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Thursday, September 6, 2018

( Ain't ) Talk About the Bohemian Oilcan Guitar

My old can received a few dents too many, what impeded the intonation, so i de-
cided to get me another one - the Bohemian Guitars TNT model. When i took her
out of the box i liked her right away. The craftmanship appealed very much in
unison with the slick look, although i probably prefer the more scruffy appearance
from the Hayburner or Fanner brands. The can has a pretty deep body, what could
cause inconveniences for players with short arms. The two soapbar P-90 pickups
with the 3-way toggle switch provide a good variety of sounds and for demonstrat-
ion purposes i recorded an impromptu video while watching Premier League foot-
ball. As you can hear the accoustic sound is not very loud, naturelly to the missing

The maple neck feels nice, though was flat as Holland causing the strings to rattle
on the lower frets. Loosening the truss rod to arch him did the trick. Unfortunately
these strings are extra-light, what does not bode well especially for playing bottle-
neck stuff. I am not shure yet, whether the saddle slots take heavier strings and
will find it out later on. Another negative for me are the tuning machines, which
do not work properly throughout, though are acceptable. The knobs on the bridge
end are a nice detail functioning as a stand.

This is a very decent instrument and built in China comes with a reasonable price.
Her first call of duty will be my trip to Cuba starting on Saturday.

App. Rubber knobs leaving marks on textiles, should be sealed. Nut on output jack
         tends to loosen with very little leeway. Needs a drop of screwlock.