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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

How To Manipulate A Video In The Case Frank Magnitz

On January, 7th,  Frank Magnitz of the right-wing party AfD in Bremen was severley
beaten by three thugs and only just escaped death. I don´t want to elaborate on that
party, which in my opinion is merely another system party, though what i think is
interesting is the video the police of Bremen released three days later.A closer inspec-
tion reveals that it is rather blurred,so what is the point of having surveillance
cameras when hardly anything can be seen. Furthermore it contains a jump in the
lapse of time and most important the time stamp in the down left corner is blurred as
well, what is usually not possible. The message is clear : Feel free to attack someone
with a undesired political view, we keep our feet quiet.

So there can be little doubt, the video has been manipulated probably to protect the
culprits from prosecution, since there faces can´t be identified with the main inten-
tion to intimidate others to stay away from a  political  incorrect party going from
strenght to strenght. YouTuber Kai-Uwe Ziessnitz demonstrates in a video, how it
is possible to add or wipe out a weapon from someones hand, scary stuff (link below).

Bottom line is, the police in Bremen committed an obstruction of justice and play
their part of turning the nation in an injust fascist hellhole. I hope i will never get
in a situation, where i will have to deal with those bas***ds.

Ziessnitz video

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