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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Smart Meters - Paranoid Or Educated On The Topic ?

Recently a utility technician showed up and mumbled, that by executing a new law he had to install a smart meter, which is a device for measuring the consumption of power and without any authorization he proceeded. Now i wonder, what's next ? Do we have to exchange our TV-set with a Samsung flatscreen, capable of recording and forwarding any word spoken in a living room ? You got to be kiddin' me ... I have heard before that a smart meter too was created to function as a spying tool ( please check out Marc Elsberg's thriller " Blackout " ), but even worse is he is an enormous health hazard due to severe electro magnetic radiation. Sure enough it didn't take long to get fully aware of that, when after a closer inspection i received heart palpitation, felt pressure in my head and had a constant ringing in my ear, so i wasted no time to shield that sucker, although to be perfectly honest i had rather preferred to grab an axe and finnish that thing off. The plan is to equip every household with a smart meter and so it is easy to imagine the magnitude of electrosmog we are exposed to. We will marvel ( except the NWO folks ), where all the bees have gone along with the bats, why people in large numbers become unfertile or develop tumors due to a canged DNA. Dealing with esoterism is usually against my nature, until i discovered Schungit and Orgonit stones. Maybe it is hocus-pocus and folly to think they will mitigate the effects of radiation, however i will give them a try. Will the insanity ever end ? Certainly not in the Western community of values ... Brian Thiesen gave a great lecture of the subject, which can be seen here.  Other videos and webpages of interest

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Eurovision Song Contest 2015

Last years contest was won by a transvestite named Conchita Wurst and most certainly not for performing a stellar piece of music, but for enforcing the political correct " gay is good " - movement. In this years contest participated a punk n' roll band from Finland called PKN, whose members are mentally retarded and i expected them to win for similar reasons as Conchita for following a political correct line. However it didn't work out, as PKN was eliminated in the semis. Apparently the badass trumpet solo, which could rattle Miles Davis' bones six feet under, was not to everyones liking. Now i don't bother listening to all crooners trying to find the winner, but checked some webpages and it seems the favourite is quite popular, so to generate some interest i, with grinding my teeth, accept odds of 2.50 and have a flutter on Sweden to win.***WON

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Putin meets Kerry

Last Tuesday Wladimir Putin met U.S. foreign secretary John Kerry for a meet and greet in Sotschi, Russia, where this picture was taken with the priceless grin on Putin's face, letting Kerry know : " See, Mr. Buckaroo, i got you by the balls, haven't i ? " No doubt Putin is intellectually head and shoulders above his foes, but caution is advised, because someone like Kerry shakes hands with the right and holds a baseball bat with the left behind his back. He might think: " Alright Wlad, after Syria and the Ukraine it is two zippo for you, but we meet again and will eventually pull you into the warfare,  we so disperately need. " Maybe the next act in the world theater takes place in Macedonia, where Russia builds the Turkish Stream pipeline much to the disdain of the Americans and political tensions are already growing after a pattern, we are all so familiar with.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Spy vs. Spy ...

... is an old cartoon of MAD magazine fame, however what we have in the Federal Republic in Germany now is spy + spy + spy vs. us and to be more precisely the German secret service BND, whose boss to my knowledge is appointed by the CIA, provides intelligence about Germans and German companies for the NSA. Even those, who spent recent years underneath a stone meanwhile should have noticed , that Chancellora Merkel commits high treason on a regular base, i mean as someone of Polish-Jewish descent this is something she is supposed to do while serving her masters, but that a domestic secret service harms the local economy by handing over data to a foreingn country is certainly unheard of and underlines once again, the FR in Germany is a American colony. The clowns from the coalition party SPD pretended to be outraged demanding an investigation committee and perhaps it is no coincidence, that the information leaked through, because some folks are trying to get rid of Merkel because of her journey with Hollande to Moscow and for being too soft against Russia. Anyway, you would believe German citizens are finally fed up with these galoots in the government and chase them out of town tarred and feathered, but far from it. Freeman asks in his blog, whether we are a bunch of whimps  for not offering resistance and i am afraid we have to answer that in the affirmative - shame on us. It is certainly not easy to develop a rebellous mind, when the tummy is filled and a CL football match between Barca and Munich is on, but there is one thing everyone is able to do - STAY AWAY FROM ELECTIONS ! Casting ballots means legitimising the system giving politicians a go ahead and by the way, here in Hamburg they use trash cans as ballot boxes and when this is not symbolic i don't know, what is.