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Thursday, September 29, 2016

2.10. Prix De ' L Arc De Triomphe in Chantilly

... and not in Longchamp due to construction work. In their 47th attempt now the
Japanese try to win that race and this time Makahiki carries their hopes. I was told
he is even better , than Nakayama Festa and Orfevre, who both missed victory by
a short margin in recent years. Also the Japanese are wise enough meanwhile to put
French ace Christophe Lemiere on board and not one of their own jockeys, who
have a tendency to misjudge the pace.

Makahiki certainly belongs on the shortlist, though i feel the party will be spoiled
again probably through the fav Postponed (IRE) or my two picks against the field,
which are LEFT HAND and SAVOIR VIVRE (IRE). Left Hand won the Prix Ver-
meille three weeks ago, what convinced his owners, the Wertheimer Brothers, to
enter him in this race and they know, what it takes to win it. Savoir Vivre finnished
second in the German Derby and subsequently won the Deauville Grand Prix.
His trainer and stable are not very prolific, so in my opinion he flies a little bit under
the radar and represents good value. Both are available @ odds around 20, though
i guess they will drift, when the Japanese punters get their bets down on race day.
After popular demand here once again the clip with Japanese punters in agony.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Weekend Sports

At racing headquarters in Newmarket the Cambridgeshire Handicap takes place
next Saturday with 35 runners participating, so it is no wonder it is considered to
be the toughest race to decipher. From a betting perspective it might be utter mad-
ness to part with some of the hard earned, though for me it is an intriguing task to
dig in my teeth  trying to find the winner. With all horses have more questions than
answers i side with AZRAAF (IRE) @ 26. Marco Botti's 4 year old finnished 4th
in the Royal Hunt Cup, which is the best form on offer.***UP

Football Treble        Ligue 1            BASTIA to beat Guingamp
                               UK Champ.     NORWICH to beat Burton Albion
                               La Liga            Atl. Bilbao - Fc Sevilla > 5,5 cards    @ 5.70

                              ***WON (Note: Bookie Unibet handles a red card as two)

Thursday, September 15, 2016

17.09. " Stop TTIP" March

Next Saturday nationwide demonstrations against the free-trade agreement TTIP
take place. Apologies for sounding like a broken record by saying this agreement
has to be prevented for a multitude of reasons since it is a stepstone en route to the
establishment of a New World Order with a One World Government . NWO floozie
Merkel of course speaks staunchly in favor of it and for that alone you have to mis-
trust the whole enchillada. Vice-chancellor Sigmar "das Pack" Gabriel is against TTIP
but for (!?) CETA, which is the Canadian equivalent and the backup plan in case the
former fails . Nice try Siggi , but it is too obvious the elites have you in their pocket.

Also i want to mention the blogger Killerbee here, whose razor sharp ability to analyse
correlations always makes an enlightened read. He recently handed out an reminder
of essential, but meanwhile nearly forgotten values in the German society, which are ...

Truth, Courage, Glory and last, but not least Justice

Germans are generally good-natured, though when good-nature meets foolishness this
spells trouble. So it is important to restore before mentioned values and let the
shysters in politics and the MSM know we don't accept that bollocking any longer.
Saturdays marches are a good opportunity to let those to whom it may concern know,
who are the servants. I will participate in Hamburg and bring my oilcan-guitar to
pluck along trying to make the event peace -, yet powerful.

Thursday, September 8, 2016


The power of Orgon was once detected by Dr. Wilhelm Reich , who died under mis-
terious circumstances in an U.S. prison . The power, Orgonite generates can best be
observed on the stunning impact it has concerning the growth of plants. The foto
above shows a small Orgonite pyramid in the lower left hand side corner and pole
beans. The plant next to the pyramid is strong and growing rapidly , while the other
looks rather piddly. Same with the corn plant , the one besides the pyramid ist the
highest among all i have.

To add further proof i want to mention the avocado trees my friend cultivates in
Cusco. They all grew out of a pip and had the same age and height . When i placed
an Orgon pyramid next to one of them , that exact plant nearly doubled in altitude in
a jiffy compared to the others - mindboggling .

I recommend checking that out for yourself .

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Rio 2016 Olympic Games

I paid next to none attention to that event , but was bewildered with amusement ,
when i saw the image above showing the first three of the women's 800 m track &
field contest . If not all of them , at least the winner named Caster Semanya is
clearly a male after perhaps a little hormon treatment and i felt sorry for the bio -
logical women huffin' and puffin ' behind him without standing a chance to win that
race .

I mean, it is complete absurd .There is the shady agency WADA conducting a witch
hunt along with that schmuck and journalist Hajo Seppelt ( Get a life , dude ) against
doped athletes targeting of course mainly Russians , but on the other hand allow men
to compete in female's contests with Serena Williams being another example. Since
nobody seems to be bothered it will be a lot worse in four years from now in Tokyo ,
where the next games will take place. The Japanese are certainly already scratching
their chins , whether it will be necessary to carry out competitions for men , women
and transgender folks - Oh Lord , have mercy!

By the way, the Peruvians, which belong to my favourite people have won exactly zero
medals . For them it is " All about participation " and i hope it stays that way with the
madness involved in sports left to nations suffering from image neurosis.