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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Weekend Sports

German Bundesleague Matchday 28. Watching a Bundesleague game is not an exactly chock-full of fun these days, especially not from a betting perspective. With the exception of Bayern Munich, who are already crowned champions, all teams play  more or less dreadful football and frequently after you had placed a bet, some clumsy, tattooed bloke with an awful haircut sends the ball into his own net turning your bet sour shortly after kick-off. However there are three teams with a glimpse of form and i put them into a treble. SCHALKE to beat Hertha Berlin, DORTMUND vs Stuttgart and WOLFSBURG vs Frankfurt @ odds of 4.88 ***WON. Now over to the sport of kings. The British turf season has its curtain raiser with the Doncaster meeting on Saturday, including the Lincoln Handicap. SWEET LIGHTNING won this race three years ago and provided me with one of my highest payouts ever. He is one of 22 runners again and seems to come to life only at this time of the year. I have a ante-post winbet @ 33/1 on him ***4th.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hot Off The Destille

A customer asked me to make some stronger than usual Schnaps and this is, what i came up with. A vodka with 73 % vol. alcohol and carbon filtered for extra purity - not for the faint hearted ! There is a new product on offer here at the " Frankenstein ". It is coconut Schnaps, which needs one year to sit in a shelf, before it develops its full flavor. Preorders are welcome.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Ukraine And The Media

What happens in the Ukraine is there for all to see. A by the finance mafia controlled U.S / E.U. / NATO coalition invested 5 billion $ to replace the old elected government with their puppets and also tries to get a hand in the Ukraine´s cookie jar - their oil and gas resources. When the cornered Russian president Putin reacted by securing the Crimea, western politicians stuck their heads together to contemplate sanctions or even like chancellora Merkel threaten Russia, not realizing, that only the NSA listens to her. While Mr. Putin may not be an out-and-out nice guy i acknowledge his politics of conservatism and the preservation of certain values, which get lost in a more and more Miley Cyrusnized western society ( I already ask myself, when German Federal President Gauck demands a gay quota ). Yet when i check the daily synchronised German media all i hear or read is a bashing of Russia, although 9 out of 10 readers comment in favor of Putin. It really seems journalists and paid scibes have to follow a certain line or they would jeopardize their jobs. The otherwise estimated "Weltspiegel" only interviewed people describing Putin as a madman, the "Spiegel" calls him an arsonist and the list goes on. So the coverage is ridicously onesided and it is necessary to look elsewhere for less biased information, perhaps even the Chinese news agency Xinhua. As things stand the Crimea will join Russia, while the Ukraine´s western part with the new Nazi infiltrated government looks for a cosy place in the E.U., where they receive many billions of financial aid and at the same time want to keep their sovereignty, yeah right ! In his book "Elefantenfriedhof" or "Cementary Of Elefants" Raimund Karrie depicts the E.U in the year 2038, predicting the E.U. expands to the Ural, the Euro is long gone, cities run-down and the people impoverished. The jury is out, whether he is right or wrong. I concur with the former.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Cheltenham Festival 2014

For me the sports highlight of the year with four days of fantastic jumps racing starting next Tuesday. Willie Mullins and Nicky Henderson are the trainers to follow and my bets package includes Yankees with their runners all pencilled in at decent odds. Willie´s Yankee ( 11 bets ) comprises BALLYCASEY @ 9/2***UP ( RSA Chase ), FAUGHEEN @ 5/2***WON ( Neptune Hurdle ), CHAMPAGNE FEVER @ 5/2***2nd ( Arkle Chase ) and HURRICANE FLY @ 11/4***UP ( Champion Hurdle ).+++ Nicky´s Yankee comprises DAWALAN @ 5/1***UP ( Fred Winter Hurdle ), OSKAR WHISKEY @ 4/1***UP ( JLT Chase ), CAPTAIN CUTTER @ 7/1***UP ( Albert Bartlett Hurdle ) and VANITEUX @ 8/1***3rd ( Supreme Hurdle).+++ A third Yankee has runners i strongly fancy with FOXROCK @ 4/1***UP ( National Hunt Chase ), BIG SHU @ 7/2***3rd ( Glenfarcas Chase ), INDIAN CASTLE @ 5/1***UP ( Kim Muir Chase ) and CALIPTO @ 5/1 ( Triumph Hurdle ). And to finish this of i have a Treble with ANNIE POWER ***2nd ( World Hurdle ), SIRE DE GRUGY***WON ( pictured, Champion Chase ) and SIVINIACO CONTI***UP ( Gold Cup ) @ 33. All horses are top-class performers, but due to the competitiveness of the races much luck in-running is needed and i only use workingman´s stakes.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Anonymous Ukraine ...

... claims to have hacked the E- Mail account from heavy- weight boxing champion Vitali Klitschko. I leave it open for debate, whether the mails are genuine or not, but if so it is proven that the opposition politician from the UDAR party committed treason and is a puppet of the West. Here are two links to the subject: 1.  2.
Meanwhile it can be said , that former German President Wulff had to leave office, because he was recalcitrant to sign the ESM treaty, while his successor Gauck was less scrupulous.The same fate overtook Ukranian President Yanukovich, who sided for Russia and against the E.U. and had to be taken out of the way. About time people get clued up about the E.U and the forces behind it.

The Ukraine

Never been there, so i can´t judge the circumstances people have to live with and when some ( West- ) Ukrainians demand a change of politics and closer ties to the EU to improve their lives, it sounds plausible. However there are strong pointers , that we are looking at another case of U.S / EU elites orchestrated imperialism with big time investor George Soros involved. Last December U.S politician John McCain (R) traveled to Kiew to conduct a speech on main square agitating against elected president Yanukovich. He talked about freedom hiding the fact, that the U.S and the E.U. are constantly drifting towards facism and wants Georgia and the Ukraine to join NATO, so that Russia nearly completely is surrounded by NATO countries. Then former Prime Minister Julia Tymoschenko was released from prison and immediately tried to regain political influence. She is a shady character and convicted criminal, but this didn´t hinder Chancellora Merkel to phone and congratulate her along with the promise of a back surgery in Germany on taxpayers expense. During the riots on Maidan square one could see many demonstrators wearing masks and carrying machine guns, as if they were schooled for the riots and also some demonstrators were killed by snipers, who allegedly did not belong to the police. President Yanukovich, granted he is not a very likable sort, meanwhile fled to Russia and was replaced by pro - western politicians, what can be considered an illegal act. It would be naiv to assume , that Russia´s President Putin would watch all this inactive. So he dispatched troops to the Crimea to protect the rather to Russia orientated population and the Black Sea fleet, what in turn mobilized U.S. foreign minister John Kerry, a " Skull and Bones " member, to threaten Russia with the exclusion from the G-8 club - all in all the situation remains explosive . Austrian MEP Ewald Stadler is not one of the E.U.´s Mickey Mouse politicians and in this video he explains, what is going on in a nutshell and what would happen, if another poorhouse joins the E.U..