunk. A dude
,who certainly does not adhere to that concept is Amazon-empresario Jeff Bezos. As
things stand he has to dish out half of his fortune to his ex-wife and is already en-
gaged with the next woman, whispering with the $-sign in her eyes in his ears ...
"Oh Jeffrey honey, you are just such a sweet and good looking guy." Seems the other
half of his fortune is at stake, but that is none of my business.

I once traveled extensively through the USA and encountered plenty of highly attrac-
tive ladies, all natural self-conscious women without tattoos and silicone.But that was
sure enough before feminism and slutwalks were introduced and since then another
type of women coins my impression of them, usually to be found among liberals.
Women rather ugly, full of hatred, agressive and equipped with an IQ below room
temperature as for instance that cross dresser Ocasio-Cortez, Warren, Tlaib or that
"Wicked witch of the West" as Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson refers to her, Maxine Waters.
Women with the appeal of a raging bulldog and i wouldn´t want to touch them with a
barge pole.

And then it seems transgender women are ubiquitous now. Many times i see great
great looking women only to find out later on, they are male-to-females. So when
dating a woman nowadays it seems mandatory to check for a Adam´s apple, fingers
or a ding a ling between the legs. When that is cleared you have to ask her to sign a
sheet of paper, that any sexual intercourse happens on consent to avoid accusations
of rape afterwards. All too much for this writer ...

For those, who belief women are always victims to men i recommend watching the
movie " The Red Pill " by Cassie Jaye about the men´s rights movement. There one
husband narrates, that a cop told him, that when his spouse attacks him and breaks
a fingernail, he will get busted. To me getting involved in a War of the Roses with a
female especially when kids are involved is one of the worst nightmares imaginable.

So am i a forlorn hope concerning women ? No, certainly not and from time to time i
enjoy their companionship. However i am a single for the most time of my life and it
stays that way until further notice, though i truly appreciate watching couples, when
it is obvious they get along nicely and conduct a great partnership.

I am out of here ...

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