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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Weekend Sports

During the current jumps season two runners caught my eye, who are going
to post next Saturday in Leopardstown. The first one is NOTEBOOK (GER)
in the Arkle Novice Chase and the second HONESUCKLE (foto)in the Irish
Champion Hurdle. Both are trained by Henry de Bromhead and are expected
to take these nice prices before getting on to bigger things next month at the
Cheltenham Festival.

I have put them into a double @ odds of 6.2 *** WON

Football Double

Bundesliga         RB Leipzig  vs  Mönchengladbach        1 / > 2.5 goals
Swiss Superl.     Servette Genf  vs  Thun                      1 / > 2.5 goals @ 4.2
                                                                                                *** LOST

Football Treble in the Both To Score - market

Portuguese SL     Portimonense - Tondela
Cyprus Div.1       Olympiakos   -  Omonia Nikosia
Rom. L1              Dinamo Buk. -  Astra Giurgiu        @ 6.84 *** LOST


Tuesday, January 28, 2020

" Kobe Bryant & The Predictive Programming " ...

... is the name of Russianvids latest video. Remarkable stuff !

Monday, January 27, 2020

Marianne Wilfert - The Next Victim Of The 130er StGB

We were told the 130er StGB (hate speech) was once installed to implement a counter-
part to the dictatorship of the Third Empire. You would think, fine, that certainly
means unconditional free speech, what of course is not the case concerning Judaism.

Ms. Wilfert once met a Sovjet refugee, who told her he brought incriminated material
about Auschwitz into the SU. This triggered her to do her own research about Ausch-
witz and the alleged Holocaust and her conclusion was, no one ever was gassed there.

Her downfall was she too scratched on a dogma,which in the Federal Rep. in Germany
means, she is not voicing her opinion, but disturbs the public peace. The German
justice system is not about being fair, but about finding verdicts in the interests of
foreign powers. The federal prosecutor wanted to throw her behind bars for about 30
months, her eventual sentence was much lower with 18 months on probation along a 
hefty fine and they also stole her laptop.

She could go a free woman, though was in shock nonetheless being a law abiding
woman all her life, a mother of three, multilingual, well educated and now sen-
tenced for following her conscience to speak out. Other perceptions about Auschwitz
and the so called Holocaust have been written on paper many times over, yet no
judges with the required balls to withstand the influence of certain commissions and
organisations could be found yet and they rather keep tossing elderly people be-
hind bars.

Nicolai Nerling spoke with Marianne Wilfert and the video can be seen here.

40 questions asked about the holocaust. Essential listening ...

Friday, January 17, 2020

Oilcan Guitar Overhaul

After my troubles last year with an airline refusing to take my Bohemian guitar
on board, i decided to reactivate my older can and give her a complete overhaul
since she is a bit smaller in size. I replaced pick ups, bridge, toggle switch and
cables and also adjusted the neck. Furthermore i poured some resin inside the
can to give her more resistance against impact of any kind. I am quite content
with the outcome and will certainly post a soundbite later on. Off to Puerto
Maldonado tonight ...

Friday, January 10, 2020

Wildfires in California And Australia

Actually i do not pay attention to these fires any longer after what happened in North
California a while ago. It was all too obvious, that something strange went on back
then with houses burnt to the ground and the surrounding trees and scrubs unscathed.
Everything pointed to Directed Energy Weapons, though the general agreement was
the power supplier P,G & E had to be blamed with his torn lines causing the fires, so
no one seems to be bothered after P,G & E payed out reimbursements.

Then there are huge wildfires raging in Australia when i once again stumbled over a
video from Russianvids. He detected, that these fires went on exactly where tracks
for a high speed train system shall be laid out in Cali as well as in Australia. Nearly
impossible to think we are dealing with a coincidence here, what means some folks
accepted a huge death toll among human beings and animals and the vast destruction
of landscape to realize there satanic plans. In Australia giant areas along the east
coast are already unlivable and owners were expropriated - all that for a bloody rail-
road project. Detlef of Wake News has more on the subject ...