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Thursday, December 15, 2016

OSZE - Conference in Hamburg

My hometown of Hamburg has always been pretentious wanting to be mentioned in the
same breath with New York, London or Paris. So when German secretary of state
Frank W. Steinmeier (SPD) asked Hamburgs mayor Olaf Scholz to host the OSZE conf-
erence, Scholz gave him  a delighted thumbs up. Last week now that meeting took
place downtown Hamburg with secretary of states from 50 nations protected by no
less than 13200 policemen. Let me quickly do the math here, that means that every
politician was protected by around 264 policemen depending on the source. Needless
to say the life for many residents became massively impeded and those, who don't
operate an upscale hotel or fine dining joint will curse the 120 million Euro event.

And ladies and gents, was it worth it ? Any breakthrough to announce concerning the
Ukraine or Syria ? Of course not, so i want to do some nudging here. For the Ukraine
only one single sentence is necessary ...

" Had the USA left the Ukraine alone, the Crimea and the eastern regions would still
belong to the Ukraine and over 9000 people had kept their lives."

Unfortunately, when it comes to lying Steinmeier is a natural, so he keeps telling the
old story about the alleged annexation of the Crimea instead of traveling to sellout
Uk. Pres. Poroschenko and let him know,the elites plan for his country fired backwards
and the Crimea and the Lugansk area are lost, so get over it and rebuild what's left of
your nation. I don't see any other turnout in that crisis. The same goes for Syria, where
Steinmeier simply does not want to acknowledge, that Pres. Baschar-Al-Assad is an
elected president and very well liked by the majority of the people. It is meanwhle
common knowledge, that the CIA and the Saudis established and sponsor ISIS and
that there is a proxy war going on targeting to oust Assad. Not a word about that from
Steinmeier, he rather drools about barrelbombs. You would think for the land of lies
and deceptions, Steinmeier would be a perfect representive and eligible to become J.
Gauck's successor as Federal President of the FRiG. He has exactly these aspirations ...

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