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Monday, December 29, 2014

Outlook For 2015

The term SNAFU ( Situation Normal, All Fucked Up ) describes precisely the current procedures in the Ukraine and the Western community of values. There we go again with us against them and all together against the "IS" and because there is always room for more tensions, Sony Pictures just released another superflous American movie asking for the assassination of North-Corean leader Kim-Jong Un. Clearly the world needs a " De-Americanisation " and not another US- embassy in Cuba. I hope Raul Castro is aware of that or he is in for the next colored revolution - i am sure Mr. Soros would agree. Meanwhile politicians and the mainstream media are trying to deceive and manipulate to the point, where you can believe nothing and nobody. The latest example is the siege in Sydney, which apparently turned out to be a cabal to establish an Australian patriot act with a Muslim as a scapegoat, as we have seen with the attacs on 9/11/2001. Ken O' Keefe made an interesting video about that incident introducing the true culprits, who masterminded these atrocities - scumbags without a single fiber of empathy. Benjamin Freedman also conducted a legendary speech about them,after which some history books should be rewritten. This was a year desillusionizing me once again because of certain folks with former Norwegian MP Jens Stoltenberg one of them. You would think of him as a genuine nice guy and the next minute he is General Secretary of the terrorist organisation NATO and also involved in a shady vessel deal with an Nigerian warlord. Then there is former boxing champ Vitali Klitschko. I thought of him as a decent, financially independant character until i read this, when i had to reconsider my opinion. And finally there is Bernd Lucke, chairman of the AFD. Normally i do not vote anymore, because by doing that, you legitimise politicians and their dirty deeds, but made an exception for the AFD naively hoping they would cut back the EU only to find out Lucke supports the sanctions against Russia with the EU not very high on his agenda any longer. Same old song and dance with Obama and Merkel, playing their roles as phony puppets year after year. The latter likes to travel from one summit to the other watching down on her sheeple and her message is : " Go to work, pay taxes, consume and accept what you cannot change ... , otherwise enjoy your sports. " I do not want necessarily join the doomsters camp, because despite the a bit dim appearing outlook with ruthless banksters and corrupt, inept politicians trying to seize the planet as their prey leaving us citizens behind with fists clenched in our pockets, i feel resistance is growing - long may it continue. Ok, friends, that's it from me this year. Pretty soon i am on my way to Peru, getting out of the matrix and the daily grind for a while. As usual thanks for tuning in and the very best of luck for 2015 !

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

26.12. Means " Boxing Day " ...

... and is the biggest day in UK sports. There is a plethora of betting opportunities and i tried to find some especially attractive flutters. SILVIACO CONTI defends his crown in the King George VI Chase in Kempton and this relentless galopper and superb jumper will be very hard to beat. He won the Betfair Chase in magnificient style last month beating my pick Cue Card by a country mile and i expect him to finish first again at the business end. Silviaco Conti to win @ odds of 3.***WON In football i came up with two trebles >> Sunderland to beat Hull / Tottenham to beat Leicester and Arsenal to beat QPR @ 5 ***LOST >> In the Both To Score market Everton vs Stoke / Brighton vs Reading and Colchester vs Gillingham @ 5.64.***LOST Happy Christmas and good luck all !

Thursday, December 18, 2014


" Rich are those, who need little ... " is a phrase i quite like. While in that sense i am wealthy, in reality sure enough i am not with only some meager savings i partly invested in silver to my name. Silver is scarce, needed by the industry and has always been legal tender somewhere unlike gold, whose possession in the past was already prohibited. Silver and gold rates are massive manipulated, beacause in case of their rising trust in currencies would diminish and this is, what some circles want to prevent whatever it takes. Meanwhile oceans of FIAT-money mostly in form of Euros and US-$ are floating around and Voltaire already knew, what is going to happen by saying that paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value, which is zero !!! By now EZB Pres. Draghi made sure stocks are the only worthwhile investment ( i wouldn't touch them with a barge-pole ) and many people jumped on the bandwagon driving exchange rates to heights, which have nothing to do with the real economy, thus creating a bubble waiting to burst. I leave that guff to the finance acrobats and rather have a bar of silver in my hand than a bloody number in a bank's account. You can't keep a good thing down for always and the time of precious metals will come. So investment smartasses can keep their advice to themselves, i know what to do.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Road To Armageddon ...

In 1962, the USA planned to execute the Operation Northwoods with a string of terror attacs including the shotdown of a passenger aircraft with the target to blame Fidel Castro and pull Cuba into a war. Does that ring a bell ? Flight MH17 ? Back then President Kennedy didn't play along, while nowadays so far Putin is the fly in the ointment. However the US-Congress keeps on pushing by approving on behalf of Wall Street and the militay industrial complex Resolution 758, which is basically a rehash of lies and false accusations towards Russia, but gives Pres. Obama the green light to start a war against Russia and it is probably only a matter of time until we see the next false flag operation. To me the USA completely lost the plot, boged in violence, distrust and debts now exceeding 18 trillion $ !!! and desperate enough to plunder the Ukraine's gold reserves and when the elites see their stocks further tumble, in other words a financial system collapse, nothing is unthinkable. Of course Wladimir Putin is fully aware of that and conducts maneuvers to keep his troops alert, what western presstitutes call saber rattling. In case of a armed conflict, there is a good chance we Germans are the first to get burnt to crisps, because of the US arms of mass destruction stored here, but chancellora Merkel can't be bothered. She keeps defending the sanctions against Russia with flimsy reasons and wants to get on with the free trade zone with the empire of terror - Uncle Rothschild will be proud of her. Now i know Merkel has plenty of disciples following her even if she would butcher a seal pup in front of a rolling camera, but for those, who want to know, why Angela " Aniela Kazmierczak " Merkel constantly acts against the interests of the German population, this webpage could provide some clues.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Childhood in Germany

While some say i am not the sharpest blade in the drawer i made a few decisions over the years i am quite content with. One of these is not to sire any offspring and here is why. After birth a certificate of birth is issued and mortgaged right away by the state in exchange for the ability to make debts. It is quasi the first step into slavery, because future salaries are taken already into the equation as securities. Newborns do not receive an RFID chip yet, tests are underway, but most certainly a variety of vaccinations containing mercury to lay the foundation for future deseases to keep Big Pharma happy. The state keeps on pushing to separate the kids from their parents by encouraging these to dispose them in day nurseries, where they obtain an education according to the states interest and perhaps even an early political indoctrination. The state wants streamlined, functioning citizens and not rebellous minds, who are scrutinizing things. The next step for the kids is entering the school system. For the same reason the kids learn there only, what they are permitted to know and not, what they should know. Should a pupil be a little more lively doctors are quick to diagnose ADAD and spoon-feed Ritalin and because the number of highschool years has been curtailed from 9 to 8 many students now show distress signals normally associated with adults working overtime. After the kids have finished school many of them have developed a robot like personality void of any creativity, staring with dull faces at their smartphones and i certainly do not want to expose a young human to all that. So being a parent would probably not work out the way i want it, but fortunately i do not need a child to put some content in my life or feel the biological urge to reproduce. One could argue, that i shun responsibilities or don't think of the next generations - i accept that accusation, but ultimately don't care.