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Friday, February 22, 2013

Volkswagen and the system of interest

The Volkswagen AG just pronounced record profits after taxation of 22 billion Euros. I suppose they will not park that money in an account, but will reinvest it. Assumed they use 2 bn Euros to modernize their company and the other 20 to acquire German bonds for better than average conditions of 5 % interest annually and a contract period of 10 years. This means Volkswagen receives for 10 years every year 1 bn Euros of interest without having done anything from the state of Germany. Now where gets Germany the money from ? They could raise taxes and fees or cut government spending. This means they take money from us and give it to Volkswagen, who accumulate obscene wealth - shifting of money from bottom to top of gigantic proportions. While John Doe might be happy with the 2 % interest his bank gives him for his meager savings he does not realize he pays a lot more of interest to fill the pockets of already rich people and this is the reason, why the system of interest has to be abolished. Perhaps this example is a bit crude and not quite flawless, but i think it hits the mark. On YouTube people like Bernd Senf, Andreas Popp or Rico Albrecht have a series of interesting videos on the subject and for those , whose intellectual horizon goes beyond watching football or Germany´s Next Topmodel they are recommended.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sausage ? Yes, please ...

Introducing my good friend Pedro, who probably makes the best ham and sausages this side of the Atlantic Ocean. If you are around Cusco and yearning for the good stuff, give him a buzz. He is a honest bloke always ready to share a beer and a fair deal. Please contact him here.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Quanah Parker

The 22 of February marks the 102 day of death of Quanah Parker, the last and greatest Comanche chief. He became a leader at a very young age being shrewd, fearless and equipped with enormous physical strength.The Comanche were once a rather primitive tribe, but developed an uncanny knack for horses, which were introduced by the Spaniards. With their added skills as archers they became the most ferocious warriors among all tribes within a couple of years. In about the same time a ¨bluecoat¨- nickname for a soldier- needed to load his musket a mounted Comanche  would shoot 20 arrows at him from 30 yards away with deadly precision. Comanches lived as nomads in the Texas plains and in their heyday their territory or Comancheria reached from Kansas to Mexico.Many settlers , who put a foot in that territory were made pay for it. Comanche lived in a communist society in which the concept of private property was unknown as well as religion. Life was harsh with blistering hot summers and freezing cold winters. When they ran out of water they killed a horse, slashed the stomach and drank the contents.( In the society i live people stare at me with disbelief, when tell them i don´t take a daily shower or walk 20 km home, when i missed the last bus. When i am hungry i go to the fridge and eat something - easy. When i am cold i turn up the heater and should i feel sick i see the doctor - one of many insurances will pay him. I guess this is called prosperity, a way of life that produces plenty of mental wrecks and complacent slobs, waiting for their pension. I am glad there is still some rambling on my mind and i am still able to leave my comfort zone once in a while.)
Quanah Parker was by no means a noble Indian. He had mixed blood, because of his white mother, who once was captured by Comanches. When whites killed his father he relentless pursued and killed many of them and at the same time was at war with other Indian tribes, most notably Apaches, Navajos and the hapless Tonkawas, who got a lot of stick. However, after 40 years of Comanche warfare against the white intruders he and his band surrendered. Whites had slaughtered millions of buffalos and thus have taken away the fundament of survival in the plains. In addition 49ers or gold digger spread deadly deseases as smallpox or cholera and soldiers had  meanwhile a superior weaponry. Quanah Parker died February, 22 in 1911, age 63,of heart failure. Looking at those clowns occupying goverments today i rather had him as a leader.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Malicious tongues have it, that ...

... i prefer drinking beer in seedy bars with shabby plastic furniture and a toilet, where urine stands ankle high. To a degree this is true, since prices are reasonable and  no noisy neighbors, talking about nothing else than money and businesses, wind me up. But of course that is not the whole truth. The foto shows me sitting in the ¨Casa de Salcantay¨ tasting the finest Dutch genever out of silverware.