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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Eurovision Song Contest 2015

Last years contest was won by a transvestite named Conchita Wurst and most certainly not for performing a stellar piece of music, but for enforcing the political correct " gay is good " - movement. In this years contest participated a punk n' roll band from Finland called PKN, whose members are mentally retarded and i expected them to win for similar reasons as Conchita for following a political correct line. However it didn't work out, as PKN was eliminated in the semis. Apparently the badass trumpet solo, which could rattle Miles Davis' bones six feet under, was not to everyones liking. Now i don't bother listening to all crooners trying to find the winner, but checked some webpages and it seems the favourite is quite popular, so to generate some interest i, with grinding my teeth, accept odds of 2.50 and have a flutter on Sweden to win.***WON

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