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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another shipload of money for Greece

This time we are looking at 130 bn Euros in return for saving measures. I am just a dropped out student of economics, but with saving you will never get an economy back on her feet, so much i know. So what is going on in reality ? If Greece goes into bankruptcy the five biggest US banks would have to pay out huge liabilities ( 518 bn Dollar ), because of so called Credit Default Swaps ( CDS ). Even President Obama called up Europe and demanded to cough up more money for Greece to prevent that and the Europeans duly oblige. Seems US banks are more important, than European tax payers. Probably Obama , not to mention German politicians, is just a pawn in a game, which is played on terms by Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs ? Right, the investment bank, that among other deeds speculates with food products, driving millions of people deeper into poverty. In the USA they are a long standing shadow government and now they openly implement their troops in Europe, EZB boss Dragi and IWF boss Lagarde for example to make shure the stream of money down south will not run dry, so Goldman Sachs can snap up their share. Who is going to stop them ?
In Germany Federal President Wulff relieved us, finally stepping down. He made some of his party friends, who defended him fiercely until a few days ago look like complete fools.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Had a lunch break on main square, when all of a sudden i became part of a demonstration. The theme was " Agua si - oro no ". I can get along with that. Arequipa itself has changed quite a bit from the last time i have been there, but remains a pleasant city.