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Thursday, May 18, 2017

" 33 "

Ol' Konfuzius already knew it by saying, this world is not ruled by words and laws
, but signs and symbols. One of these symbols is the number " 33 ", which is
manifested by the Freemasons , whose highest degree in their Scottish rite is that
particular number. It is still open for debate, why the 33 was chosen, to some
it has to do with the age Jesus Christ had, when he was crucified , others think the
proximity of their founding place to the 33rd latitude is the reason. Whatever the
motivation, one thing is for shure, Freemasons like to show their power and mighty
influence in subtle ways.

Sometimes their number appears in fractions, in corporate logos, at hoaxes or sport-
ing events and in a pair of C's. Now recently there was a run-off ballot in France
between Bilderberger boy Macron and Marine Le Pen. Sure enough Macron pre -
vailed by 66.06 % to 33,.. % with 666 the other number certain circles like. Then
last weekend we had regional elections in North Rhine Westfalia and there the CDU
were declared the winner with 33 % of the votes . Coincidence ? Guess not, but
rather think elections are a fools game.

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