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Friday, June 17, 2016

Brexit Now

If not postponed through the recent murder of Jo Cox, a referendum takes
place in G. Britain at the 23rd of June, whether to remain or leave the EU .
I am a staunch opponent of the EU from day one, knowing it is a project
from the elite belonging to the framework of the New World Order and dearly
hope the British make the right decision marking the referendum as the
beginning of the end for the globalists wet dreams.

Sure, businessmen will moan and groan, that their merchandise cannot freely
float around any longer, traveller will moan and and groan, that they have to
exchange currencies again, but all this is completely secondary, because what
is at stake are rights and cultural identities of the European people taken away
through a huge money devouring, bureaucratic and non-democratic monster
sitting in Brussels.

So by voting for "leave" the British could show the globalist cult the extended
middle finger and let them know to bin their plans and regain self-determi-
nation. The odds for remaining in the EU were as low as 1.16, but meanwhile
drifted out to 1.57, so unfortunately an exit looks unlikely at this stage, but we
have to wait and hope, especially that for a change the referendum is not rigged.

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