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Friday, February 24, 2017

Bungle In The Jungle

Once again i ventured out into the Peruvian jungle, who most certainly does not
belong to my preferred habitats with the intense heat, humity and a plethora of
dangers. Poking a tarantula with a stick in a her cave is a rather harmless teaser,
but encountering a half-finnised bamboo meal from wild pigs will quicken
anyones pulse, because these creatures go berserk and mow everything down in
their path, if they have any offspring with them. In that case it is advised to climb
up a liane as soon as possible. Furthermore i have seen footprints from a jaguar
and had to balance a couple of times over a treetrunk to cross a river with the
possible kaiman lurking underneath. Also not underestimated should be the peril
of the mosquito transmitted flesh eating virus called uta. Don´t want to sound to
dramatic here, however the jungle is not for the fainthearted.

On the other hand the green hell can be perceived as a pharmacy with a kowled-
leable guide. For stomach problems he would cut a certain tree with his machete
and a milky liquid drips out, which will serve as a cure. When the kidney is sick,
he would make a tea out of red tree roots. Even for a flagging libido there is a tree
to help out and countless other remedies. So despite his downfalls the jungle with
his flora and fauna is a fascinating place, who should be explored with the neces-
sary precautions taken.

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