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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Touching Hot Irons - Anti-Semitism And Racism

The Islamic resistent movement Hamas kept firing rockets on Israeli territory and was also accused of killing three Israelic Juveniles. Israel responded by bombing the Gazah strip with the main aim to destroy their tunnel system. As a result, many demonstrations in Germany took place with participants chanting anti-Semitic slogans, what in turn upset the usual suspects here. Before i write my opinion about it, i want to quote someone with the name " Pro_Europa", who had this to say about Anti-Semitism: " ... Whoever uses the word anti-Semitism, wants to defame, wants to lay a smoke-screen and wants to defend the radikal Zionists and their crimes. It's the strategy of the criminal Zionists to call every critic on their deeds anti-Semitic ... " It is thus important to make a distinction between Jews and jewish Zionists. While the regular Jews are peaceloving people wanting to live out their religion, the Zionist's are nationalistic, atheistic and ready to terrorize in order to achieve their goals. Jewish Zionists included Rothschild, Warburg and Schiff and more contemporary Larry Fink and Lloyd Blankfein among others. It seems, a non-Zionist does not need to apply for the Fed's president's job and some of the worst war mongers and neocons in George W. Bush's administration were Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz. So there is a relative small group of folks equipped with enormous wealth and global power. According to Henry Kissinger "globalisation" is only another word for American hegemony and my point of view is, that they are trying to establish a " One World Government " with the Euro, the EU, Free Trading Zone's and lots and lots of compliant politicians as their tools. I also took a look into the who is who in the Ukraine linked to the West and there we go again ... Petro PoroshenkoVictoria NulandJohn Kerry and Ihor Kolomoyskyi are in the mix and again and again many of the main protagonists in the world theater belong to this exquisite class. I am not going to agitate against anyone, however as a sensible, politically matured citizen i would like to voice my concerns about current proceedings with these people involved, without being hit with the anti-Semitism stick. How will they react, if the financial system crashes or Putin and others tackle the dollar ? It is going to get ugly./ Once i was involved in a discussion, when somebody was accused of being a racist. He went furious about the accusations, but i only thought : " Mellow out, dude, there is a racist, smaller or larger or even only momentarily in each and everyone of us (except Claudia Roth). " I mean, nobody likes to be called an racist, but there is a plethora of races very different from each other and you cannot like them all equally, be it because of their culture or habbits or another reason. I have no affinity to religion and like my beers,  so i stay clear from places , where they prefer it the other way around and perhaps even that makes me a mild racist. But there is no room for error, should i make a shortlist with people i dislike most, that list would mostly contain whites wearing neckties. And now everybody listen to BLACK SABBATH.

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