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Thursday, November 24, 2016

" Stupid As A German ... "

... is meanwhile a common saying in many countries and has obviously to do with the
ongoing support for Chancellora and NWO-floozie Angela Merkel. By now every
Anatolian goatherd would have understood, that when Merkel opened the floodgates
for illegal migrants last year, this would mean an assault on the autochthonous pop-
ulation through the migrant weapon,whereas many Germans, once known as poets and
thinker, are drooling something about humanitarian action. Merkel snuggles up with
mass murderers, allows arms deals with barbarians and rather gives money to banks ,
than to those really in need and shurely doesn't know a thing about humanity.

It is a general agreement,that Merkel is of Polish-Jewish descent and her original name
Aniela Kazmierczak, though i guess other sources, who affirm, she is a daughter of
Hennoch Kohn aka Helmut Kohl possess some credibility. Merkel recently proposed
Marianne Birthler as successor of J. Gauck as Federal President and Birhtler is held by
some as Kohl's daughter too. That being true both would be half-sisters and the resem-
blance is stunning indeed. It seems to me, Merkel was trained and brainwashed for
many years and then brought into the top position with the mindset of an stonecold
executer of a agenda,which has the target to destroy the FRiGermany and its popu-
lation alltogether. And now she declared she wants to run for a fourth term or rather
was made to run by her masters ( Soros, Bilderberger, B' nai B'rith ), because she is a
beacon of the globalists, who are about to receive a right old spanking left, right and
center with Austria, France and The Netherlands next in line.

Here now is my dilemma. I am a stern non-voter, thus not supporting and legitimizing
the false and rotten system we have to deal with. If i would cast a ballot let's say in
favor of the AfD perhaps Merkel could be ousted thankfully, but the system would
be carried on by others enriching themselves on the peoples expense. What is urgently
required is a vocation switcher with proven ability and a sound character,who calls the
problems by their names. Otherwise we see another blunt election battle next year as
three years ago, when Merkel was hardly campaigning and her opponent Steinbrück
put up a complete lacklustre performance, knowing the dices had already fallen.
One thing is for shure. If next years election is not rigged and Merkel becomes reelec-
ted, bring on the New World Order with all the consequences and give the Germans,
what they have ordered.

Weekend Sports

A good way of making money with horse racing is to bet on top weight course and
distance winners with good speed ratings last time out on handicap races run on sand.
Though not many opportunities arise and it takes the discipline of a saint not to
deviate from that strategy to satisfy the punters inside urgings, so i venture sometimes
out to jumps racing. The Gold Cup in Cheltenham last march reminded me once again
about the perils included, when my pick CUE CARD was bang in contention and the
next thing i knew he fell three out. That is not only painful from a financial stand-
point, but also to watch this otherwise terrific jumper hit the deck.
Cue Card will race again this Saturday in the Betfair Chase at Haydock and i will place
a flutter around odds of 3 on him. ***WON

Football treble                   UK Prem.  L.         Stoke to beat Bournemouth
                                         Swiss Super L.       Basel (Hc -1) to beat Vaduz
                                         Spanish La Liga      Eibar - Celta Vigo   both to score

                                                                        @ 5.90 ***LOST

Thursday, November 10, 2016

U.S - Presidential Election 2016

The mudslinging is over and the winner is, drum roll please, Mr. Donald J. Trump.
Now here in Germany plenty of do-gooders, quality journalists and politician im-
personators standing there with egg in their faces having rooted for Clinton over
a long period simply ignoring or just not knowing, that Clinton is a blood thirsty,
war mongering and corrupt psychopath. That with husband Bill a serial rapist would
move into the White House is obviously also of no signifcance, so kudos to all Trump
voters especially in the states FL, OH, WI and PA. Forget about the western or
north-eastern states. They would also vote for Quasimodo, should he run for the
Democrats. In their world view the Dems are always the good ones even when Pres.
Obama boasted, " I am pretty good in killing people".

Like Trump or loathe him, in my opinion he deserves some credit, because he mostly
fought alone after even some Reps backstabbed him, against Wall Street and the
money changer, the mainstream media and Hollywood. What drove him was possibly,
that many thousand people attended to his rallies, while Clinton had to hire showbiz
crooners to get some seats filled. So the writing was on the wall, Trump would prevail
and my bet on him came in nicely. I am convinced Trump will get along pretty good
with Russian Pres. Putin ,thus normalizes the relationship between these countries and
reduces the danger of another large scale war, his sceptisism towards NATO is another
good sign.

As i wrote all this, it clearly must be stated, that it is very possible , that Trump and
Clinton are mere actors selected for this theater play by the shadow governments to
fuel the divide & conquer game leading perhaps to a civil war. So it is important
 to encounter Trump with only so much trust. All of sudden he does not want to im-
prison Clinton any more, since maybe behind the scenes they are best buddies and the
possible appointment of Steven Mnuchin as treasury secretary is suspicious too, be -
caus of his proximity to Goldmann Sachs and the inevitable George Soros, though i
suggest let's give him the benefit of the doubt and i promise NWO- floozie Merkel's
face will be something special on their first encounter.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Trude Simonsohn - A Divide & Conquer Agent ?

The title might sound a bit harsh, though in all honesty and with the due respect of
the hardships of her life, the question is entitled to be asked . Read on ...

Auschwitz survivor Trude Simonsohn was recently declared a honorary citizen of
the city of Frankfurt. Even at an high age she regularly visits schools and narrates
wide eyed students from her experiences back then thus planting the seeds of ever-
lasting guilt and perhaps drives some of them in the arms of the government
sponsored ideologically blinded group called Antifa. Now certainly this country does
not need any more clueless cake hurler, but a young generation taught the values of
" truth, justice , honour and courage " (to quote blogger Killerbee ) , enlightened
about the system they live in, where they are mere pawns and not the best and finest
make it to the top, but those, who play along.

To achieve that, it is mandatory to explain a more elaborated story about what
happened during these dark years. Nobody doubts the atrocities committed by the SS
and the Wehrmacht, though to get the full picture it is necessary to mention Anglo-
Saxon bankers and industrialists, who supported Hitler thus enabling him to realize the
whole insanity.Several sources consider Hitler if not himself at least as an agent of the
freemasons and leader of a cabal.  Freemason and Zionist Winston Churchill is quoted
of having said " This war is an English war and its goal is the destruction of Germany "
fearing its economic power or even more revealing is this one ...

" Germany's unforgivable crime before WW2 was its attempt to loosen its economy out
  of the world trade system and to build up an independant exchange system from 
  which the world-finance couldn't profit anymore ..."

I guess, none of that is mentioned by Mrs. Simonsohn and in that sense i would ask her
to leave the kids alone.