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Thursday, November 24, 2016

" Stupid As A German ... "

... is meanwhile a common saying in many countries and has obviously to do with the
ongoing support for Chancellora and NWO-floozie Angela Merkel. By now every
Anatolian goatherd would have understood, that when Merkel opened the floodgates
for illegal migrants last year, this would mean an assault on the autochthonous pop-
ulation through the migrant weapon,whereas many Germans, once known as poets and
thinker, are drooling something about humanitarian action. Merkel snuggles up with
mass murderers, allows arms deals with barbarians and rather gives money to banks ,
than to those really in need and shurely doesn't know a thing about humanity.

It is a general agreement,that Merkel is of Polish-Jewish descent and her original name
Aniela Kazmierczak, though i guess other sources, who affirm, she is a daughter of
Hennoch Kohn aka Helmut Kohl possess some credibility. Merkel recently proposed
Marianne Birthler as successor of J. Gauck as Federal President and Birhtler is held by
some as Kohl's daughter too. That being true both would be half-sisters and the resem-
blance is stunning indeed. It seems to me, Merkel was trained and brainwashed for
many years and then brought into the top position with the mindset of an stonecold
executer of a agenda,which has the target to destroy the FRiGermany and its popu-
lation alltogether. And now she declared she wants to run for a fourth term or rather
was made to run by her masters ( Soros, Bilderberger, B' nai B'rith ), because she is a
beacon of the globalists, who are about to receive a right old spanking left, right and
center with Austria, France and The Netherlands next in line.

Here now is my dilemma. I am a stern non-voter, thus not supporting and legitimizing
the false and rotten system we have to deal with. If i would cast a ballot let's say in
favor of the AfD perhaps Merkel could be ousted thankfully, but the system would
be carried on by others enriching themselves on the peoples expense. What is urgently
required is a vocation switcher with proven ability and a sound character,who calls the
problems by their names. Otherwise we see another blunt election battle next year as
three years ago, when Merkel was hardly campaigning and her opponent Steinbrück
put up a complete lacklustre performance, knowing the dices had already fallen.
One thing is for shure. If next years election is not rigged and Merkel becomes reelec-
ted, bring on the New World Order with all the consequences and give the Germans,
what they have ordered.

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