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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Breeders' Cup 2015

On 30/31 October the Breeders' Cup meeting takes place in Keeneland / Kentucky (USA) with races run on dirt and turf. While U.S. American horses dominate the dirt races, on those run on turf usally European raiders keep the upper hand. Again French master trainer Andre Fabre has some strong entries with MISS FRANCE in the Fillies And Mares Turf and MAKE BELIEVE in the Breeders' Cup Mile. Miss France has currently a bout of seconditis, but will hopefully get her head in front again in this contest, who won't be the dawdle she normally encounters in French races and thus will suit. Make Believe won the Prix La Foret four weeks ago in eyecatching fashion and will be hard to beat. I bet two singles @ 8 and 4 and an each-way double.*** Both ran a stinker

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Introducing Jose "Pepe" Mujica

Never heard of this extraordinary man ? Me neither until i read a comment
about him on a political webpage. Mujica has been the president of
Uruguay until last March, when he stepped down, because of his advanced
age. Once in Peru i talked to a traveller from Uruguay and he spoke very
positively about his country - i can see why. The economy is doing reasonably
well, the crime rate is very low and the people are satisfied and laid back. Now
compare that to the Federal Rep. in Germany, where we almost on a daily
base make it to the headlines mostly for all the wrong reasons and the next
scandal is always looming around the corner. Here in the western community
of values politics is a pool full of sharks and only those survive, who dance to
the tune of the finance elite. Mujica had turned away in disgust and would not
waste a minute with these scumbags, but it seems Uruguay was the right place
and the country was waiting for him and his calm and human manners.
" Fue un placer connocerlo, señor, mucho suerte."

For more information about Jose Murica, please watch this video.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Reunification And More Lies, Fraud And Deceptions

I already wrote about the status of the Federal Republic in Germany, but felt i needed more profound knowledge about the subject to write with more authority. So i purchased the book " Die BRD-GmbH " by Dr. Klaus Maurer and it is a mandatory read for Germans, who don't want to sleep on, but want to become enlightened citizens. Nearly two weeks ago the 25th anniversary of the reunification between the FRiG and the German Democtatic Republic was celebrated and as it turned out, it was a legally void one , because none of both countries met the requirements to be called a state. My conclusion is , that the reunification took place following a political will and was another step towards the establishment of a one-world-government. Again, the Federal Republic in Germany is not a state, but a administration construct founded by the main victorious World War II power, the USA, and at that point all adversity started, because nothing was omitted to keep Germans as U.S vasalls. The FRiG is registered as a limited liability company , so although the country sits on trillions of Euros of debts, the liability is limited to 25000 Euros - ain't looking good for creditors. German politicians are mere representatives of the USA and first and foremost obey their interests. Hence it is perfectly okay to call Merkel & co traitors. Us regular citizens are considered employees of that company and with the implemented commercial law have few more rights, than a sack of potatoes. As such we are NOT natural , but legal persons perceived as objects and objects have no rights. All of that legal stuff is very complicated and to explain it in fluid English is beyond me, but perhaps it is sufficient to point to a couple of examples. Under number C4c. in a car title it is stated, that the holder of that title is only the possessor of the car in question, however NOT the owner, so he can get stripped of the car any time. It is the same with real estate. When a mayor of the FRiG-system needs room for fugtives he can toss out  residents of houses for compensation and there is nothing, they can do about it. The content of the mainstream media is controlled by the occupying power to make shure we get manipulated left, right and center and they also determine , what our kids learn in school - it is no wonder they become obedient, uncritical systemites. Now what can be done to get out of that dishonourable misery ? I wrote before, that it is compulsory to stay away from elections. All politicians are embedded within the system and will NOT represent the interests of the people. That is, why only shady characters as Merkel, Gabriel and Gauck can make it the top ranks, they are perfect fits in a system consisting of lies, fraud, deception and more lies indeed. Key is as far as i am concerned is to liquidate the Federal Republic in Germany and start over with the German Empire ( = Germany ) with the status it had 1937 along with a proper constitution. Thus it would be possible to finally regain sovereignty by negotiating a peace treaty with the USA, who if successful also can't terrorise the world any longer for certain reasons.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Nobel Peace Prize 2015

Already tomorrow the Nobel Peace Prize will be handed over in Oslo, Norway. Frankly, i don't know the majority of the contenders and have no clue, what they have achieved, but it seems they just got an overwhelming rival and that is German chancellora Angela Merkel ! " Excuse me, who ?" i hear you asking and certainly, under normal circumstances someone like her would never receive such a prize by any stretch of the imagination, but in the twisted world we live in everything is possible and she could easily become a successor of Barack Obama. Here is a list of some of her misdeeds ...

-  She is a loyal poodle of the greatest terror state in the world, the USA.
-  Under her regime Germany remains the third largest arms exporter.
-  Repeated arms deliveries free of charge to Israel, who once again just started
    militant skirmishes with Palestine. This webpage sheds some light on Merkels
    proximity to Israel and gives an Idea, why she still is untouchable.
-  She gave 500 million Euros as financial aid to her tribes buddy,
   Ukrainian Pres. Petro Poroschenko, accompanied with bloomy words.      
   Poroschenko however wasted no time to modernize his army.
-  She imposed austerity actions against the Greek population, what lead to riots.
-  She openend the gates for illegal immigrants to Germany.
   This country turns into a banana republic, because law
   and order are overruled to cope with the invasion.
   Supplying the fugitives becomes more and more diffi-
   cult, so the situation can get ugly pretty soon. What we
   can observe here live and in color is the execution of a
   plan trying to annihilate this country and their culture.

I placed a bet with Betsson, that Merkel will receive the Nobel Peace Prize @ 10. Should i win i will donate all profits to " MEDICINS SANS FRONTIERS ". Their hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, was destroyed by an American airstrike.*** A wise decision has been made, my bet lost and i leave it there ...


Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Prix De L' Arc De Triomhe 2015 ...

takes place next Sunday and revolves around Cruiquette Head's super mare Treve, trying to win this race an unprecedented third time. She bolted up in the recent run Prix Vermeilles and made the strong opposition look like one paced plodders. Her odds are accordingly low and useless now, but with her taking a chunk out of the market there must be found some value elsewhere and i side with FLINTSHIRE (left), trained by French master Andre Fabre. He finnished second last year behind Treve, but unlike her he relishes quick ground, which he should get since very little rain has fallen in France for this time of the year. Flintshire to win and place @ 21.*** 2nd

Some more entries in the Longchamp card caught my eye, which are SOLE POWER @ 8 *** UP in the Prix Abbaye and ALEX MY BOY @ 3.25 in the Prix du Cadran.*** NR

Due to popular demand here again is the video with some suffering Japanese racing afficionados watching this race three years ago.