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Monday, December 29, 2014

Outlook For 2015

The term SNAFU ( Situation Normal, All Fucked Up ) describes precisely the current procedures in the Ukraine and the Western community of values. There we go again with us against them and all together against the "IS" and because there is always room for more tensions, Sony Pictures just released another superflous American movie asking for the assassination of North-Corean leader Kim-Jong Un. Clearly the world needs a " De-Americanisation " and not another US- embassy in Cuba. I hope Raul Castro is aware of that or he is in for the next colored revolution - i am sure Mr. Soros would agree. Meanwhile politicians and the mainstream media are trying to deceive and manipulate to the point, where you can believe nothing and nobody. The latest example is the siege in Sydney, which apparently turned out to be a cabal to establish an Australian patriot act with a Muslim as a scapegoat, as we have seen with the attacs on 9/11/2001. Ken O' Keefe made an interesting video about that incident introducing the true culprits, who masterminded these atrocities - scumbags without a single fiber of empathy. Benjamin Freedman also conducted a legendary speech about them,after which some history books should be rewritten. This was a year desillusionizing me once again because of certain folks with former Norwegian MP Jens Stoltenberg one of them. You would think of him as a genuine nice guy and the next minute he is General Secretary of the terrorist organisation NATO and also involved in a shady vessel deal with an Nigerian warlord. Then there is former boxing champ Vitali Klitschko. I thought of him as a decent, financially independant character until i read this, when i had to reconsider my opinion. And finally there is Bernd Lucke, chairman of the AFD. Normally i do not vote anymore, because by doing that, you legitimise politicians and their dirty deeds, but made an exception for the AFD naively hoping they would cut back the EU only to find out Lucke supports the sanctions against Russia with the EU not very high on his agenda any longer. Same old song and dance with Obama and Merkel, playing their roles as phony puppets year after year. The latter likes to travel from one summit to the other watching down on her sheeple and her message is : " Go to work, pay taxes, consume and accept what you cannot change ... , otherwise enjoy your sports. " I do not want necessarily join the doomsters camp, because despite the a bit dim appearing outlook with ruthless banksters and corrupt, inept politicians trying to seize the planet as their prey leaving us citizens behind with fists clenched in our pockets, i feel resistance is growing - long may it continue. Ok, friends, that's it from me this year. Pretty soon i am on my way to Peru, getting out of the matrix and the daily grind for a while. As usual thanks for tuning in and the very best of luck for 2015 !

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

26.12. Means " Boxing Day " ...

... and is the biggest day in UK sports. There is a plethora of betting opportunities and i tried to find some especially attractive flutters. SILVIACO CONTI defends his crown in the King George VI Chase in Kempton and this relentless galopper and superb jumper will be very hard to beat. He won the Betfair Chase in magnificient style last month beating my pick Cue Card by a country mile and i expect him to finish first again at the business end. Silviaco Conti to win @ odds of 3.***WON In football i came up with two trebles >> Sunderland to beat Hull / Tottenham to beat Leicester and Arsenal to beat QPR @ 5 ***LOST >> In the Both To Score market Everton vs Stoke / Brighton vs Reading and Colchester vs Gillingham @ 5.64.***LOST Happy Christmas and good luck all !

Thursday, December 18, 2014


" Rich are those, who need little ... " is a phrase i quite like. While in that sense i am wealthy, in reality sure enough i am not with only some meager savings i partly invested in silver to my name. Silver is scarce, needed by the industry and has always been legal tender somewhere unlike gold, whose possession in the past was already prohibited. Silver and gold rates are massive manipulated, beacause in case of their rising trust in currencies would diminish and this is, what some circles want to prevent whatever it takes. Meanwhile oceans of FIAT-money mostly in form of Euros and US-$ are floating around and Voltaire already knew, what is going to happen by saying that paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value, which is zero !!! By now EZB Pres. Draghi made sure stocks are the only worthwhile investment ( i wouldn't touch them with a barge-pole ) and many people jumped on the bandwagon driving exchange rates to heights, which have nothing to do with the real economy, thus creating a bubble waiting to burst. I leave that guff to the finance acrobats and rather have a bar of silver in my hand than a bloody number in a bank's account. You can't keep a good thing down for always and the time of precious metals will come. So investment smartasses can keep their advice to themselves, i know what to do.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Road To Armageddon ...

In 1962, the USA planned to execute the Operation Northwoods with a string of terror attacs including the shotdown of a passenger aircraft with the target to blame Fidel Castro and pull Cuba into a war. Does that ring a bell ? Flight MH17 ? Back then President Kennedy didn't play along, while nowadays so far Putin is the fly in the ointment. However the US-Congress keeps on pushing by approving on behalf of Wall Street and the militay industrial complex Resolution 758, which is basically a rehash of lies and false accusations towards Russia, but gives Pres. Obama the green light to start a war against Russia and it is probably only a matter of time until we see the next false flag operation. To me the USA completely lost the plot, boged in violence, distrust and debts now exceeding 18 trillion $ !!! and desperate enough to plunder the Ukraine's gold reserves and when the elites see their stocks further tumble, in other words a financial system collapse, nothing is unthinkable. Of course Wladimir Putin is fully aware of that and conducts maneuvers to keep his troops alert, what western presstitutes call saber rattling. In case of a armed conflict, there is a good chance we Germans are the first to get burnt to crisps, because of the US arms of mass destruction stored here, but chancellora Merkel can't be bothered. She keeps defending the sanctions against Russia with flimsy reasons and wants to get on with the free trade zone with the empire of terror - Uncle Rothschild will be proud of her. Now i know Merkel has plenty of disciples following her even if she would butcher a seal pup in front of a rolling camera, but for those, who want to know, why Angela " Aniela Kazmierczak " Merkel constantly acts against the interests of the German population, this webpage could provide some clues.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Childhood in Germany

While some say i am not the sharpest blade in the drawer i made a few decisions over the years i am quite content with. One of these is not to sire any offspring and here is why. After birth a certificate of birth is issued and mortgaged right away by the state in exchange for the ability to make debts. It is quasi the first step into slavery, because future salaries are taken already into the equation as securities. Newborns do not receive an RFID chip yet, tests are underway, but most certainly a variety of vaccinations containing mercury to lay the foundation for future deseases to keep Big Pharma happy. The state keeps on pushing to separate the kids from their parents by encouraging these to dispose them in day nurseries, where they obtain an education according to the states interest and perhaps even an early political indoctrination. The state wants streamlined, functioning citizens and not rebellous minds, who are scrutinizing things. The next step for the kids is entering the school system. For the same reason the kids learn there only, what they are permitted to know and not, what they should know. Should a pupil be a little more lively doctors are quick to diagnose ADAD and spoon-feed Ritalin and because the number of highschool years has been curtailed from 9 to 8 many students now show distress signals normally associated with adults working overtime. After the kids have finished school many of them have developed a robot like personality void of any creativity, staring with dull faces at their smartphones and i certainly do not want to expose a young human to all that. So being a parent would probably not work out the way i want it, but fortunately i do not need a child to put some content in my life or feel the biological urge to reproduce. One could argue, that i shun responsibilities or don't think of the next generations - i accept that accusation, but ultimately don't care.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


In a recent interview the chairman of the German protection of constitution, Hans-Georg Maaßen, mentioned, that they have noticed a number of German written blogs with a pro Russian attitude and he wonders, who is behind them. To put this straight i want to assure him, that although this blog is edited in English for international readers he is not administered by a Russian agent sitting in St. Petersburg, but by a free thinking German citizen, who always tries to figure out what is right or wrong in a ever more complicate becoming world. "Those, who know nothing must believe everything" seems to be the maxim here in the West and this little blog ( being monitored by the BND would be too much honour, really ) tries to counterpart that. In my opinion it's right, what doesn't benefit the financial elite, but serves the interests of people from both sides at the table and is considered fairplay or just decent human behaviour in tune with existing laws. During the current Ukraine crisis it is obvious with whom to side with and everybody who joins the aggression against Russia should question his moral standard. The stakes for the West seem to be very high for a multiple of reasons and this reflects in a behavior sometimes completely void of integrity. So to cut a long story short, i would anytime share a bottle of Stolichnaya with Wladimir Putin, while i never could stand the presence of Obama, Merkel or BND boss Schindler (" The separatists are responsible for the clash of flight MH 17 !" Oh dear, oh dear, ... ) among others for a minute, thank you.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Weekend Sports

The National Hunt season is meanwhile in full swing and unlike its flat counterpart, where the best thoroughbreds only run a handful of races, before they are fulfilling their stud duties, jump horses can be welcomed back for many years. One of them is Colin Tizzard's stable star CUE CARD ( left ), who defends his title in the Betfair Chase in Haydock on Saturday. I really like his chances and backed him @ 4.***UP On the same card i also have a dabble on the classy VOLNAY DE THAIX ( FR ) to win the Betfair " Fixed Brush " Hurlde @ 5 .***4th While betting on football it pays to stick with the big guns. Naturally odds are on the short side, but usually these teams deliver . I have a bet on the following 5-fold : Manchester City to beat Swansea / Chelsea to beat West Bromwich / Bayern Munich to beat Hoffenheim / Barca to beat Sevilla and Feyenoord to beat Dordrecht @ 2.66 ***WON

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Postage Saving Tip

It is a little known fact, that only 4 cents are necessary to send a 20 gramm standard letter within the boundaries of the unified Germany, if the postal code has been written in square brackets. This has to do with a agreement from 1892, negotiated between the former German Empire and the Universal Postal Union. The German Empire endured the collapse in 1945 and still enjoys legal capacity despite the capitulation and a missing organisation, while the BRD is not ! a legal successor, but only a trust institution and as such not able to cancel the above mentioned contract - hence a pair of 2 cent stamps will do. However as someone, who doesn't mind to pay the correct price for a fast reliable service i will keep paying the regular price of 60 cent.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Wladimir Putin and the Homo Clevonicus

A few days ago, Wladimir Putin conducted a game-changing speech in Sotchi, leaving no doubts that he is sick and tired of dealing day-in, day-out with the nuisances of Western governments. Since it was a lenghty discourse Russian blogger Chipstone wrote up a summary , which can be read here. Let's be honest, he is absolutely right by calling the USA a major threat to the world peace. As a self proclaimed democratic model country, election fraud is rampant there and under the pretext of fighting terrorism it turned into a police state, where cops feel free to relieve travellers of their cash or raid private homes without valid reasons. When Russia recently undertook a couple of maneuvers the Western media was quick to call it " sabre rattling ", while Putin wants to be prepared evaluating his opponents well enough to know they could easily go gung-ho and start a military conflict, because of their stalled One World Government plan, to defend the Petrodollar, because of a crumbling finance system or to pamper the arms industry to mention a few. When US vice president Joe Biden said, the USA needed to force the EU to impose sanctions on Russia against their will and the EU complied it must have been a major disappointment for Putin, that for instance Germany jeopardized excellent ties built over decades in favor of a rogue state. Now bashing politicians is certainly popular in most countries and more than justified within the EU. With very few exceptions all bigwigs were inserted to execute a project masterminded by a lot of shady characters assembled in secret societies. The aim is to eliminate the middle-class, so that besides a tiny upper class only a single kind of human being is left - the HOMO CLEVONICUS. This sort has been made mentally numb through constant consume of sports, rubbish TV and junk food with only the most basic of instincts still intact - he won't be much of a challenge for the authorities. Putin himself might have his flaws as a former KGB official, but i definitely feel a personality like him is required in the EU to bring things back on track or should it be normal that kids in school barely learn, how to write and read properly, but expressions in sex education, which would drive a flush of embarassment in some hardcore actors face ? Here in Germany two books aroused attention lately. The first is named " If the Germans would know this ... ( We had a revolution tomorrow ) " and the other " Germany completely off his mind " by Akif Pirincci. Their sales numbers show, that more and more people have a sneaky suspicion that they are fooled by politicians not working for, but against them and demand answers now. Way to go, but at least a ray of light is visible at the end of the tunnel

Thursday, October 30, 2014

German Bundesleague ...

... Matchday 10 - Afer nine games played, the wheat separated from the chaff to some degree and the Hamburger SV, SC Freiburg and Werder Bremen are the clubs dwelling at the bottom of the table. While Freiburg and Bremen seem to be outclassed, Hamburg made some useful aquisitions at first glance, but after a couple of below par performances with the worst offence in league history so far, they are struggling again as they did last season. They play now at home versus Leverkusen, a difficult to assess team, but which should be currently too strong for Hamburg. I backed the following treble > KÖLN to beat Freiburg, MAINZ to beat Bremen and Hamburg to lose against LEVERKUSEN @ 6.40 with Betsson.*** LOST

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Mainstream Media ...

... here in Germany has an rapid decline of readers and viewers and deservedly so after their scandalous onesided coverage of the Ukraine crisis. The journalists reacted by handing over the prestigous Hanns Joachim Friedrichs award to one of their most critized protagonists, Golineh Atai, making it clear that brainwashing peoples minds is their main intention. Nonetheless more and more folks are fed up with the USA controlled and censored mainstream TV cannels and papers and are looking elsewhere for profound information. That this is necessary underlines another example. Chistophe de Margerie, boss of French oil giant Total,was killed in a misterious plane crash on Moscow airport Wnukowo two days ago, when his jet hit a snowplow during take-off, allegedly driven by a drunken operator, who miracously got away unscathed. Margerie made recently a statement, that he wouldn't mind it, if oil would be billed in Euros, what i did not read in any paper, but here. Perhaps Margerie has signed his death sentence by saying that, because he became inconvenient for the system and had to die, as John F. Kennedy, Alfred Herrhausen, Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein to mention a few, before him. His possible successor at least belongs to the lobbygroup Transatlantik Bridge and will not be suspicious of such ideas.
Some webpages i check on a regular base are these:

And if the latest terrorist attack in Canada is another false flag or an act of state terrorism to have a reason for tightening surveillance measures on civilians, Gerhard Wisnewski will probably write about it in his next yearbook.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Germany - An October 2014 Summary

I recently traveled through the Northern part of Germany, encountered great sceneries and good people and thought, that despite all of its shortcomings it is certainly a privilege to live here. However that view becomes more and more tarnished, because of some current irritations and observations i made. Last week 1300 policemen were needed to curb a clash between Kurds and Islamists here in Hamburg, what could be a foretaste of what we can expect in the future. It goes without saying, that it is mandatory to help fugitives, who escaped hell from their home countries and are looking for food and shelter now. Nonetheless many of them abuse the offered hospitility, don't accept German manners and commit crimes knowing that pussyfootin' authorities would turn a blind eye on them. Meanwhile i even suppose, that some conflicts are designed to create fugitives flooding all over Europe, thus enhancing a subtle Islamism. Add to that the unrestricted free movement of workers and pretty soon we have a population of people with forgotten roots, lost identities, the willingness to work for a couple of Euros and not able to organize resistance and this brings TTIP into the picture. Benito Mussolini once defined the concept of facism as a fusion between big corporations and states. While the corporations are usually filthy rich and the states are sunken in debts, it's obvious who makes the annoucements and unions, appropiate wages and social benefits could soon be things of the past, not to mention all the other missdeeds introduced with TTIP. I guess the manifestations against TTIP last Saturday were quite successful, but barely covered by the mainstream media. Journalist Udo Ulfkotte wrote a few controversial books, but his latest received plenty of accolades for revealing corrupt scribes and news anchormen lying straightfaced to the people as we just have seen it during the Ukraine crisis. No doubts, nowadays politicians and journalists are handpicked and if someone does not follow a given line he can forget about his career. Many kids here will not enjoy any sort of career either, because they don't know, how to write properly. All of a sudden they learn writing by hearing - " Erm .., say it again "!- That's right, they try to learn writing by hearing, a method developed by a Swiss social pedagogue with the outcome, that the kids are not able to find a notion at Google, because they are not able to spell correctly. Furthermore mentally retarded kids study now in regular classes ( inclusion ) , thus slowing down instruction for all others too . I don't get it, but as unbelievable as it sounds, it seems their level of education shall be kept as low as possible. Because less educated people are easier to govern ? I wrote earlier about secret societies, trying to install a New World Order. Their plan ( =>Zbigniew Brzezinski " Strategic Vision " /=> The Protocols of Zion ) is not layed out short termed, but over decades and they are ticking off one box after the other from their bucket list. Some of the above may sound as utter nonsense from a conspiracy theorist, but as long as old man want to live out their fantasies of unlimited power, instead of doing a little gardening or playing with the grandkids, everything is thinkable.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Remembering Danny Gatton

Twenty years ago in October, 4th in 1994, Danny Gatton succumbed to his inner demons and committed suicide. He was known as the word's best unknown guitar player, because he rarely played his non-commercial music outside the Washington, DC area or " The Humbler" for his his modest manners. He mastered several styles from country, blues, jazz to rockabilly and possessed jaw-dropping abilties, talent and imagination. In this clip he picked a red hot medley with his Tele and a Twin Reverb, but he was equally at home with ballads. I guess, he was that kind of person you want to hang out with, trade a lick or two, share a beer and talk shop about his second passion, vintage cars. Just love him.

" Danny Gatton, a wonderful man who will live forever in the hearts of guitar players everywhere."

- Arlen Roth -

Thursday, October 2, 2014


After Tiggy Wiggy and Muthmir have been withdrawn, this race looks to be at the mercy of SOLE POWER. He wants a helter-skelter 5 furlong dash in a big field and gets it here. However a good draw, which has not been revealed yet and luck in running are vital, but with Richard "Hughesie" Hughes the right man is on-board to steer him through this tricky course and odds @ 3.25 are acceptable.*** UP Later on the Arc de Triomphe takes place and for the third consecutive year, a German horse i strongly fancied to win this most valuable prize has been declared a non-runner - this time Sea The Moon, who won the German Derby in tremendous style. To keep things simple i will back the classy filly and favourite TAGHROODA now @ 5.50. Sole Power and Taghrooda were successful for me in the past and i expect them to be in front again at the business end.*** 3rd

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Campact Petition Against TTIP

I signed another petition, this time with Campact against TTIP. The abbreviation TTIP means Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership or more precisely : How the USA and their corporations try to suck out as much EU money, as they possibly can. Representatives of both sides are still negotiating behind closed doors, however some details have leaked through and so far we are looking at the following plan for the EU 1. Trimming of democratic rights 2. Strenghtening of corporate power 3. Introduction of genetic modified food 4. Trimming of social standards 5. Neglection of climate protection 6. Easening control of financial markets 7. Establishment of a parallel justice. During the Ukraine conflict the USA once again showed, with whom the EU is dealing. US-Americans  financed the coup d' etat in Kiew and brought a junta of their puppets to power. Not long afterwards US vice president Joe Biden's son Hunter was named director in a big Ukrainian energy company. So the US involvement in the Ukraine is an imperial move trying to get a hand at the shale gas and to cut off Russia as an energy provider by driving a wedge between Russia and the EU . The EU had to follow imposed sanctions on Russia, which are harming them considerably too and not so much the USA. The usually very well informed F. William Engdahl wrote this aricle ( in German ) about the US engagement in West-Africa, where they allegedly fight the Ebola virus with 3000 troops ! To sum it up in a nutshell, if you have friends like the US- Government, you don't need enemies anymore. The EU will be taken merciless to the cleaners, because here nobody with the figure of Wladimir Putin is in sight, but only muppets not able and willing to protect us, thus it is mandatory to take the matter to the streets. ATTAC organized a demonstration here in Hamburg and other cities at October, the 11th and i hope massive amounts of people show up. It can't go on like this, damned !

" Politics is the entertaining branch of the industry. "

- Frank Zappa -

Thursday, September 18, 2014

20.9. William Hill Ayr Silver Cup

This is a 6 furlong handicap sprint with 27 runners to choose from. BOGART regained his form last weekend in the Portland Handicap, where he finished a close second and i expect him to go one place better here. He is trained by Northern England based trainer Kevin Ryan, who knows how to win this race and whose daughter Amy gets the leg-up with the ground conditions another positive. He is my confident selection and i backed him @ 11 to win this race.*** 3rd

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Flight MH17 And The Western Community Of Values

Last Monday, the Dutch Safety Board released a bulletin concerning the crash of the Malaysian Airlines aircraft in the Ukraine. Chairman Tjibbe Joustra said,  the contents of the voice recorder were readout and i thought -" Alright, let's hear, what happened."- and then i was waiting ... "Come on, Tjibbe, i am all ears, what happened ?", but no clues, other than those meaningless already made public were revealed, because of alleged legal reasons. But then again it really doesn't matter, since every better informed person knows, that a Ukrainian SU-25 shot down the plane. And here is, where it gets crazy. This footage was made briefly after the crash. The author states, that all the dead corpses were not Dutch, but Asians, bloodless and stinking after formalin. Furthermore their luggage contained only winter clothes, so could it be, that they are passengers from the disappeared flight MH370 en route to Beijing and the mourning people at Amsterdam airport were all actors ? What an act of barbarism that would be and yes, i have the belief, that members of the "Western Community of Values" ( Ch. Angela Merkel ) are capable of organizing such a plot to create a false flag, a reason to go to war against Russia. I thought about, what Western values could be and couldn't really come up with positive ones. Democracy ? I can tick a box every four years. Great and then what ? It is a common saying, that when elections could change something, they would be prohibited. Family values ? Many times both parents have to work to make ends meet with the offspring dispensed at a kindergarden. Honesty, modesty and altruism are values certainly not thriving in an environment created by Western style capitalism. Most of the leaders of these Western countries have lost every spark of decency and credibility. A bunch of miserable liars and lickspittles of the Anglo-Saxon imperalists, who specialized in making debts and spend money ( mostly for ailing banks of course ), as if there is no tomorrow. It rather seems, pouring buckets filled with ice water over ones head or taking apart inner cities after a bloody sports team won a championship are Western "values". I dearly hope a wind of change blows pretty soon through Europe with politicians serving the people and concentrating more on the real economy without any influence from the USA - that would be valuable indeed.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Open Petition against Joachim Gauck

I signed a open petition demanding German Federal President Joachim Gauck to step down. Two days ago he conducted a speech using again a absolut irresponsible warmongering rhetoric towards Russia. Gauck is a clergyman, self proclaimed civil-rights activist and turncoat from the former German Democratic Republic, who likes to travel to World War II sites, where he sheds more tears than David Luiz after a lost football match. He should remember, that that war as many others also, were financed and orchestrated by bankers and secret societies, who now have their dirty fingers in the Ukraine trying to pull Russia into a war, because ( you have read it before here ) to save the Petrodollar or as a further step towards a One World Government. I expect him to adress this or at least to shut up, however he rather echoes the jackals from the mainstream media or Vitali Klitschko, who just received a lifetime achievement award for smacking down countless people. Further reasons to sack him are signing the ESM treaty and calling AFD voters "nutcases". I certainly do not feel reprensented by him and a open petition concerning his resignation is more than justified. If you think so too, please sign as well by using this link.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Angie in Naziland

Last week German Chancellora Angela Merkel traveled to the Ukraine to do , what she does best - fritter away taxpayers money. Much to the delight of the Ukrainian Government, a band of corrupt to the bone Nazis, oligarchs and bankster, she promised financial aid in the amount of 500 million Euros, what i consider is a grave affront towards the East-Ukrainian rebels and Russia. Besides she conducted talks with Premier Arsenij "Jaz" Jazenjuk, a well networked banker and technocrat, who was installed by the financial elite and so it is obvious in which channel all that money will drain away. For the financial elite or illuminati, how they like to perceive themselves ( i would like to call them different and more appropriate names ), getting the Ukraine under their thumb is vital for their aim to establish feudalism worldwide with us as their vasalls, so we can be fortunate that at least some stand up against them in the shape of Wladimir Putin, the rebels or Evo Morales in Bolivia ( Ms. Merkel would sit behind bars for high treason and perjury in their countries ).While the world still waits for information concerning flight MH17, i wouldn't be surprised, if that "elite" is already thinking about another false-flag operation hoping to pull Russia finally in a war without getting outsmart by Putin. As i wrote earlier, Germany is not a sovereign nation, but in the hands of the occupying power USA, which have stored nuclear weapons here, what makes it quite possible, that Germany will be turned in a battlefield once again. Every German Chancellor has to sign the so called "Kanzlerakte" (Chancellor Act), meaning to pledge loyalty towards the Allies. But rest assured : Should the rockets start to fly or the general public wakes up here, Merkel would already sit in an aircraft en route to Paraguay, where she owns a ranch - loaded with money from the upper nobility she served so well over the years.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

22.08.14 Coolmore Nunthorpe Stakes ( Group 1 ) in York

SOLE POWER won this race already in 2010 and has not slowed down since. Trained in Ireland by Edward Lynam and owned by Ms. S. Power, this speedball acts on any ground and has won two big sprint trophys on the trot this season. I expect him to scamper home unbeaten in this contest too at odds of 3.75.***WON

Thursday, August 14, 2014

German Football Cup 1. Round

I picked out matches with amateur teams in good early form from the former East Germany playing against professional teams, who could struggle at the beginning of the season. Games as follows: Chemnitzer FC to beat Mainz 05 @ 5.50 ***LOST / Optik Rathenau to advance against FC St. Pauli @ 10 ***LOST/ FC Neubrandenburg win or draw against Karlsruher SC @ 8.50 ***LOST/ FC Magdeburg to beat FC Augsburg @ 7.50 ***WON and Dynamo Dresden to beat Schalke 04 @ 6.70***WON. I have put them into singles, doubles, trebles and one accumulator.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Living In A World Of Manipulation

Last January the German automobile club ADAC conducted an opinion poll among the readers of their magazine, asking which is their favourite car - as it turned out the result was manipulated. Recently the German public TV channel ZDF broadcasted a show named " Germany's Best ", where spectators should vote for the most merited Germans - as it turned out the result was manipulated. So, when they cannot even be honest with this light entertainment stuff, shall i believe they are with more serious events as the general elections for instance ? Here the industry steadily cries, there is a shortage of skilled workers. Now it was revealed, there is no shortage, but the industry wants skilled workers from abroad working for less than Germans. Twice weekly i read a survey telling me, that Chancellora Merkel's approval rates have risen another two points, although she was on vacation. Forums are full with so called trolls, who write commentaries on behalf of others. Gold or silver rates ? Forget it. Currently world boxing heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko makes a complete fool of himself by writing columns and giving interviews for that filthy tabloid BILD. And that brings me to a horrible incident - the crash of flight MH 17. For the main stream media, they should all be ashamed of themselves, the culprit was quickly found and of course it had to be Putin. There is no proof or reasoning, why he should benefit from that tragedy, but it does not matter .Meanwile it is more probable, that the aircraft was brought down by a Ukrainian Sukhoi 25 fighter plane after the Ukrainian aircontrol deviated it from its original route - looks like the handwriting from the same people responsible for 9/11. I reckon the Western civilization accounts for approximately 12 % of the world's population, yet it is responsible for 99 % of the bollocks happening on the planet. And now the Governments of these Western nations impose sanctions on Russia to reprimand Putin ! Do they want to expulse Russia from the energy market, so that the Americans can fill the void with their fracking gas or do they want to weaken Russia to attack it later on ? This strategy was already applied against the Iraq. There is absolutely nobody in the West, Putin could trust ( the foto shows NATO madman Fogh Rasmussen ), so he joins forces with China, India, South Africa and Brasil along with other Latin American countries, which are sovereign and do not consider Putin a rogue. I am under no illusion, there are plenty of  lunatics on a war path, who could feel threatened under this new alliance and if they snap we look at another world war. Meanwhile in the USA the number of doomsday preppers is growing. These folks believe the financial system will crash soon with martial law declared afterwards. They turned their homes into castles stuffed with arms and food, because in their opinion people will kill each other over a can of corn. Russia currently conducts big maneuvers and it seems they prepare against unwelcomed visitors. When former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder kept Germany out of the Iraq war, Angela Merkel wasted no time to fly over to George W. Bush to make a kowtow, so it is obvious what to expect from her. In the midst of manipulation left, right and center this video provides good information. However it also contains gruesome images and is not suited for sensitive minds. So the question is : Is it possible , that the unthinkable happens ? Those , who decide have already built huge underground bunkers ... As usual please try to make your own picture about the situation by searching for information outside the mainstream media. Recommende books are "The Committee of 300" and "The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations", which deals with the manipulation of human beings, by Dr. John Coleman.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Touching Hot Irons - Anti-Semitism And Racism

The Islamic resistent movement Hamas kept firing rockets on Israeli territory and was also accused of killing three Israelic Juveniles. Israel responded by bombing the Gazah strip with the main aim to destroy their tunnel system. As a result, many demonstrations in Germany took place with participants chanting anti-Semitic slogans, what in turn upset the usual suspects here. Before i write my opinion about it, i want to quote someone with the name " Pro_Europa", who had this to say about Anti-Semitism: " ... Whoever uses the word anti-Semitism, wants to defame, wants to lay a smoke-screen and wants to defend the radikal Zionists and their crimes. It's the strategy of the criminal Zionists to call every critic on their deeds anti-Semitic ... " It is thus important to make a distinction between Jews and jewish Zionists. While the regular Jews are peaceloving people wanting to live out their religion, the Zionist's are nationalistic, atheistic and ready to terrorize in order to achieve their goals. Jewish Zionists included Rothschild, Warburg and Schiff and more contemporary Larry Fink and Lloyd Blankfein among others. It seems, a non-Zionist does not need to apply for the Fed's president's job and some of the worst war mongers and neocons in George W. Bush's administration were Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz. So there is a relative small group of folks equipped with enormous wealth and global power. According to Henry Kissinger "globalisation" is only another word for American hegemony and my point of view is, that they are trying to establish a " One World Government " with the Euro, the EU, Free Trading Zone's and lots and lots of compliant politicians as their tools. I also took a look into the who is who in the Ukraine linked to the West and there we go again ... Petro PoroshenkoVictoria NulandJohn Kerry and Ihor Kolomoyskyi are in the mix and again and again many of the main protagonists in the world theater belong to this exquisite class. I am not going to agitate against anyone, however as a sensible, politically matured citizen i would like to voice my concerns about current proceedings with these people involved, without being hit with the anti-Semitism stick. How will they react, if the financial system crashes or Putin and others tackle the dollar ? It is going to get ugly./ Once i was involved in a discussion, when somebody was accused of being a racist. He went furious about the accusations, but i only thought : " Mellow out, dude, there is a racist, smaller or larger or even only momentarily in each and everyone of us (except Claudia Roth). " I mean, nobody likes to be called an racist, but there is a plethora of races very different from each other and you cannot like them all equally, be it because of their culture or habbits or another reason. I have no affinity to religion and like my beers,  so i stay clear from places , where they prefer it the other way around and perhaps even that makes me a mild racist. But there is no room for error, should i make a shortlist with people i dislike most, that list would mostly contain whites wearing neckties. And now everybody listen to BLACK SABBATH.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Johnny Winter †

Guitar slinger Johnny Winter died July, 16th in Zurich. After devoting most of the seventy years of his  lifetime to the blues and various substances, his frail body eventually cried "enough" briefly before the release of a new album. Johnny played regularly here in Hamburg and watching this cross- eyed albino picking fluid, powerful lines and licks al fresco was certainly something, nobody will ever come close to again. The Guardian wrote the following obituary about him.

" I had the mojo boogie
  It was that mojo boogie
  Gotta be that mojo boogie
                                           It was that mojo boogie, begin to slide on down. "

                                                           Johnny Winter  - Mojo Boogie -                                     

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Merkel, Gauck And the World Cup 2014

I had my doubts about the German team, but was proven wrong. With the excception of a few bumpy games, this handsome bunch played good, intelligent football and deservedly won the cup. Their behaviour after the thumping of Brasil needs a special positive mentioning. However i wouldn't be a German, if i had nothing to nag about. They are great football players, but terrible dancers as Thomas Müller demonstrated in this video - a duck on ice has more elegant moves. Just kidding and what really winds me up was the presence of chancellora Merkel and to make matters worse she had Federal President Gauck in her tow. These two constantly act against the interests of the German people, albeit in favour of the EU and the financial elites as Merkel recently for instance made clear by supporting the Transatlantik Trading and Investment Partnership (TTIP). I posted this video earlier to show her attitude towards Germany, but that does not hinder her to grab the limelight in between successful football players to present herself as the " mother of the nation " -  opportunism and hypocrisy taken to a new height and watching millions of Germans wearing black red and gold must be sheer horror for her. Merkels spying activities for the former East German secret police " Stasi " were well documented, hence her nickname IM Erika, however the so called "Rosenholz files" disappeared, but were probably seized by the CIA and contain enough explosive material to blackmail Merkel and other German politicians. Furthermore rumors keep lingering, that Merkel is an illegitimate daughter of former chancellor Helmut Kohl, whose real name is Henoch Kohn. Sounds absurd ? Her biography tells something different, but nowadays manipulating biographies is no big deal ( Ever heard of Barry Soetoro ? He is better known under his alter ego Barack Obama). At least it would explain Merkels affinity for Israel. Not too long ago she explained, that Germany would guarantee Israel's security and since decades, Germany delivers arms to Israels with submarines worth hundreds of millions dollar almost exclusively on the German taxpayers expense. Besides Merkel has meanwhile a closet full with honors and awards fom Israel. With her powerful friends and networking skills, she made shure every noteworthy opponent was taken out of her way to the top ranks, where she is untouchable now. I really would like to see, German national players would get clued up and avoid "selfies"  with her in the future, but that is probably asking for too much.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Vietnam 3 - The Cu Chi Tunnels

During their struggle against the French colonialists, the Viet Minh excavated a tunnel system, which was vastly expanded after the U.S. invasion and stretched from Saigon to the Cambodian border. Out of these tunnels now the Viet Cong fought a guerrilla warfare against the U.S. troops killing many GIs through sniper fire. To put it into perspective : Down in the tunnels were combatants wearing pyjamas and sandals and were armed with old Russian carbines facing the whole American war machinery with carpet bombing B-52's, helicopters, tanks, bulldozers, Agent Orange and napalm. It took the Americans quite a while to figure out, where the raiders came from and whereabouts they disappeared so quickly. Eventually they discovered the tunnels and tried to flush out the VC with water or gas, what failed by the use of well functioning trap doors. The Americans even founded a laboratory in Maryland to develop various methods to defeat the VC inside their tunnels, but they all failed miserably as well and that was it, when the so called Tunnel Rats entered the picture. These men had a small frame and a slightly crazy mindset. I mean, who in his right mind would travel to such a remote place to creep into a tunnel with a knife and a revolver for head to head combat - mindboggling indeed ! However the VC adapted promptly and secured the entrances with mines, booby traps and bamboo made Punji sticks. At first many unexperienced Rats perished after having entered the tunnels, but later on they were better schooled and some even developed a passion for a tunnel fight, albeit they were not able to defeat the Viet Cong until they pulled out of Vietnam. The Viet Cong were communists and frowned upon unnecessary personal possessions. They had a strong comradeship, but were merciless with those , who collaborated with the enemy and their ability to suffer from the hardships inside the tunnels was remarkable. The tunnels were sometimes multi-leveled with hardly any oxygen, were hot and full with a terrible stench, but nonetheless some Viet Cong spent up to five years inside with very little food. " The Tunnels Of Cu Chi have become for the Vietnamese Communists a symbol of their tenacity and endurance during the war against the Americans from 1965 to 1973." wrote Tom Mangold & John Penycate in their book and it is a thrilling read. YouTube has some interesting videos on the subject too.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Vietnam 2

Vietnam's political system is simple. The Communist Party rules and that's it, albeit meanwhile it is hard to detect any traces leading to their ideology. In Saigon operates a stock exchange and the huge Bitexco Financial Tower dominates the downtown area, where also the rich and beautiful have plenty of opportunities to do their therapy shopping. The traffic system isn't complicated either - the bigger vehicle has the prerogative. At least Saigon is now equipped with more traffic lights, making it a lot less hazardous crossing the street through an endless stream of motorbikes. From Saigon i traveled up north to Nha Trang. Not to long ago this place was a sedate town with a beach, that can easily compete with some of the Caribeans finest. Nowadays it is sporting (almost) more neon lights than Las Vegas and is a playground for Russian all-inclusive tourists. More interesting is the historic jewel of Hoi An en route to Da Nang - a journey to Vietnam wouldn't be complete without visiting it. To escape Nha Trang's intensive heat, i did what the French colonialists already have done and traveled to Dalat in the central highlands. This city is nicely layed out around a lake, but it's main attractions didn't appeal to me and so i moved on after three nights there. A couple of pointers i want to mention here. The Vietnamese seem to be in rude health, what i guess has to do with their cuisine, which is always fresh and healthy, so obesity is almost nonexistent. Why administrations handed out business licenses to Mc Donalds, KFC and Co. is beyond me, but it is good to see only a few people patronize these places. The currency is the dong and 1 euro equals around 28000 dong. Dealing with all these zeros can be a bit confusing at first, but those able to do some basic math get a hang of it quickly.I visited Vietnam three times now and got annoyed only twice and both times cyclo drivers were involved. The first wanted to bring me in a brothel of his his choice instead of my hotel and the second all of a sudden asked me for a ten times higher price we agreed upon. It's never a good idea to show some public rage in Vietnam, however these guys needed an earful to settle the argument. Aside from these two, the people i dealt with were all most wonderful - friendly , helpful and many times displaying a marvellous smile. So what are my conclusions ? Vietnam has undergone a lot of changes in recent years and not always for the right reasons. In fact Uncle Ho would spin in his sarcophage could he see some of them. But nontheless there are no doubts in my mind - Vietnam remains a top travel destination.

Monday, June 9, 2014


Off to Vietnam tonight. I have been there twice before, traveled extensively from south to north and really like it. The people, their culture and the senery all appeal very much to me with Saigon a city i felt right at home. Albeit that was twelve years ago and i hope Vietnam has retained his old charme and fascination.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sports In June

Football World Cup 2014 in Brazil : Staggering events are going on in Brazil. You would think, in this football crazy country the people would stand as one behind their team and support them, but far from it. Many demonstrators took their anger to the streets to vent steam against unprecedented megalomania and the ultra corrupt FIFA and chances are, we see more action outside the brand new, mulimillion stadiums, than on the pitches. Four years ago the FIFA pulled out of South Africa with massive profits, while South Africa was left behind with enormous debts and expenses for maintenance of now useless stadiums. Many Brazilians see the same coming in their country, which has many problems in the social sector and even hope now their selecao would exit prematurely from the tournament. Here in Europe they tell us all year, what a great thing the EU is, but during the Cup it's fine to be patriotic and wave the national flag, but that is just another chapter of the madhouse called Europe. I would give a bloody whit, who wins it and should ignore it all together, but the punter in me needs to get a couple of bets on, so here is my bundle. I backed BRAZIL to become champion with NEYMAR as top scorer @ 21. Obviously it is hard to assess the teams, though it seems many of the market leaders have questions to answer with Germany among them. Some of their key players are out of form or dealing with injuries and add to that some distracting incidents during train camp, their preparation doesn't look proper. I backed GERMANY not making it beyond the group stage @ 7.5. Supprise packages could be JAPAN and the USA. I backed both teams to reach the quarter finals @ 8 and 13. Now over to the sport of kings. Two more Classics take place at the weekend in Epsom with the Oaks on Friday and the Derby on Saturday. The problem with both races is, that none of the contenders has run the distance of 12 furlongs yet, so a lot of guesswork is involved to find a jolly, which will stay. For the Oaks i backed TAGHROODA @ 3 ***WON. She is a classy filly, trained by John Gosden, however the ground conditions are more and more against her and i put another flutter on IHTIMAL (IRL)@ 10. She is trained by Saeed bin Suroor and her pedigree suggests she will stay - Go girls ! In the Derby Australia is the talking horse and hot fav, but for me unbackable with odds around evens and i rather side with KINGSTON HILL @ 12 (photo)***2nd from the in-form Roger Varian stable and also have an each-way dabble on RED GALILEO @ 126 !!***5th with Racebets.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

EU-Parliament Election Wrap-Up

The outcome of the elections was quite satisfying since many EU sceptic parties finished in double figure percentage numbers. Not so the German AfD, who only received 7 % of the votes, however allegations already emerged, that this low number has to do with election fixing, what wouldn't surprise me a bit. More importantly the plans of the financial elite to install a New World Order came to a halt and for instance the Bilderberger have to go back to the drawing board prior to their Copenhagen meeting. To make matters worse for them, Wladimir Putin tries to establish a counterbalance alliance along with the BRICS nations. He is understandably fed up with the West and if he puts into effect his plans to bill oil and gas in rubel in accordance with China and Iran, this could mean the end of the petrodollar. Irak and Libya once had similar plans and unlike Russia, could be punished for it, because the US dollar would lose massive value and the USA couldn't afford any overseas war activities any longer. Let's hope their arrogant, violence based leadership comes to an end soon.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

25.05. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly And The Stupid / EU Parliament Elections

My uncle is a lifelong conservative, voting for the CDU. He is a supporter of the EU, a superstate, where the rich help the poor until all are equally poor. I guess , that position turned him into a lefty. I myself sympathised most of my life with leftist ideas, but i am a staunch opponent of the EU and for that attitude i have been placed in the right corner. At least my decision to vote for the AfD is based on knowledge and gathered information and i am a firm believer, that many if not all nations of the EU would be better off staying sovereign as the Swiss do. The term ugly belongs to some members of the National Party (NPD). They have an important function, because when an hideous, bald headed fellow yells, that he is proud to be a German and is against migration, the good guys obviously have to take the opposite view, although they actually think the same, but don't want to have a common cause with the ostracised and thus are in line with the EU. The final group is the the " Antifa ", the antifascists. They consider themself morally superior, but i would rather descibe them as hands down violence-prone, work-shy idiots dressed in black. They don't understand, that it is a contradiction in itself to be antifascist and being in favor for the EU, because once the EU dictatorship has been established, these folks are the first to get a lot of stick. I am shure EU politicians have plenty of cruelties up their sleeves and they will reveal them after the elections preferably during the football World Championships in June, when nobody pays attention. Many people here, who have taken a double dosage of " Merkelin " are in for a rude awakening.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

About Drag Queens And Tolerance

Last weekend the Eurovision Song Contest took place and victory was captured by a bearded Austrian drag queen, named Conchita Wurst, who sang a bog awful, schmaltzy James Bondesque opus de horreur. Beforehand some nations demanded her expulsion from the competition and that she has won can in hindsight be viewed as a political statement. Even songbird and fellow Austrian Udo Jürgens was overwhelmed by saying, this is a victory of the oh so tolerant Europe. Now there is a thin line between tolerance and indifference, so ignoring certain streams can spell trouble because unlikeable sorts can take advantage of the situation. Nothing wrong with drag queens though ( the foto shows our very own Olivia Jones ) and through the EU and mainstream media imposed political correctness, we have to like them anyways. Another less extroverted one is the First Lady of the USA ! Say what ? Sodomy in the White House ? That's right, according to the makers of this video, Michelle Obama's real name is Michael La Vaughn Robinson, a former American Football player. With todays available movie editing technology such allegations of course have to be taken cautiously, but if so, what a couple - the drag queen and her not so totally straight husband.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

" Think, It Ain't Illegal Yet " ...

... is an old song by George Clinton's ( left ) group Funkadelic and the title is more up to date than ever. In 2015 Sweden wants to implement a " Opinion Police " harassing those, who do not go along with the EU guidelines. Perhaps it is just a test balloon to see, how people would react and when an uproar does not appear, the whole EU population will have to deal with it. I have read an article in the Hamburger Abendblatt, that every EU foreigner working in Germany is entitled to apply child benefits for kids living in his native country, costing German taxpayers 600 million Euros annually and pretty soon every EU foreigner looking for work in Germany has the right to apply for unemployment benefits. Many communities are already shivering, because of the amount of money they would have to pay out. Now i wonder, what will occur, if a German does the same in Spain for instance. The Spainish would probably laugh at him or let the dogs out. Anyway, when someone here voices his opinion, that he his not very happy with the way his taxes are used for, chastisement awaits - facism, folks ! Elsewhere the EU still tries along with the USA and the NATO  to gain control over the Ukraine. Their 5 billion $ investment ( for details please contact George Soros ) wasn' t fruitful and fired backwards, so IWF boss Christine Lagarde showed up, wagging with billions of Euros, the government in Kiew could receive on conditions of course and shortly afterwards the Ukrainian army attacked the Pro-Russian forces ... These forces however know they not only combat against camouflaged blokes from the Ukrainian army, but also against Western  aristocrats, they might despise with a vengeance and thus will not give in for a single inch. As usual, when the US government and the CIA are in the mix the situation becomes messy and a secession between East- and West Ukraine seems to be inevitable.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Weekend Sports

3.5.14 German Bundesleague, Matchday 33. After fifty years of top flight football, the second league is now looming large for the Hamburger SV and deservedly so, because of too many players with a shocking salary-performance ratio. They play at home  against Bayern Munich, who secured the German championships at the end of March and completely lost the plot afterwards as was shown in the CL humiliation against Real Madrid. I still hold one of their players in high regard and that is CLAUDIO PIZARRO. He doensn't play very often these days, but when Pep Guardiola gives him another opportunity against a leaky Hamburg defense i am pretty sure he will deliver. Claudio to score twice @ 6.2 with Tipico ***VOID. Now over to the sport of kings. The first classic races of the flat season take place this weekend at Newmarket. Kingman is the hot fav of the 2000 Guineas Stakes, but i take him on with WAR COMMAND (USA, pictured) , trained by Ballydoyle master Aidan O'Brian. This powerful colt has won the Dewhurst Stakes in great style last year and that form bodes well for Saturdays contest. War Command to win @ odds of 9 with Betfair***UP. On Sunday then the fillies equivalent, the 1000 Guineas Stakes, will be run. The Andre Fabre trained MISS FRANCE (IRE) was the ante-post fav for a long time, but when she ran a stinker last time out with valid excuses, her price drifted out to 10 and i don't need a second invitation to get on.***WON

Thursday, April 24, 2014

25.05.14 EU Parliament Elections

On February, 3rd in 2013 The Telegraph published an article saying that the EU would spend 2 million pounds on press monitoring amid fears of a growing EU hostility. Who knows, perhaps this could concern this blog too, since you will not find a single positive EU mentioning here. Meanwhile the EU propaganda machine is in full swing with a witch-hunt going on against Putin and EU-sceptics, even more so after chancellora Merkel visited German media giant Springer. So again, the EU is a project by a financial elite trying to shift more money from the bottom into their satchel, trying to eliminate the middle-class and make the people of Europe an easy to control mass with lost identities. Recently Greece returned to the capital market, what was of course hailed by banksters and investors - where else can you get interest rates of 4.75 % these days. Everybody involved knows Greece will never pay back the money, what is as usual left to the stupid Germans, however nobody here seems to be bothered. The current situation in Germany is relatively calm. I read that money for the blind was trimmed, that support for a soup kitchen was canceled, that many schools are rotten, that in two more cold winters plenty of roads will not be passable anymore or that many people are sitting in the dark, because they cannot pay the bills any longer, but in general life goes on. Now Germany sits on debts of 2 trillion Euros, has liabilities of hundreds of billion Euros through thre ESM and has politicians keep waisting money left, right and center. So the setting looks very fragile and things could change overnight. If so, Germany as well could pilgrimage to the EZB asking them for money in return for issued bonds. Germany would have to pay massive amounts of interest and where will the money in question come from ? Right, fom the taxpayers hard earned. It doesn't need shackles and chains to become enslaved. To make matters worth the banking union was enacted - Eurocrats called it an historic moment. Well, if i had money in the bank i would be worried since the union was clearly installed to get access to customers accouts, as was shown in Cyprus. Their money pool only contains 55 billion Euros and should a bank gets in trouble that kind of money will be used up quickly with a customer accounts clearing afterwards. And now to the elections. As EU council President Van Rompuy states in this interview the EU parliament is not asked, when important decisions are on the agenda. It mostly contains useless politicians, beleaguered by 15000 registered lobbyists in Brussels, looking for well endowed jobs. They are not even entitled to appoint the members of the EU Commission ( = Government ) making the elections a complete farce. They want to give the EU a face of having a democracy, when in reality we have an autocracy or plutocracy. Unlike Americans, Europeans are not armed. Politicians have no respect for us citizens and they know they can f... with us, as they please. And should there be an uprising the Eurogendfor will quickly take care of it - rest assured.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Weekend Sports

German lower league football has been a happy hunting ground for me lately. It seems Bookies do not pay a lot of attention to them and price up many teams wrong, especially those at the bottom of the table assuming they would fight teeth and nails to avoid relegation. However they are usually too weak to stand a chance against teams from the upper half and this is the situation i try to exploit with the following games : WERDER BREMEN II to beat Eichede,  AUERBACH vs Rathenow, NEUSTRELITZ vs Lok. Leipzig, GREUTHER FÜRTH II vs Heimstetten and LOTTE vs Lippstadt @ combined odds of 7,61 with Tipico *** LOST. Now over to the sport of kings. Already tomorrow on Friday the Royal Mile Handicap takes place in Musselburgh. It is an competitive affair, but i like the chances of BILIMBI. The Willie Haggas trained gelding has a lenient handicap mark and that combined with the fields best speed rating last time out on preferred ground conditions, i expect a great run @ 5.50 *** WON. Good luck and happy easter all.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Fracking - Living in the Gasland

After the dust settled a bit over the Ukraine, US corporations were quick to offer liquefied gas deliveries to Europe to reduce dependency from Russia. Now pretty soon German chancellora Merkel visits B. Obama to receive instructions, lets not forget Germany is a US colony, and i am afraid German customers will have to pay doubled or trippled gas prices afterwards - after all some people want to have a dividend for their 5 billion $  investment in the Ukraine. However this gas is won with the fracking technology, where massive amounts of chemicals are pumped into the soil to crack the shale freeing the gas - needless to say a major damage is done to the natural environment. Filmmaker Josh Fox made a great documentation about fracking ( and his banjo picking is nothing to sniff at either ), which can be seen here, and it's scary stuff, if you can call inflamed tap water just that. I recently wrote a comment to a "You tube" video and was approached by someone asking me to share this video . I duly oblige.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Highway of Buffalos and the Caldera

On March, 30th an earthquake with a 4.8 magnitude hit the Yellowstone National Park in the US. Underneath the park lurks a super volcano, the Caldera with a blasting power of unimaginable potential. His eruption is overdue and while scientists appease, buffalos rather fled the scene. Maybe they are only migrating or following their instinct to escape from a shake, but something is for shure - if that volcano comes to life we better run for cover and bethink of a
life with the bare necessities without a smartphone.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

5.04.14 Crabbie's Grand National Chase (Grade 3 Handicap) in Aintree

Some call this race " Bingo on legs " and they have a point with 40 runners going to post. As usual i reached for David Duncan 's book " Winning Horse Race Formulae " out of my library. This book contains excellent selection criteria, how to find the winner and after i have put all horses through the filters i backed the following three contenders against the field - Big Shu @ 25/1( IRE, pictured )*** F, Monbeg Dude @ 14/1 ( IRE )***7th and Chance de Roy @ 33/1 ( FR )*** 6th. The race is not was it used to be after the obstacles have been modified, but still grueling enough. Let's hope all jockeys and horses make it home safe and sound.

Still searching for flight MH 370 ? Just ask the CIA ...

For weeks now search squads are trying to obtain clues about the whereabouts of the missing Boeing 777 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, when in reality , hey presto !, the aircraft has long been stationed on Diego Garcia, an atoll and US military base in the Indian Ocean. This was made possible, because the 777 is a fly-by-wire aircraft and can be flown remote-controlled - perhaps somebody was on board, who should not arrive in Beijing. At least all this is reported by the folks of Pravda TV and it makes sense in my book, since the CIA is mostly involved, when large scale dirty deeds are committed. Please read their documentation here.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Weekend Sports

German Bundesleague Matchday 28. Watching a Bundesleague game is not an exactly chock-full of fun these days, especially not from a betting perspective. With the exception of Bayern Munich, who are already crowned champions, all teams play  more or less dreadful football and frequently after you had placed a bet, some clumsy, tattooed bloke with an awful haircut sends the ball into his own net turning your bet sour shortly after kick-off. However there are three teams with a glimpse of form and i put them into a treble. SCHALKE to beat Hertha Berlin, DORTMUND vs Stuttgart and WOLFSBURG vs Frankfurt @ odds of 4.88 ***WON. Now over to the sport of kings. The British turf season has its curtain raiser with the Doncaster meeting on Saturday, including the Lincoln Handicap. SWEET LIGHTNING won this race three years ago and provided me with one of my highest payouts ever. He is one of 22 runners again and seems to come to life only at this time of the year. I have a ante-post winbet @ 33/1 on him ***4th.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hot Off The Destille

A customer asked me to make some stronger than usual Schnaps and this is, what i came up with. A vodka with 73 % vol. alcohol and carbon filtered for extra purity - not for the faint hearted ! There is a new product on offer here at the " Frankenstein ". It is coconut Schnaps, which needs one year to sit in a shelf, before it develops its full flavor. Preorders are welcome.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Ukraine And The Media

What happens in the Ukraine is there for all to see. A by the finance mafia controlled U.S / E.U. / NATO coalition invested 5 billion $ to replace the old elected government with their puppets and also tries to get a hand in the Ukraine´s cookie jar - their oil and gas resources. When the cornered Russian president Putin reacted by securing the Crimea, western politicians stuck their heads together to contemplate sanctions or even like chancellora Merkel threaten Russia, not realizing, that only the NSA listens to her. While Mr. Putin may not be an out-and-out nice guy i acknowledge his politics of conservatism and the preservation of certain values, which get lost in a more and more Miley Cyrusnized western society ( I already ask myself, when German Federal President Gauck demands a gay quota ). Yet when i check the daily synchronised German media all i hear or read is a bashing of Russia, although 9 out of 10 readers comment in favor of Putin. It really seems journalists and paid scibes have to follow a certain line or they would jeopardize their jobs. The otherwise estimated "Weltspiegel" only interviewed people describing Putin as a madman, the "Spiegel" calls him an arsonist and the list goes on. So the coverage is ridicously onesided and it is necessary to look elsewhere for less biased information, perhaps even the Chinese news agency Xinhua. As things stand the Crimea will join Russia, while the Ukraine´s western part with the new Nazi infiltrated government looks for a cosy place in the E.U., where they receive many billions of financial aid and at the same time want to keep their sovereignty, yeah right ! In his book "Elefantenfriedhof" or "Cementary Of Elefants" Raimund Karrie depicts the E.U in the year 2038, predicting the E.U. expands to the Ural, the Euro is long gone, cities run-down and the people impoverished. The jury is out, whether he is right or wrong. I concur with the former.