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Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Hoax Of The Month ...

... happened this time in Manchester, England, during a concert from Illuminati
princess Ariana Grande. Now some might say " How dare you are talkin' like
this, when children perished "(not this one though) and also friendships break
up over such a controversal statement with the divide & conquer strategey star-
ting right there, however i have done my research unlike most people, before
i stick my neck out. I may be a cynic, impossible not to be in this world, but also
a truth seeker not believing a single word the mainstream media passes to us and
there are several pointers in this event too giving the idea we are mislead again.

There was an anti terror drill conducted in Manchester to start off with, then you
have the usual numerology stuff, crisis actors ( this one sporting the freemasonry
one leg symbol ) allegedly injured and mindlessly carried around by personnel,
others than medics. There was no footage or image from the explosion side not
even smoke, so the hall speaker knew what he said by telling the people to leave
calmly towards the foyer, where the blast occured, there is no problem and even
wished a good time tonight.

UK-Premier Theresa May meanwhile  raised the terror threat level once again
and said a further attack is imminant, thus has done some predictive program-
ming. I guess they are just looking for another appropiate Muslim patsy and if
that attack happens, i strongly suggest to approach such events at least critically.

Nest Box

I recently found some scrapwood in the basement and thought i do some useful
with it for our feathered friends. So i grabbed a jigsaw and constructed a couple
of nest boxes, which are hanging now just outside the living room window and
it is really soul soothing to observe robins or titmouses flying in and out.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

" 33 "

Ol' Konfuzius already knew it by saying, this world is not ruled by words and laws
, but signs and symbols. One of these symbols is the number " 33 ", which is
manifested by the Freemasons , whose highest degree in their Scottish rite is that
particular number. It is still open for debate, why the 33 was chosen, to some
it has to do with the age Jesus Christ had, when he was crucified , others think the
proximity of their founding place to the 33rd latitude is the reason. Whatever the
motivation, one thing is for shure, Freemasons like to show their power and mighty
influence in subtle ways.

Sometimes their number appears in fractions, in corporate logos, at hoaxes or sport-
ing events and in a pair of C's. Now recently there was a run-off ballot in France
between Bilderberger boy Macron and Marine Le Pen. Sure enough Macron pre -
vailed by 66.06 % to 33,.. % with 666 the other number certain circles like. Then
last weekend we had regional elections in North Rhine Westfalia and there the CDU
were declared the winner with 33 % of the votes . Coincidence ? Guess not, but
rather think elections are a fools game.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

European Song Contest 2017 And A Football Bet

Germany's role in the contest is clearly specified. As the biggest financial contributor
it receives a wild card and usually the wooden spoon for its representative finnishing
last - this year could be more of the same with chansoneuse Levina a 150/1 longshot.
The bookies rate a twitchy Italian a 50 % chance to win, but i rather sided with the
Ukrainian band O. Torvald to make it among the first 10 @ 5 with Betsson.***LOST

The football season slowly comes to an end with some championships still up for grabs.
Here is a treble i quite like ...***LOST

Premier League    Manchester City (Hc -1) to beat Leicester City *** 2:1
League 1              AS Monaco (Hc -1) to beat OSC Lille              *** 4:0
Liga NOS              Benfica Lissabon (HC -1) to beat Victoria Guimares *** 5:0 @ 3.89

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Xavier Naidoo

Xavier Naidoo is a German singer with an Indian-/ South African background and also
a founding member of the group "Söhne Mannheims" ( Sons of Mannheim ). He grew
up in the city of Mannheim right across the street from a U.S.- army base , why he was
fully aware from an very early age on about the status of the Federal Republic in Ger -
many , being an occupied country. He uses his meanwhile gained popularity to spread
the word in the lyrics of his songs making him a beacon among gutless political
correct showbiz acts.

When he even didn't mind the proximity of the PEGIDA- movement and made friends
with "Reichsbürger", politicians and the mainstream media alike were fuming and de -
clared him a persona non grata threatening their cosy system and also uninvited him
from the European Song Contest. In reality, Xavier Naidoo is a preacher of love,
justice and understanding  and thus the contrary of a German politician.

The "Söhne Mannheims" just released another CD and once again didn't mince any
words in their lyrics, especially not in the song "Marionetten" ( puppet on the strings).
When a government constantly acts against the will of the great majority of the
people it is fair enough to call them "traitors", he does just that and is spot on.
YouTube wasted no time to delete the song, though i guess he was reuploaded mean-
while and if not can be found using the link shown below. Personally i want to thank
Xavier and the band in times with a endangered free speech, their work is much
appreciated - my copy of their latest CD "MannHeim" was in the mail yesterday.