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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Another Blog Bites The Dust

In a country infested with lies and deceptions like Germany, informative blogs
are essential. Unfortunately one of the most valuable pulls the plug now and
it's name is " Die Propagandaschau ". After five years, admin DOK figured out
it is enough and everything eloquently said about the German NATO propaganda
bullhorns and it only can become repetitive. With millions of viewers keep watch-
ing and even worse believing the misinformation from the mainstream media per-
haps he also resignated somewhat.

Within a couple of days the mainstream media once again proved, what a miser-
able bunch they are. When U.S.-Rep. John McCain passed away they wrote hymns
of praise about him completely ignoring his true nature. He certainly was one of
the worst war mongers on the planet, helped triggering the war in the Ukraine,
was best friends with ISIS boss al-Baghdadi and changed  the lyrics from the Beach
Boys song Barbara Anne to "Bomb Iran, bomb bomb bomb Iran" - good riddance.

Then in the German town of Chemnitz two migrants stabbed a local man to death.
Thousand of inhabitants about had it and took it to the streets protesting against
Merkel's politics. There was some flimsy footage from one dude chasing another
bloke, otherwise it was a peaceful manestifation, yet the media and of course our
left/green knuckleheads spoke of progroms. There he is again, the ugly German, this
time not willing to hang his head in shame for lies about the past, but willing to
defend himself.

The stormbringers are comin', looks like those responsible for the current situation
along with their henchmen should search for cover ...

Deep Purple  - Stormbringer

Video - Chemnitz, it's enough. The revolution has begun

Thursday, August 23, 2018

" Germany, Get Off Your Knees ... "

Amidst all the phoniness in this country, fortunately there are intrepid characters
standing up for the truth, past and present. Nowadays it is Nikolai Nerling also
known as " The peoples teacher ", who stems himself against the left -green tide
trying to abolish everything what has to do with nationalism. Despite my limited
sense for patriotism i appreciate his work, presenting for example buildings with
historic value or speaking with personalities outlawed by the system for opinions
not welcomed.

Recently Nerling now went to Munich to attend the trial against Monika Schäfer.
Schäfer once made grave accusations towards her parents for not intervening the
cruelties against Jews. However meanwhile she made her own research on the
holocaust and came to a very different conclusion than the official narrative and
subsequently appologized in an video to her passed away parents. When she came
to Munich to visit the trial against like-minded Sylvia Stolze officials grabbed her
on the spot and put her behind bars, although she is a Canadian citizen - another
scandal proving the lack of decency in the German jurisdiction with Canada an-
other lackey of the god equals, standing by without protesting.

During Schäfers trial, a video from Ernst Zündel was screened, who for many years
was fighting for, what he considers, the truth about the holocaust. Countless Jewish
organisations campaigned against and tried to silence him, what is what they were
founded for. It was pretty interesting, when Nerling portrayed the behaviour of the
judge or the state attorney in court, who tried to look elsewhere, but on the screen.
Zündel spent many years in prison for his conviction, not carving in, while others
potentially paid an even higher price as James Traficant perhaps for the video below.

Not being a contemporary witness i have to decide, whom to believe in that matter.

Ernst Zündel                                                  Ziowood
Monica Schäfer             or                             Ellie Wiesel
Gerard Menuhin                                            the war victors                   for example.

I mean the choice is clear, it is a no-brainer. I read an recent article from Zerohedge
about who financed  Hitler. The comment section was really interesting with many
folks obviously having digged deep in the subject and demand answers now. I think
we all agree hoping that images showing Rabbies grinning autocratically next to
allegedly important state leaders are a thing of the past with a much brighter looking
future without bloodshed and permanent sable rattling ahead.

I suppose, with the title " Get off ypour knees, Germany ...", Zündel didn't want
Germany to become an excessive self-confident country, but a nation living on
the principles truth, justice, courage  and honour without guilt-complex. Though
to achieve that a new crop of associates is needed in politics, the mainstream media
and justice and certainly not someone like foreign secretary Heiko "I went into
politics because of Auschwitz" Maas.

Way to go ...

Nerling at the Schäfer trial

J. Traficant speaking out

Monika Schäfer

The story of ERNST ZÜNDEL, "Germany, Get off your knees ..."

I couldn't find the Zerohedge article, seems to be deleted, but here is the link
to Anthony Sutton's book.


Thursday, August 16, 2018

Weekend Sports

On Saturday the Great St. Wilfrid Handicap takes place in Ripon. With twenty
runners going to post it is usually not a good idea to dish out the hard earned,
though i spotted a contender, who really flourishes at that venue and this is
PIPERS NOTE. He saves his best form for races there, finnished second a year
ago and runs on a pound lower mark now. He has won his last two starts and his
trainer Ruth Carr is very bullish about his current well-being, so his chances are
there for all to see. I gladly accepted ante-post odds of 13, which steamed mean-
while down to 10.***UP

For those tired of Scandinavian football the good news is, the proper football
already kicked off in the UK. I rate the following treble a good chance to win

Premier    Manchester City (-2 Handicap) to beat Huddersfield  6:1
                 Leicester - Wolves  both to score                            2:0

Champ.    Leeds - Rotherham (-1 Handicap) to beat Rotherham  2:0 @ 7***LOST

Friday, August 10, 2018

§ 5 GG Versus § 130 StGB

There are still some confusions lingering about this two paragraphs, although it
is actually quite simple. The former deals with the freedom of speech and
opinion and is applied, when Germans receive a good ole bashing. The latter
comes into play, when the god equals or migrants are criticised, what is automati-
cally dubbed as hate speech.

Last Wednesday i watched a public television broadcast named Extra 3. The pre-
senter Ehring referred to a headline from newspaper "Zeit" , which made the state-
ment "The more boatpeople are saved, the more will come, so wouldn´t it make
sense not to help to deter other folks from the dangerous voyage ?"  For most
people equipped with common sense this is quite obvious, but not for left -liberal
Ehring, who came up with the following comparison. " When a kid is run over by
a car, don't rush to her rescue, so it can serve as an example for other kids to watch
left and right before crossing the street. Oh no, sorry, that would be cynical. Does
only matter for white European kids."

Will he face any consequences ? Of course not, everything goes under the name of
satire, especially auto-racism. This manifestates once again, the worst enemies of
Germans are GERMANS. The U.S. American occupiers don't need a strong hand
to keep the nation at bay, cohorts of Germans in politics, main stream media, justice
and administrations are already doing a fabulous job to subdue, deceive and rob their
own countrymen. That lack of solidarity makes Germans an easy tartget for the
"divide et impera" game and i cannot see any change in sight as long as types as Ehr-
ing who already called AfD chairwoman Weidel a Nazi-slut are booed off the stage for
their impertinences. And that is saying someone, who is not particular symphazising
with Germans either.

The video from Extra 3 starting at the right point

Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Heat Is On

The heatwave here in Northern-Germany goes into its fourth month and shows no
signs of cooling down. Every day i closely monitor the sky and to my surprise he is
chrystal blue for many days. That means we had very few chemtrails, though some-
times rather peculiar cloud formations perhaps caused by the not too far HAARP-
facility. The official explanation for chemtrails is there cooling effect for not allow-
ing sunbeams to hit the earth, what in my estimation is utter nonsense.

A YouTuber voiced the opinion that POTUS Donald Trump doesn't want to pay any
longer for the spraying, what also appeared a bit far fetched. Trump keeps
irritating with his actions from time to time, though his recent sincere, not masonic
handshake with Vlad Putin was great to watch. Maybe we are getting nearer of the
disclosing of the sealed indictments along with a recent video from Q-Anon,revealing
that the NSA taped every phone call from Barry Obama, Slick Willie and spouse
Hellary, Creepy Biden and the Bushs along with Angela Merkel meaning the sling
around their necks and the Deep State in general is getting tighter. A bit off-topic,
though i wanted to mention it here.

What occured the last in year in California gives us a harsh reminder, what we could
be up to. After many months of enormous heat, wildfires were wide spread followed
by massive rainfall with mudwaves causing huge damages. Of course what happened
in the small town of Santa Rosa had nothing to with wildfires, but Directed Energy
Weapons operating with devastating laser power. Recent images from Greece give the
impression something similar happened there. Homes burned down to the ground, cars
with molten alloy rims and trees rather unscathed.

What the reason would be ? Perhaps the execution of agenda 2030 to herd the people
into the city to have a better control over them.

Isn't it about time to stop the maniacs from the so called elite ?

Video  Q - The plan to save the world