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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Paris Climate Conference

A friend of mine once told me, that he prefers a warmer climate and thus wanted to
let the engine of his car run idle over the night not knowing that carbon dioxide can
be found naturally in the biosphere, is essential for plants to grow and has nothing
to do with global warming. It is a fraud of a gigantic magnitude initiated by former
U.S. vize president Al Gore.

Now a couple of days ago 195 countries have sent their delegates to Paris in order
to agree upon ways to stop global warming. Although i guess their minds were rather
on moving on to a Parisienne gourmet restaurant, than on endangered Maledivian
islands they proclaimed they wanted to curb the rise of the global temperature to 2,
no, even better to 1,5 degrees celsius in the future, hooray ! The mainstream media
sold that as a milestone, breakthrough and what not and why bother of geo-enginee-
ring, GMOs' and uranium depleted ammunition widely used by our American "friends"
in the Middle-East. The U.S army is by the way the single biggest oil consumer world-

I became clairaudient, when we were told, that industrial nations shall support less
affluent nations with 100 billion dollars annually helping them to manage the energy
revolution. Translated, this means taking taxpayers money and shift it in the satchels
from the elites, who don't give a bloody whit about the human wellbeing - that is what
this charade in my opinion is all about.

In the banana republic i live in,the exit from nuclear and fossil fuel energy has led to a
steep rise of energy expenses  meaning many households, who cannot cope any longer
with the high prices were cut off from the power line and literally sitting in the dark.
Furthermore buildings have to be wrapped in styrofoam blocks to provide more effi-
cient heating. Unfortunately this prevents a decent air circulation inside and enhances
the growth of mildew, if the windows are closed for awhile. These blocks are covered
with extremely toxic paint, which over time is washed into the soil contaminating it
and when they catch fire desaster strucks.

Insanity in the name of saving the environment.

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