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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Orlando Shooting, NBA Finals - Wake Up, Sheeple

It happens over and over again. A credible news station as CNN ( "Navy seal
killed Obama " ) lets us know, that a Muslim gunman entered a gay nightclub
in Orlando, FL, and killed 49 people and injured 53 more. The initial reaction
is feeling sorry for all involved in the tragedy, however the next day i check
with YouTube, watch a couple of meanwhile released videos with footage not
shown before by the mainstream media and the complexion of the incident
changes immediately through fishy inconsistencies all over the shop surround-
ding the gunman and especially the witnesses described as the worst crisis actors
ever. These people were probably paid a tenner and acted accordingly, so if
we are not looking at a hoax, it is at least a false flag for the following reasons :

- Pushing the LesbianGayBisexualTransgender agenda, thus trying to erase the
  traditional families, which under normal circumstances have smart, critical
  and well educated offspring, something not desired by the "elites".
- Enforcement of gun grab laws.
- Fueling the feud between Muslims and Christians
- Tightening anti-terror laws against the population.
- Collecting money through donations

Last Sunday the NBA basketball final series ended with game seven between
the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. At one stage the C. C.
were behind 1-3 games, when a stat caught my eye. For the 33rd time a team
tried to win the finals after such a deficit and the team in question are the C. C.
with 33 of course the highest degree in Schottish freemasonry. From then on
i had no doubt Cleveland would prevail ( C= third letter in the alphabet ) and
i am still grinding my teeth i couldn't get a bet on due to my current location.
GSW superstar Stephen Curry, who likes to display occult hand signs, was
singled out to underperform an he duly obliged.
In game six he threw his mouthpiece away ( I guarantee he doesn't need to pay
the imposed 25000 $ fine ), provoking his expulsion and in game seven he
threw wild passes and air balls not seen before during the season.

The bottom line is : NBA's MWP and Bay-Area darling Stephen Curry let his
team and the fans down, because he sold his soul to Satan.

Tough stuff to swallow, but we are not dealing with real people here. Now take
a look at this bloke, NBA commissioner and successor of David Stern, Adam
Silver. It seems as with the FED, if you don't belong to the chosen tribe you
don't need to apply for the top positions. These guys rake in loads of dough
dished out by the sheeple believing in clean and fair sports. Rest assured, when
the new season starts and Mr Curry hits a 3-pointer for the umpteenth time,
people will go bonkers again instead of shouting " No more lies ".

Friday, June 17, 2016

Brexit Now

If not postponed through the recent murder of Jo Cox, a referendum takes
place in G. Britain at the 23rd of June, whether to remain or leave the EU .
I am a staunch opponent of the EU from day one, knowing it is a project
from the elite belonging to the framework of the New World Order and dearly
hope the British make the right decision marking the referendum as the
beginning of the end for the globalists wet dreams.

Sure, businessmen will moan and groan, that their merchandise cannot freely
float around any longer, traveller will moan and and groan, that they have to
exchange currencies again, but all this is completely secondary, because what
is at stake are rights and cultural identities of the European people taken away
through a huge money devouring, bureaucratic and non-democratic monster
sitting in Brussels.

So by voting for "leave" the British could show the globalist cult the extended
middle finger and let them know to bin their plans and regain self-determi-
nation. The odds for remaining in the EU were as low as 1.16, but meanwhile
drifted out to 1.57, so unfortunately an exit looks unlikely at this stage, but we
have to wait and hope, especially that for a change the referendum is not rigged.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Back To The U.S.A.

Readers of this blog know, that i do not hold the U.S.A in high esteem, though my
brother lives in the San Francisco area and it is time to see him again for a drink
and a chat. Filling out the ESTA-form made already clear, to what a paranoid
country i will travel, confirmed by the news the FBI planted bugs in the Bay Area.

The U.S.A. " differ between enemies, they have subdued, which they call friends
and enemies, they dont have subdued ", how G. Wisnewski put it rightly. However
it is important to stress, that regular Americans as most people on this planet are
victims of central bankers and their unsatiable greed for wealth and power. These
scumbags want to impose their military, economic and cultural leadership through
the pax americana and spent around a fantastillion in military expenses and also
to protect the petro dollar.

I don't mind spending a couple of weeks in California, but this is definitely not a
place i want to live. Hardly any water left after a drought lasting many years now
caused through modification, cops can randomly strip me of my cash, food not
moulding, sky high rents and news broadcasting stations like CNN telling folks
Australia (?!) wants to build a fence at the border to Slovenia.

So clearly the U.S.A are not any good as role model and need to be opposed,
thus politicians with balls are required and not poodles. As i wrote already
before, many Americans are great folks for example those commenting at
Zerohedge or the dude i met in a bar in Cusco. He was so grateful, that BMW
has built a factory in Spartanburg, SC helping the people there, so he paid me
three beers, out of gratitude, which i thought was very nice of him. None-
theless some need political guidance, thus i will sport my Putin-shirt over there.

+++ 10.6. demonstration in Ramstein, from where drone strikes are conducted
        around the world +++

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Schizophrenia And Football

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder and can be observed especially during the upcoming
European Football Championships in France. We were told what a great thing the EU
is, a place with no boundaries and a homogeneous population. So isn't it an ana-
chronism, when nations within the EU play football against each other ? Of course it is,
but football has always been opium for the people and a stimulus for the economy so
never mind.

Many youngsters are quick to call those the usual names, who speak in favour of their
country, but now dress up in black, red and gold and pilgrimage to public viewing
places, where they cheer their team, if they beat the team from another nation.

The worst cases of schizophrenia are those, who sit in front of a TV-set with a German
flag and vote for the biggest enemies of Germans at elections afterwards - the SPD,
the Green Party and on top the CDU featuring chancellora Merkel and finance minister
Schäuble, who recently again lied through his teeth by saying, he knows nobody, who
wants to abolish notes and coins. I don't know, how much further both want to sink,
but there is not much leeway left until they hit rock bottom.

For these, who are not aware, how the government conducts the warfare against the
people, here is a uncompleted list ...

- Influx from millions of migrants, thus executing plans laid out by Goldmann, Hooton,
  Kaufmann and other psychopaths targeting the genocide of whites in Europe.
- Transferring billions of national wealth abroad mostly landing in banksters pockets.
- Massive reduction of police men, so gangs of thieves from a plethora of countries
  can waltz in and out homes, plundering them without fear of being caught.
- Deliberately harming the economy through sanctions, the EEG energy law ( an in-
  dustrialized nation just cannot function with alternative energy only ) or decaying
  roads for instance.
- Reduced staff at civil services leading to many hours or even weeks until  soli-
  citations can be settled.
- Trying to reduce employment rights through TTIP.
- Constant deception through their controlled mainstream media.
- High taxation.
- Unleashing a band of bullies called ANTIFA against political opponents.
- Smashing the education system through questionable methods (learning to write
  after hearing), introduction from migrants into classes, who hardly speak German
  and inclusion meaning the introdution of kids with down-syndrom into classes, so
  the level of education will be lowered significantly.
- Release of mug shots of criminals with migrant background many months after the
  act was committed.
- Permission for a punkband named Slime to perform their best known song at a recent
  family fair in Hamburg with the title " Germany must die, so we can live "
- Waiste of national wealth through mega projects as the new Berlin airport.
- New anti-terror laws for better monitoring of the domestic (!) population.


So clearly, those, who still vote for one of the above mentioned parties deserve to be
slapped with a damp rag and i mean it - the situation is serious, folks. In my estmation
it will perhaps four decades until  migrants will kick butt, while Germans are still
drooling about integration and being tolerant. They know the political will and why
they have been brought here.