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Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Crimea - A Travel Report

Meanwhile i am back and here is, what happened. Again i acquired my visa from
Paneurasia, whose service is quick and reliable, though 93.- Euros plus postage ,
what is still the most competitive price ? At the aiport with Rossija for the first
time ever an airline declined to let me take my guitar with me on board and so i
had to part with the next ninety for the check-in. At Simferopol i went straight to
the bus terminal right next to him. Everything is written in Cyrillic and nobody
speaks English, so it soon became clear, that communication will be awkward at
times. Nonetheless i caught the right bus and was on my way on a road, which
seems to be under construction all the way through. Now of course i do not know
the Crimea from before the secession, though it seems plenty of Russian money
flows into it and it is obvious nearly no one has the desire to return to Ucrainian

__ Sewastopol

There i checked in the hotel "Kriym", where my room was in need of a general
overhaul including the creaking bed, though for the price of roughly 25.- Euros
was acceptable. Afterwards as usual i made myself comfortable in a bar with a
couple of beers and see from there. It didn't take long to feel, that Sewastopol is
a city i like very much. Easy to navigate with an appealing architecture and a
beautiful waterfront. I wanted to visit the ruins of Chersones and also the Mala-
khov Hill, however skipped that due to the intense heat, albeit went to the muse-
um, which is worth a visit.

__ Bike Show

Yeah, the Bike Show everybody and their mama talks about. I arrived early on the
festival ground, yet too late for the cameo appearance of Pres. Putin, who pulled
in with an old Ural motorcycle alongside Night Wolves boss Saldostanov. The
program started with a couple of metal bands, went on with the presentation of
the most peculiar vehicles, a haunting speech from Saldostanov and a fireworks
extravaganza ending with the destruction of the Tower of Babylon. Ufff, what a
spectacle that was...

__ Jalta

Jalta of course came to prominence through the conference held in 1945 with the
trio infernale FDR, Stalin and Churchill. The town nestles on a hillside and is
deservedly called the "Pearl of The Crimea". The promenade has been splendidly
developed and sitting there with a pint of Kwas is good entertainment. What gives
the town a pretty unique charm are the pine trees, growing plentiful there. The
"Swallows Nest"- castle is a short boat ride away down south.

__ Credit Cards

I learned beforehand, that major credit cards will not be accepted there, so i took
ample cash and booked accomodation online payment via the Aeroflot
webpage prior to traveling. In Sewastopol however the VISA- logo was on display
everywhere and eventually i asked a waiter, what the deal is. He explained to me
that credit cards at least issued in Europe are no problem.

__ Sanctions

I saw plenty of BMW's on the streets and thought, what is going on with the sanctions.
Now of course BMW has meanwhile a factory in Kaliningrad and so have many other
western enterprises in Russia. From my perspective, no shortage of anything could be
detected and so i suppose sanctions are nothing but theater for the dupes, believeing
there is a feud going on between Russia and the USA, while behind the scenes there is
business as usual.

__ The Russians

I like them and their sometimes a bit cumbersome manners. They are all about com-
mon sense, who bounces off any of the nonsense they rub under our noses here on a
daily base. They were always polite, never tried to pull me over the table and were
especially friendly, when they figured out i am from Germany. Perhaps they have
different history textbooks ...

My conclusion is, this was one of my most easy-going trips ever, where i have not en-
countered the slightest of problems. On the Crimea i guess the Russians are doing well
and do not need western mass tourism with its accompaniments. But for those prefer
traveling independetly a visit is highly recommended.

Here is a short video i shot to hand out a couple of impressions .

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Russia And Judaism - Connecting The Dots

While in Russia i saw statures of Lenin in every city and wondered, where his,
albeit meanwhile fading, popularity stems from. I understand he is considered
the founding figure of the Soviet Union, yet his reign was based on raging
terror claiming the lifes of millions.

The Jew Karl Marx once wrote the Communist Manifesto, an idea picked up by
Wladimir Iljitsch Uljanow, who called himself Lenin. He himself was Jewish
and along with Lew Bronfstein aka Leo Trotzki and loaded with Jewish money
he started the October Revolution 1917, establishing Communism disguised
under the name Bolschevism.

And exactly that Bolshevism gave Hitler later on the pretext to attack the Soviet
Union after again Jewish money coddled him up in the 30's and also enabled the
Third Empire to be powerful enough to compete in a large scale war. The result
was, that the feared German economic strenght was wiped out, the bankers elite
filled up their cashel by financing both sides and with the ongoing delivery of
iron ore to keep the German war machine running. And finally it is my strong be-
lieve, that without Hitler there would be no Israel today, because no Jew felt
inclined to move into the desert.

The Russia nowadays is modern and thriving and has in my opinion no room
for Lenins ideologies, though the question is, whether the kingpins Putin and
Medwedew too are dangling on strings held by the puppet masters like the
before mentioned. Folks took their pedigrees under scrutiny, though still there
is no certainty of their ethnics. No matter what, i have sympathy for both and
judged on their actions they deserve support, what does not exclude a couple
of nagging doubts.

During my recent trip i read a book written by Juan Rainaldo Sanchez, Fidel
Castro's loyal bodyguard for many years. He depicted Castro as a major cu*t,
not caring about his children, his brothers and sisters except Raul and of course
not about the Cuban people. He even operated a drug trafficking business to
finance his posh lifestyle after the Soviet Union collapsed. Though two state-
ments are most remarkable. Sanchez mentiond a New York Times journalist,who
visited Castro in his Sierra Maestra hideaway and secondly, that Cuban dictator
Batista was not very well accepted any longer by the USA. So a journalist
could find Castro in the woods, while Bautista troops couldn't, i mean only
follow the noise of the power generator operating Castro's fridge and then there
was Batista apparently getting in the way of something big and that was the
Cold War, who should be raised to the next level. That exactly explains, why
Castro's way to power was a cakewalk not being possible without the support
of foreign forces and why he never was assassinated, although living on the US
threshold. The Soviets now could plant their missile dummies on Cuban soil and
the whole circus could begin with the target to extort taxpayers money and keep
mankind in fear

I understand, that it is difficult to unmask and debunk oneself and the other side,
though it would be great to hear Putin echoing that story and also that there has
never been a man on the moon and nuclear weapons are nothing but a hoax. As
long as he does not do it, we have to assume he keeps allowing the robbery of the
peoples money by evil superiors.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Stonehenge - Not Really A Mystical Place

"Stop it, no more conspiracy theories, we can't take it any longer " i can hear you
shouting. Hey, don't shoot me, i am only the messenger. The point is, the puppet
masters will play us for fools, if we keep believing everything, they publish in
their controlled media. Once we stop that and question anything, they will even-
tually respect us instead giving us the full dupes treatment. I do reckon nearly
every so called terrorist attack in the Western society of values is staged and a hoax
as the most blatant one in Berlin. It requires a five minute research on the internet
to find that out, yet the people rather buy into the mainstream media and their guff,
so the big wigs feel encouraged to play us for instance with the following example.

We learned Stonehenge was erected in the Bronze Age, though nobody can tell for
shure who built it for which purpose. Nonetheless folks keep pilgrimaging to that
location to pick up the alleged mystical atmosphere. And then Russianvids came
around the corner with the following revelations ... (reupload)

So what do we have ? They smacked some concrete on a steel core, took a crane and
brought the whole enchilada to the middle of nowhere in Southern England. And who
is prancing around in that video,grinning from ear to ear and knowing about the scam ?
The Fallen Messiah Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama ... I assume there are many more
artificial places like Stonehenge in the world to lure tourists into the country. Has
someone checked the Egyptian pyramids yet ?

Off to The Crimea tomorrow ...

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Muslims And The Christopher Street Day - Cause And Effect

  " The loss of shame is the first step to cretinism "
                                                    - Sigmund Freud -

Sometimes i wonder, what is mindwise happening to someone  coming from a straight
Muslim culture encountering a spectacle like a Christopher Street Day-parade, which
took place yesterday here in Hamburg. Some will look at it with eyes wide open, a few
will ignore it, but many will be confirmed with their hatred towards the Western
society. And once they are driven over the edge we can read about the results in the
news headlines in form of stabbings and other violent outbreaks. So yes, i see a direct
correlation between the CSD and at least of some crimes committed by migrants. That
remark serves as an explanation and not as a justification.

Personally i am a harsh critic of the CSD and under my rule he would not be allowed
in a downtown area since there is plenty of lewd and perverted behaviour on display.
When nonetheless hundreds of thousands of people show up including Hamburg's
mayor, there can't be a doubt, the society is doomed to decay. The folks parading
always speak about tolerance, yet they won't accept my take on the CSD and would
like to reeducate me - leftist logic. And of course they cowardly avoid to address their
stance to Muslims knowing this could be painful,so they rather harass harmless Germans.

Last Friday i watched a football match from the FC St. Pauli.. Instead of perimeter ad-
vertising they showed the rainbow colours all game long. So while i only wanted to
see some footy i had the gay agenda pushed in my face the whole time. St. Pauli per-
ceives themselves as in a way different club not in terms of hiring and firing,but being
socially active and politically correct. So why once they were known as a working class
club with hard nosed players, nowadays they rather focus on silly activities as this one.
They support knowingly or not the Globalist Sect with their New World Order and that
is, why i can happily report they lost to a very weak side. Let's hope more drubbings
are ahead for them, so eventually they are relegated to non league football and out of
sight with their flapdoodle.