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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Wind Wheels - The Next Health Hazard

In 2020 the last nuclear power plants get off the grid followed by the coal-fired power
plants in 2038 in the Federal Republic in Germany. They are replaced by wind wheels
and solar power panels and it is hardly possible they will generate enough power
necessary to keep an industrial nation functioning, so we see the Morgenthau - plan in
full swing to turn Germany into an agrar nation thanks to Chancellora Merkel and her
masters with their energy transition plot.

Meanwhile there are nearly 30000 wind facilities scattered over the country spoiling
untouched nature in places and providing views doing no good for peoples soul.
They are already known for shreddering loads of birds and after latest findings also
can cause serious health issues to human beings living close by through infrasonic,
who is not audible for humans due to its low hertz range. Infrasonic is generated when
the wing of the wheel passes the shaft and is powerful enough to kill bats on the spot
flying close by and to penetrate through thick walls. So many folks dwelling near those
wheels suffer from headaches and insomnia and escaping to the basement of their
houses, which lost huge amounts of value, to find some sleep.

To me these wind wheels are more evidence, the government is on a warfare against the
people, who not only have to pay exorbitant high prices for energy, but also have to live
under agonizing circumstances in many cases.

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