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Friday, February 24, 2017

Bungle In The Jungle

Once again i ventured out into the Peruvian jungle, who most certainly does not
belong to my preferred habitats with the intense heat, humity and a plethora of
dangers. Poking a tarantula with a stick in a her cave is a rather harmless teaser,
but encountering a half-finnised bamboo meal from wild pigs will quicken
anyones pulse, because these creatures go berserk and mow everything down in
their path, if they have any offspring with them. In that case it is advised to climb
up a liane as soon as possible. Furthermore i have seen footprints from a jaguar
and had to balance a couple of times over a treetrunk to cross a river with the
possible kaiman lurking underneath. Also not underestimated should be the peril
of the mosquito transmitted flesh eating virus called uta. Don´t want to sound to
dramatic here, however the jungle is not for the fainthearted.

On the other hand the green hell can be perceived as a pharmacy with a kowled-
leable guide. For stomach problems he would cut a certain tree with his machete
and a milky liquid drips out, which will serve as a cure. When the kidney is sick,
he would make a tea out of red tree roots. Even for a flagging libido there is a tree
to help out and countless other remedies. So despite his downfalls the jungle with
his flora and fauna is a fascinating place, who should be explored with the neces-
sary precautions taken.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Nazis vs Inzis

Through a link mentioned in a comment on a political webpage i have encountered the
blog from Susanne Kablitz, who unfortunately committed suicide shortly after her last
remarkable post, which should be mandatory reading for every German. From that
post i want to quote the following exerpt ...

" National Socialists are out. International Socialists are en vogue. This can be seen
  with the resigned U.S.-Pres. Obama. International socialists are allowed to kill 
  people are allowed to conduct wars, are allowed to break laws. Nationals not. "

Generally National Socialists, aka Nazis, are perceived as right extremists, when in
reality they  per definition  belong to the left political spectrum. The term "Nazi" is
obviouly tarnished and is pretty much the nastiest four-letter word someone can be
called, though without the past no nationally minded Socialist would have a problem
with that notion. On the other hand you have International Socialists as Obama or
NWO-floozie Merkel, who don´t give a bloody whit about their people, but are
striving for worldwide communism with the installment of a one world government.
Especially Obama is responsible for countless innocent dead people, but nonetheless
many folks in the West regret his resignation and fiercly oppose new Pres. Donald
Trump, the national white old man. Chemtrails, GMO food or just signs of a dumbed
down society, i don´t know.

Susanne Kablitz seemed to be a noteworthy woman, who wrote a couple of books i
will take a closer look into. For her the Federal Republic in Germany is hopelessly
lost and if i see the farce during the election of the new Federal President Steinmeier
i can see her point. The question is, does the German population grant A. Merkel
her triumph having destroyed the nation or will they intervene in time. I don´t want
to bother a self fullfilling prophecy, but knowing the German mentality it doesn´t
look good indeed.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Lefties - Please Hand Them Over A Hanky

I guess at some stage most of us sympathized with leftist ideas, though that had to do
with the struggle for equity between labour and capital. These days are long gone now
and the left rather engages as accomplices for globalists and even accept payments
from Mr. Evil himself, George Soros. Just drop the words "nation" or "border" and they
will snap, envisioning the New World Order with dark skinned, less intelligent people
without identites and cultural roots, easy to control and willing to work for little
money. Mainstream media and perhaps even worse the educational staff are infested 
with that sort trying to terrorize the society with gender mainstreaming, the LGBT-
agenda and premature sexualisation, targeting to destroy the traditional family and
leave behind confused youngsters without orientation.

And then instead of their darling Hillary Clinton, a hardcore criminal psychopath, Mr.
Donald Trump became the next U.S-President and the left snowflakes keep whining
in their pillows. Trump took immediate action with his orders to build a wall at the
Mexican border and to protect the U.S economy. Now it is important to know, that in
the USA the same agenda is underway as in Europe with a planned genocide on the
white population due to a uncontrolled influx of foreigners. Furthermore the USA were
systematicly deindustrialized leaving to nearly 50 million folks living on foodstamps.
As a responsible leader Trump wants to stop the decline and isn´t far off the mark by
affirming, some women are drawn to men with power and money, isn´t he ? Anyway,
all this is too much for the desciples of NWO-floozies Clinton and Obama, freaking out
as recently in Oakland. I would love to send them all over to Pakistan, were they en-
counter bearded men with little sympathy for spoiled brats, squat toilets, no alcohol
and the ever present noisy Muezzin only to find out, when these self-perceived do 
gooders come up with racial slurs.

Now of course i have my reservations towards Trump too and against white people in
general, who are responsible for the most wicked plans plotted. To some, one plan
says to hand over power to conservative governments in the following years and then 
let the system crash, with the nationalists singled out as the culprits and the way
afterwards free for pursuing the NWO-agenda - we will see.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Berlin-"Attack" Revisited

For tomorrow a minute´s silence in commemoration of the supposed victims of
the Berlin attack has been organized. Now i wrote before, that every Anatolian
goatherd would immediately know, that that event has written "hoax" all over it,
but not some German sheeple, who complained about chancellora Merkel´s lack
of compassion and so six weeks after the charade the hour of the hypocrites has
come - if you hear somebody banging his forehead on the keyboard, that´s me.

When you take a look at this foto and believe, what they told us, you believe
everything. It simply defies laws of physics, that a ca. 14 meter long truck can
manouvre like that with high speed and leave the ramshackle shacks at the en-
trance mostly unscathed and then take the curve without veering. The yellow
chalk marks shall reinforce the scam, but only make him more ridiculous.

Furthermore the Breitscheid-Platz is densely surrounded by bollards, however
not one of them is damaged, nor is the lower front part of the truck. Conclusion
is, the truck was parked there in reverse with debris planted around him. Here
is the video from the dash cam. If it is not complete CGI-fakery with people
running in front of a green screen, it clearly can be seen, that the truck drives by
the Chrismas market and never turned right. And finally here is crisis actor extra-
ordinaire Guiseppe LaGrassa, who rather looked like he got in a bar brawl, than
ran over by a truck - nothing but a load of nonsense.

Shame and disdain to all people involved in that charade. You helped taking my
esteem for the FRiG and its population to another low.