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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Outlook For 2017

I guess and hope, i am generally perceived as an nice guy, though i have my opinions
which might appear to some as controversial, calling me riiiight or even the a-word.
Far from it , i consider myself an ambassador of common sense, fair-play and the
"live and let live" attitude. Others prefer to be greedy, fascistic,self-centered or hands
 down insane and since that group of folks occupies powerful positions, we live on
a madhouse, called the flat earth. This blog will continue to criticize them as long as
they let me, hoping to contribute just a little bit to improve the human cooperation.

We shall not forget, besides Merkel and Obama, the most dangerous terrorists are
whites wearing neckties and use Muslims as their scapegoats as we recently saw in
Berlin. My hope is, that Trump brings some change in U.S foreign politics, albeit his
 proximity to the Kosher Nostra is of some concern. And then there is Merkel, who
was pushed forward to run for a fourth term in the general elections next autumn.
If i don't want to lose the rest of faith in my fellow countrymen, the election has to
end with a crushing defeat of her.

Personally i am doing good and looking forward to plenty of traveling ahead, trying
not to get bothered too much by all that surrounding bullocks. As usual thank you
very much for tuning in and an outstanding 2017. You can't keep good men down
and eventually we will gain the upper hand over the globalists.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

26.12. Boxing Day

The biggest sports day in the UK with a plethora of betting opportunities to choose
from. Here is my rota of bets ...
 -Horse racing  In the King George Chase two equine superstars face each other with
CUE CARD and Thistlecrack. The former is defending his title and is in top form, while
the latter is a novice with enormous potential, though unproven against the best
chasers. That is, why i side with Cue Card to win and placed a bet @ 2.25***2nd

-Football    UK Premier League      Manchester U. to beat Sunderland
                                                    Chelsea            to beat Bournemouth
                                                    Manchester C.  to beat Hull

                                                   Treble @ 2.30 *** WON

                  UK Championship      Reading - Norwich        both to score  2:1
                                                  Rotherham - Wigan       both to score  3:2
                        League 1             Fleetwood Town - Bury both to score  0:0

                                                    Treble @ 5.15 *** LOST

Merry Christmas and good luck all ...

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Berlin Attack - Curtain Up For The Hypocrites

Last Monday a truck plowed through a Christmas market in Berlin killing twelve and
injuring at least 40 people in its wake. As things stand, the culprit is an migrant from
Tunisia, who conveniently left some documents behind before he fled the crime
scene by foot, which is pretty unusual since such a terrorist normally gets killed or
blows himself up to receive full merits in the Islamic World. It is still too early for
drawing conclusions, though i am inclined to see the attack as a false flag operation
committed by a secret service perhaps to fuel the " Ordo ab Chao " - strategy.

Either way, to me it is absolutely sickening to watch Chancellora Merkel, Gauck and
the other clowns shedding their false tears over the victims. To understand, what is
going on here, i want to link another time this video showing Merkel handing over the
German flag with a disgusted face expression, while her CDU lickspittles applauded .
This incident was even shown on Chinese television with a presenter asking how
someone like her obviously despising the country and the people she is supposed to
serve,can become chancellor. For starters, it is my firm belief she says and does not-
hing on her own, but is completely under control by mighty forces, who would rather
today than tomorrow annihilate Germany. Since they cannot kill or oust the people by
themselves they use hundreds of thousands of migrants to do the job. This is called
"The Migration Weapon ". In other words it is the political will, that Germans are
harmed by migrants, who are ready for battle after full gratis medical treatment , lush
board and lodging and also explains, why judges and the police are pussyfootin ' with
them after a committed crime.

Let's imagine you call the cops, because some dark skinned subject tries to intrude
your home. They will probably answer, that right now there is nothing they can do
for you.Then you call again ten minutes later telling them, that it's all good having
given the guy a lot of stick, then tied him up and placed him in the basement. I do
predict within minutes you have a whole bunch of cops on your threshold. Perhaps
they even arrive with this armoured vehicle, they allegedly purchased in their combat
against terrorism, but which will rather be used in case of an public uprising against
the local citizens. So it's them against us, the clash seems to be unavoidable ...

+++ UPDATE +++ Curtain call  for all actors involved please. I hope the guy, who
smashed the windshield with a sledgehammer and shoved the christmas tree inside
the drivers cabin didn't hurt himself ..., Goodness, gracious me !

Thursday, December 15, 2016

OSZE - Conference in Hamburg

My hometown of Hamburg has always been pretentious wanting to be mentioned in the
same breath with New York, London or Paris. So when German secretary of state
Frank W. Steinmeier (SPD) asked Hamburgs mayor Olaf Scholz to host the OSZE conf-
erence, Scholz gave him  a delighted thumbs up. Last week now that meeting took
place downtown Hamburg with secretary of states from 50 nations protected by no
less than 13200 policemen. Let me quickly do the math here, that means that every
politician was protected by around 264 policemen depending on the source. Needless
to say the life for many residents became massively impeded and those, who don't
operate an upscale hotel or fine dining joint will curse the 120 million Euro event.

And ladies and gents, was it worth it ? Any breakthrough to announce concerning the
Ukraine or Syria ? Of course not, so i want to do some nudging here. For the Ukraine
only one single sentence is necessary ...

" Had the USA left the Ukraine alone, the Crimea and the eastern regions would still
belong to the Ukraine and over 9000 people had kept their lives."

Unfortunately, when it comes to lying Steinmeier is a natural, so he keeps telling the
old story about the alleged annexation of the Crimea instead of traveling to sellout
Uk. Pres. Poroschenko and let him know,the elites plan for his country fired backwards
and the Crimea and the Lugansk area are lost, so get over it and rebuild what's left of
your nation. I don't see any other turnout in that crisis. The same goes for Syria, where
Steinmeier simply does not want to acknowledge, that Pres. Baschar-Al-Assad is an
elected president and very well liked by the majority of the people. It is meanwhle
common knowledge, that the CIA and the Saudis established and sponsor ISIS and
that there is a proxy war going on targeting to oust Assad. Not a word about that from
Steinmeier, he rather drools about barrelbombs. You would think for the land of lies
and deceptions, Steinmeier would be a perfect representive and eligible to become J.
Gauck's successor as Federal President of the FRiG. He has exactly these aspirations ...

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Weekend Sports

The Cheltenham racecourse with its undulating nature and the stiff uphill finnish is
demanding and many even classy performers failed to live up to their reputations.
Not so VILLAGE VIC ( IRE, foto ), who is a real course specialist and is entered
again to run next Saturday in the Caspian Caviar Gold Cup defending his title. He
has to carry top-weight, what is on some concern, though i am darn confident his
trainer Philip Hobbs will have him in fine form to win @ odds of 8.*** 3rd

Similar comments can be applied to OLD GUARD going to post in the Stan James
International Hurdle. Paul Nicholls charge is available @ 7.5  and i will tackle these
two races with two singles and an each-way double.*** 3rd

Football Treble      German BL           B. Munich ( Hc -2 ) to beat Wolfsburg > 5:0
                             German  3. Liga    P. Münster to beat Paderborn            > 0:1
                             UK Prem. L.         Chelsea to beat W. Bromwich             > 1:0
                                                          @ 5.15 *** LOST

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Pizzagate - A View In The Human Abyss

Those who follow the mainstream media won't have a clue, what the above term
means, since they haven't read a single word about the incident currently rocking
the USA. The mainstream media rather keeps bashing the Russians, who are just
held responsible for the outage of the German telecommunication network. Also
it doesn't matter, who sits in one of their talk shows and what they palaver about,
someone always get the curve to blame Russia as a culprit for something, thus
exempting their darlings like Hillary Clinton from revelations marking her and sev-
eral others as satanic perverts. Thankfully Wikileaks got the ball rolling ...

Pizzagate stands for an elites pedophile ring, where chidren are abused with in-
credible cruelty. Originating in an pizza parlor in Washington,DC, not only Clinton
is allegedly involved, but also her chief campaign advisor John Podesta, his brother
and even Pres. Obama. To cover up the deeds, code words occuring as ingredients
for making a pizza were used, when ordering their preferred kids. Meanwhile
several videos have been made, among them this one from " A Call For An Up-
rising " - sickening stuff. And then there still is spirit cooking ...

It seems pedophilia is pretty common in high echelons, where people are linked with
each other in an network, thus enjoying protection from prosecution and the main -
stream media. Otherwise it would be unthinkable, that someone like German interior
minister Thomas de Maiziere is still in office, although he played a shady role in the
Saxony Swamp in the 1990's, when he was accused of shielding pedophile judges
and other creepy subjects in high places as an secretary of the Interior.

Dirt always swims on top or so they say.