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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Notre Dame - Strange Things And Happenings

After the Christchurch - hoax, NZ's tranny Premiere Ardern ordered a gun grab and
stronger social-media surveillance, while some Muslim leaders called for vengeance.
Wether the Easter suicide attacks in Sri Lanka correlate to that incident is uncertain,
mindblowing however how western politicians avoid using the term "Christians", who
were targeted in these attacks.

Burning churches are a regular occurence in France, kept under the rug by the main-
stream media. On April, 15 though every miserable MSM scribe around hammered
an article in his keyboard because of the blaze of an religious epitome - the 850 years
old cathredal "Notre Dame".

Accusations were quickly made, pointing fingers at renovation workers from the com-
pany "Le Bras Freres". Their boss Julien, only 32 years of age and not the usual
building tycoon in appearance, made it clear, that his guys only erected a scaffold
so far and didn't use any torch light or the likes and when they do only with utmost
cautiousness. It is nearly impossible to set very old oak on fire by accident and so
everything hints to arson perhaps with thermite, but why ?

No Muslim scapegoat was presented and hundreds of millions were donated in a jiffy
to reconstruct the cathedral, thus a terror act against Christianity can be excluded.
Leaves only at this point a (satanic) ritual and i guess certain circles do not flinch to
burn down a church for their spooky entertainment and then make young Julien the
culprit, who does not seem to be involved in masonic societies.

And now get this. While Notre Dame was on fire, none other than Michelle "Mike"
Obama floated by on a cruise ship on the river "Seine", sipping a glass of wine. No
doubt, where the Obamas,Clintons or Podestas show up something bad is going to
happen, since in my view they are all sons of Satan.

Lets be clear, the Catholic church is filthy rich and mighty powerful. Cathredrals as
Notre Dame are monuments expressing that power to the outside world. I stated
before that religions were established to divide the people and especially the Catholic
church is a swamp of malpractice, robbery and pedophelia. Two German parties carry
the " C" in their abbrevation for Christianity and they are the worst hypocrites around
caring only about money, power and the economy the people have to serve for instead
of the Ten Commandments.

In that sense i would not be bothered, if they tear down the remains and turn the
place into a parking lot.

Trying to ignite a beam

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Easter Weekend Sports

Already on Friday the Allweather Sprint Championschips take place in Lingfield
with KACHY as hot favorite. Trainer Tom Dascombe is very bullish about the
chances of his speedball and he is virtually impossible to oppose. His odds are
still too low, though should they drift out to around even money i will get on
with maximum stakes.*** WON

Football four-timer in the "Both to score" market ...

Prem. League        Newcastle - Southampton
Germ. 2 League    Kiel - Paderborn
           3 League    Jena - Wehen
Spain  La Liga      Vallecano - Huesca     @ 6.78 *** LOST

Thursday, April 11, 2019

When Members Of The Green Party Opens Their Mouth ...

... you should reach for your earplugs since their babble is a bit too much to stand.
Even chairman Robert Habeck acknowledges this, when he recently closed his
Twitter account to protect himself from his guff. He also lately raised my eyebrows
by stating, that German schools eductate kids to matured citizens, when in reality
they only produce clueless obedient systemites. Habeck has a co-chairwoman with
the name Annalena Baerbock, who accused every German of generating 9 gigatons
of CO²  - say what ? Her comrade Özdemir confuses gigabyte with gigawatts, while
Anton Hofreiter regularly makes himself a complete fool with his hissy fits inside
the parliament.

When the Greens are not pushing for more migration and the nonsense once brooded
in the "School of Frankfurt" , they are all about the CO²-swindle. Their new icon is
named Luisa Neubauer , the German version of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the fresh-
woman in U.S. congress, who predicts the world is going to end within twelve years,
if the CO² problem is not adressed ( meanwhile it has been disclosed who AOC's
handlers are ). Neubauer, just giving us 9 or perhaps 10 years, is a accomplize from
Swedish teen Greta Thunberg and together they are travelling around to indoctrinate
the kids. CO² is necessary for plants to grow and exists only in a tiny fraction in the
air, so has certainly nothing to do with a climate change. It would be nice to see ,
when Ms. Neubauer, a frequent flyer by the way, would stop to talk arrogantly from
her morale high grounds and instead illuminate the kids about geo-engineering and

German engineers have always been on the forefront, when it comes to developing
enviromentaly clean technologies. On the other side Greens have usually enjoyed
no useful education in nothing, are specialized in talking drivel and imposing bans.
When the limit of car engine emissions is not down to zero, there is still room to push

Not long after they were founded, Greens promoted pedophilia and also voted for
a warfare against the former Jugoslavia, so turned into olive Greens under that dis-
picible bloke Joschka Fischer. No doubt, when we want to know, why the western
civilisation has been converted in a complete nuthouse, the Greens have to be
blamed for their role in that process.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

2019 Grand National Handicap Chase In Aintree

On Saturday my juices get flowing again, when this hugely exiting race goes
underway.Defending the  title is an incredible feat only achieved once in the long
history of the race. Now Tiger Roll ( IRE ) tries it to make history and he seems
up to it since only 3 pounds higher from last year and his great form showed
last month, when he won the Cross Country Chase in Cheltenham in a canter.
His price however is too short and i look elsewhere for value.

My idea of the winner is RAMSES DE TEILLEE (FR). He stays longer, than
the mother in law and as a sound jumper has finnished all of his races to date.
That he is trained by David Pipe, who knows what it takes to win this race, is
another positive.

My bets are as follows ...

Ramses de Teillee (foto) to win @ 26 PU

Annibale Fly to win @ 13 *** 5th

and Tiger Roll as a stakes saver @ 4.50 *** WON