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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Outlook For 2016

This is the 50 th and final post this year. Not bad for someone, who usually has a hard
time writing a postcard and always finnished first authoring an essay at school.

Anyway, this is the current status of the Western community of values : Governments
are corrupt and dishonest, the mainstream media is corrupt and dishonest, the finan-
cial system is criminal and destructive and that driving schools in The Netherlands
accept now a blowjob as a payment is further proof for the demise.

 Next year the European Football Championships take place with full fiftyone games being played giving politicians ample time to plot something unnoticed, for instance to turn the West in a bankster / enterprise dominated dictatorship through TTIP. Furthermore Russia's president Putin plans to terminate Rothschild's bondage on Russia's central bank and along with China to break the U.S. American hegemony, though both of course can be part of a greater game the philosopher Hegel called " Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis ". If successful, the Zionists probably won't take it lightly and if you psychos want to start the endgame, please get the nukes out and don't mess around with tanks, grenades and shite, right ? Thank you ...

A smart man once said, that " When injustice becomes justice, resistance becomes an obligation. " and that is the case here in the Federal Republic in Germany. What we have is a government following an agenda to abolish this country and its population alltogether through the migration weapon with the establishment of Islam and no one without a migration background the final target ( Perhaps it is a good idea to stay away from pork meat, if you want to keep your virility ).What sounds dramatic is not a secret, but are well known plans by Henry Morgenthau and Thomas Barnett to name just a few without empathy for this nation. What is required now are not do-gooders rushing to the train station with a "refugee welcome " sign, but men with cojones. Unfortunately there number is dwindling, since a growing quantity of lads has been conditioned to change diapers, prance at the "Christopher Street Day"- parade or wear pink football shoes. Lenin already knew, that a revolution in Germany is impossible since " stepping on the lawn is prohibited ", but who knows what happens, if they keep on pushing. All this makes grim reading and is strainous to a degree, though i am confident more and more people awake and turn things for the better. At the end you can't keep a good man down ...

As usual thank you very much for visiting this site and the very best for 2016.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

26.12 Boxing Day ...

... is the biggest day of sports in the UK and
offers plenty of betting opportunities.

Here is my rota of bets ==>

King George VI Chase ( Grade 1 ) in Kempton

Jumps racing at its finest with SILVINIACO CONTI defending his crown in this
race. So far in the season he didn't fire on all cylinders and is easy to back now.
But this is his race and this is his course and i am confident trainer Paul Nicholls
will have his top chaser brought back to peak form.
Silviniaco Conti to win @ 10***PU

In the Premier League out of form high street clubs encounter less fancied sides
playing great football right now, what is hardly ackknowledged by the bookies,
so i think great value can be found in the "double chance" market .

Liverpool vs Leicester                 X2
Stoke      vs Manchester U.          1X
Chelsea   vs Watford                   X2

A treble @ 8.54***LOST

PDC World Championship 2nd round

Dave Chisnall    vs    Christian Kist      < 12,5    180s
Gary Anderson  vs    Daryl Gurney       < 13,5    180s

Dave and Gary are clear favs and usually hammer in plenty of these highest scores.
I expect them to make short work and finish their games in no more than five sets
and thus it won't be easy to exceed the above marks.
A double @ 3.15***LOST

Happy Christmas all

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Paris Climate Conference

A friend of mine once told me, that he prefers a warmer climate and thus wanted to
let the engine of his car run idle over the night not knowing that carbon dioxide can
be found naturally in the biosphere, is essential for plants to grow and has nothing
to do with global warming. It is a fraud of a gigantic magnitude initiated by former
U.S. vize president Al Gore.

Now a couple of days ago 195 countries have sent their delegates to Paris in order
to agree upon ways to stop global warming. Although i guess their minds were rather
on moving on to a Parisienne gourmet restaurant, than on endangered Maledivian
islands they proclaimed they wanted to curb the rise of the global temperature to 2,
no, even better to 1,5 degrees celsius in the future, hooray ! The mainstream media
sold that as a milestone, breakthrough and what not and why bother of geo-enginee-
ring, GMOs' and uranium depleted ammunition widely used by our American "friends"
in the Middle-East. The U.S army is by the way the single biggest oil consumer world-

I became clairaudient, when we were told, that industrial nations shall support less
affluent nations with 100 billion dollars annually helping them to manage the energy
revolution. Translated, this means taking taxpayers money and shift it in the satchels
from the elites, who don't give a bloody whit about the human wellbeing - that is what
this charade in my opinion is all about.

In the banana republic i live in,the exit from nuclear and fossil fuel energy has led to a
steep rise of energy expenses  meaning many households, who cannot cope any longer
with the high prices were cut off from the power line and literally sitting in the dark.
Furthermore buildings have to be wrapped in styrofoam blocks to provide more effi-
cient heating. Unfortunately this prevents a decent air circulation inside and enhances
the growth of mildew, if the windows are closed for awhile. These blocks are covered
with extremely toxic paint, which over time is washed into the soil contaminating it
and when they catch fire desaster strucks.

Insanity in the name of saving the environment.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

The COMPACT Magazine

The word "Schadenfreude" only exists in the German voc-
abulary and means to gain some joy out of someone elses
misery and as such is a negative emotion, which should be
avoided. Though not so for the German mainstream print
media, who are losing heaps of readers and that is fully
deserved. The once reputable SPIEGEL for instance was
famous for its investigative journalism, but nowadays it
seems there is a new breed of arrogant, young and clueless
scribes only able to copy and paste what news agencies
spoon fed to them, what is usually U.S approved propaganda

 Folks are not longer willing to pay for that rubbish and as a consequence the SPIEGEL
 has to lay-off many of his associates. It doesn't look any better for the STERN, who
 according to this "truther" faces bankruptcy.

They all pay the price for following a political correct directive, which becomes really
worrying. Metal Union boss Hoffmann recently demanded, that workers get fired, who
criticize the migrant invasion.A theater in Berlin currently plays an opus, where actors
use hate speeches towards members of the AfD- party and PEGIDA marchers, which
are in the great majority regular hard working people preoccupied about the way this
nation is heading for.

However there is a beacon in the print media scene and that is the COMPACT Mag
published by Jürgen Elsässer. He along with his team deserves a lot of credit for
writing about the much needed truth of the matter and any support for their efforts
trying to get this country back on track is very much appreciated.                                                                                                          

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Me, The Conspiracy Theorist

" Germanwings co-pilot Andreas L. was afraid of losing his eyesight and took severe
  medication ... "
This was a brief notice read out by a blonde CNN presstitute when i have been in
Cuba last June. So even nearly three months after the crash they kept throwing crap
at him, who can't defend himself anymore. It seems, any time, when more and more 
people think outside the box and question the official statement they come up with 
additional accusations to reinforce and defend the initial claim against conspiracy 
theorists - a term onced coined by the CIA in context with the JFK assassination to 
ridicule and silence any doubters of the lone gunman theory.
Whoever rules the world, wether the Illuminati, Jesuits, Freemasons or whatever 
these knuckleheads call themselves, they have made sure every important position in 
politics and the mainstream media is occupied with a loyal and corrupt person, foll-
owing their orders. So if they want to spread the great CO2 swindle they simply fab-
ricate an image with an polar bear floating on an ice sheet and spread that image 
around the world through the major newspapers and TV-stations they own.
Folks wake up about the danger of flouride in water and toothpaste, when all of a 
sudden interviews with dentists appear telling us about the benefits of flouride for the
dental enamel. More and more parents understand, that it is perhaps not such a good
idea to administer a dozen or so vaccines to a newborn, turning him as a physical and
mental wreck into a money spinner for the pharma industry, who answers with large
scale propaganda promoting the benefits of vaccines.
In this context i want to mention chancellora Angela Merkel for a final time this year.
She is a perfect lackey for the system and i don't even bother to listen, when she
speaks knowing she is a straightfaced liar and obedient tool of sinnister powers -
at times demonstrated by her robot like remote controlled behaviour. Sometimes
people wonder about her hands formed to a triangle above the button of her jacket.
Of course she illustrates Lucifers' all-seeing eye, which is an occultist symbol, and
clarifies, where she is coming from. Though she is not alone, for instance many of the
most powerful people ( former chancellor Schmidt being one of them ) meet annually
at the Bohemian Grove to worship to a giant wooden owl and conduct other rather
peculiar rituals. So it is fair to say, that those, who rule politics and the mainstream
media are mentally not sane in most cases and the choice for us is there.
Do we remain sheeple accepting being manipulated left, right and center or do we be-
come conspiracy theorists trying to make life for the before mentioned a little harder ?